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long-distance-healing-sessionsStrange as it may sound, I can treat you effectively at a distance.  It’s called “non-local healing” and Larry Dossey, MD wrote a whole book on it.

This may seem weird…so let me assure you that others have benefited enough  to keep coming back  – one woman for seven years on a regular basis. I treat all her dogs as well. Another client’s neighbour saw such a difference in her that she booked herself a few treatments. She was happy with the results and we are still in touch. You may want to find out more about my form of healing first. This post will give you a good idea.

Some clients, who have experienced both “in person” and distance treatments, have been surprised to find treatment at a distance is like having me in the room with them. Some of them even prefer it.  They don’t have to leave the comfort of their home and they have the reassurance of feeling sensations during treatment, often knowing when I stop, feeling tingling or stretching or warmth. This doesn’t change with distance. Whether you are down the street or in Australia, the most common general feedback is “I feel lighter and better”.

Here are some concrete results:  shoulder pain that resolved after treatment; a cat that needed surgery for a cyst from a leaking salivary gland had the cyst disappear (the vet was astounded – had never seen anything like this happen before); a dog’s depression completely lift, confirmed by a friend who knew nothing of the treatment but who had seen the dog before and a day or so afterwards;  bowel polyps resolve (with no other treatment); painful joints and limbs relieved; thyroid conditions improve; panic disappear, replaced by a feeling of strength (that was just last week.) I could go on but you get the idea. I also work with cancer but that is trickier as everyone is doing a lot more than just my treatments.  Still, those clients are happy with their results.

No matter what distance.  Most of my distance treatments are across this country, from Yarmouth to Vancouver Island, but I’ve treated clients in California, Australia, the Arabian Gulf (several different countries) and Florida.

Here’s how a session works. You would either call me at the appointed time – or email me with details you feel need attention. If we have never met, you would have sent me a full body photo of yourself – top to toe, and your address. (Those details help us both know I am treating you, as opposed to your neighbour or some unknown person.) If the first part is by phone, we chat about what is going on for you, then we hang up; if this has already happened by email, then you simply lie down where you’ll be undisturbed for an hour and I go into my healing room, where I work on you as if I were there in person. Afterwards I write you a detailed email, telling you what I found and exactly what I did in the treatment. This is way more information than you usually get in an “in-person” treatment (mostly because people don’t ask). It replaces our meeting in the physical.

One example of a treatment email on a dog across the country today: “Poor little guy. Definitely was not the spunky dog I have known. He seemed to lap up the treatment – a LOT of soothing. Did my usual balancing all the way down. The stomach and gut seem fine now but the liver seems to have taken quite a hit. I picked up that you might give him Redmonds Clay to pull out toxins from the liver. I worked a long time on his knee which seemed to be causing him quite a bit of discomfort. Looked to me like bone on bone so I worked to restore the cartilage by laying the template for regrowth of the tissue over the bone and joint. Then created a kind of energetic bandage around the whole joint so the work could continue to heal it. I hope it brings him relief. Other than that, as you said, he just seemed exhausted by his ordeal and kind of flattened. I think the Tx will have given him a lot of soothing and hopefully a boost. When I left, he seemed to be sleeping very deeply.” 

The result of this treatment on dog “P”, reported from the owner several minutes ago:  “L___ is still sound asleep so can’t give you any feedback on her but P___ is certainly much brighter.”

I urge you to try it.  My rates are a little lower than for other bodywork treatments in Halifax, such as osteopathy and massage. You will experience a different kind of relief, with the added component of emotional care. If you are still reluctant to try it, please let me know in the comment section what makes you wary. I’d love to know and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

For more information on distance healing go to my web site here.  You’ll find it packed with information on my work.  I look forward to meeting you someday, either in person or across the world. 

You never know who might be needing this, so please share it widely.  Thanks!

light emits from healers’ hands and can be felt as heat.


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Jane Moody offers advanced modalities of energy treatment, bodywork and counselling. A dynamic group of skills, gathered though extensive training (1800 hours of instruction in health therapies in addition to her BA.), can heal the roots of psychological suffering that prevent a satisfying life. The inspiration behind this work began in my early twenties after earning a B.A. from Vassar College in New York. I wanted to study both Medicine and Comparative Religion. I didn't do either but the interest stayed fresh. In the late 80's, I began my studies with a 16 weekend training leading to a certificate in Gestalt Therapy. A year later, I found a way to combine both earlier interests when I read Barbara Brennan's book, Hands of Light. I studied at her school for one year (1989/90) but decided against returning for family and personal reasons. That year, I had also completed a year's study in anatomy and physiology at Dalhousie University. By taking a taped course in "Awakening the Light Body", I was able to keep my knowledge growing. A few years later, I learned the bodywork of the Lightbody - "Flow Alignment and Connection". The next fall, it became possible to attend The School of Enlightened Healing in New York City (now in Asheville NC) and I graduated from there, 3 years later, with certification as a "Hands-on Healer" (1997). My practice began with Flow Alignment and gradually incorporated the new knowledge gained at this healing school in New York. Short weekend courses in Japanese Acupressure and Myofascial Release broadened my scope of bodywork techniques. In June of 2001, I graduated from A Society of Souls, Jason's Shulman's three year School for health professionals in Integrated Kabbalistic Healing. This powerful work is now the center of a range of healing skills that I bring to my clients. I live in East Chester, Nova Scotia with offices there and in Halifax, as well as a long distance practice by telephone.

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