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Breast Cancer Scans

breast cancer awareness ribbon

Non-invasive, with no side effects; comfortable and done fully clothed. Takes only a few minutes. This is not a substitute for conventional medical examination and diagnostics.

If the cancer vibration is still only in the energy field, much can be done quickly and effectively if the right energy tools are applied as soon as possible. I will give you these energy tools to use at home. I recommend treatment until the vibration is gone and has not returned between sessions. How many sessions depends largely on your own diligence at home.

Please note: I am only able to pick up the distinctive cancer vibration.
I am not able to tell you if it has manifested as a physical mass or not. 

Breast Cancer Scans: $20

For appointments call
or email appt@janemoody.ca.

If you have been treated or hospitalized for mental illness,  I can treat you only if you are under the care of a psychiatrist, with his or her full knowledge.


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