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Empowerment is the theme threading through most aspects of this therapy. The work I love to do is about melting the walls and veils of fear that prevent authentic and nourishing contact with others. It is about helping you to recognize your strengths and capabilities, so that you can manifest your dreams. It is about helping you recognize that your contribution to the world, whether small or large, is a unique and wonderful gift to the planet.

It is about empowering you to become who you truly are. A strengthened ego is able to become background, rather than foreground. It can surrender to the deeper, creative flow in the universe from a healthy place rather than a defensive one, and find that place of compassion and awareness where healing becomes possible.

Integrated Energy Therapy can bring deeply relaxing relief of emotional and physical difficulty...

Integrated Energy Therapy is effective and powerful because it offers a multi-faceted approach to physical and emotional problems:

  • soothing touch, in a safe and supportive atmosphere, invites you to let go into deep levels of relaxation, so essential to healing;
  • bodywork loosens physical constriction around trauma;
  • psychotherapeutic techniques dislodge unconscious attitudes or beliefs locking the trauma in place and distorting the viewpoint;
  • energy therapy helps heal body, mind and energy field from the original wound.

Together, these approaches allow you to release and repattern unconscious negative dynamics and in that process, you become healthier, stronger and more authentic. Because this work addresses many levels, in addition to easing physical or emotional difficulties, it is also effective in furthering the spiritual journey.

Integrated Energy Therapy...

  • leaves you feeling uplifted, deeply relaxed, lighter and refreshed.
  • relieves pain from many conditions, such as back pain, arthritis and sciatic nerve pain.
  • lifts depression, strengthens resolve and optimism.
  • can release chronic muscular and fascial constrictions that persist in spite of massage or chiropractic.
  • is a strong aid to recovery from serious illness.
  • eases body memory from abuse, allowing you to find safety in grounding.
  • speeds healing from surgery and other wounds or broken bones.
  • has been effective in reversing infertility when other methods failed.
  • safely uncovers and releases buried negative emotions contributing to ill- health and pain.
  • transforms outworn beliefs keeping you in negative situations that smother your potential.
  • helps you gain confidence, set clear boundaries and handle anger responsibly, promoting healthier relationships.

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Practitioners of such short course energy techniques as Reiki and Therapeutic Touch have described to me how this work differs from their own. Short courses offer basic, formula forms of energywork that are useful and safe, but training for Integrated Energy Therapy is much more extensive and offers greater scope, depth and creativity.

The longer training incorporates bodywork and psychotherapeutic techniques, requiring graduates to navigate the deep process of their own emotional transformation, in order to "know the territory" and become clear about their own reactions. Equally significant, the practitioner's private, broad-based spiritual practice is an essential background, grounding the therapeutic relationship in compassion, spaciousness and acceptance.

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