Letters of Endorsement from
Doctors and Health Care Professionals

Roy Fox, M.D. (PDF file)

Heather MacAuley, Physiotherapist (PDF file)

Andrew Mai, MD (PDF file)

Neil Melanson, Massage Therapist (PDF file)

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More Testimonials:

After suffering from chronic back pain for nearly 15 years and having tried most standard medical and drug therapies, I was willing, skeptical but willing, to try most any intervention. That was when Jane happened to be visiting our home and the conversation moved to chronic back pain. After two sessions with Jane, the pain did indeed subside and I continue to be pain free even though I continue my weight lifting and a very physical life-style. Thanks, Jane, it really was worth a try!

D. Wentzel, pharmacist, Nova Scotia

True healing can only occur if one connects with one's inner voice. In our world of noise and distractions, this voice is often hard to find or hear. Jane Moody, with her energy work, can be a valuable guide. She was for me. Consider your body a temple which holds many secrets and unanswered questions. Jane can help you find the keys to unlock the doors which safe-guard these, which ultimately will help you find yourself.

Dr. Margo Kleiker, N.D., Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

Jane Moody is a dedicated holistic professional. Her expertise has helped me considerably with longstanding disabling difficulties. I have felt very safe in her care; healing changes have come quickly and gently and been lasting and empowering. As a person in healing and an RN pursuing holistic training I am thankful to have access to this highly skilled, advanced holistic work. I recommend her treatment without reservation.

Pat Sinstadt, RN, Fredericton, New Brunswick

Working as a mental health counsellor and trained in Therapeutic Touch, I value self-care with the focus on balancing all aspects of living. I cherish my treatments with Jane as a time for grounding my personal process and rebalancing my energy.

Sharon Unsworth, therapist, Sydney, Nova Scotia

Jane Moody has been an invaluable resource, both personally and professionally for more than four years. Although initially skeptical, I experienced, first hand, positive changes in posture, function and attitude following her sessions. I often recommend Jane's work to clients, typically those who feel stuck in their therapeutic process, where bodywork alone has failed to shift resistant pain or stress. Often these clients already have an intuitive sense that underlying emotional and energetic patterns are at the root of their symptoms. The feedback has been positive and in some cases, dramatic; once restrictions were resolved on a deeper level, I have observed huge release of chronic tissue tension, increased vitality and more open posture.

Martha Hunter, massage therapist, Halifax, Nova Scotia

I'd been trying to get pregnant for three and a half years when I first had a session with Jane Moody. I tried the conventional medical approach as well as some alternative treatment. Nothing worked. After four treatments with Jane, I was pregnant. Her approach is so gentle and effective, I can't say enough good things about it.

Tamar Bihari, writer, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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