Within Kabbalah, all things made on this earth are born of universal states of Being, or qualities of God, called Sephirot. A combination of these states of Being create life and more specifically, each human being. According to the Kabbalah, a matrix of relationship between these sacred qualities is the basis of all creation. And it is here that wounding takes place. Thus, it has to be here that resolution is possible.

Reaching the root of the distortion is the beginning of the process. The healer does this through establishing a safe, compassionate relationship with the client. While listening, she uses a diagnostic process to determine which healing to use. Then, once having determined the most appropriate healing, the client stays seated in the chair or lies fully clothed on a massage table. The healer brings both herself and her client into a combination of the sacred qualities (Sephirot) or other less known parts of the Kabbalah.

How does change happen? The best way I can describe it is this...As human beings we come into physical form through our parents: those imperfect creatures in an imperfect world. Thus, we absorb their particular distortions because they have picked up their own parents distortions and so on, backwards through time. Through this relationship with our imperfect parents, we become wounded in a variety of ways, wounds often passed down the generations. As we continue to grow, the initial hurt seems to act like a magnetic attractor for further trauma. Integrated Kabbalistic Healing infuses these deep rooted distortions with balanced qualities of God (Sephirot), allowing the warping to re-pattern at a cellular level. Body/mind and spirit are able to shift into a healthier, stronger and more integrated dynamic. Effects are deep and long lasting.


Jason Shulman, the founder and teacher of Integrated Kabbalistic Healing, was Barbara Brennan's* first senior teacher. He was a zen practitioner for many years and founded the Brooklyn Zen center before returning to his birth religion of Judaism. He gives introductory workshops at Esalen, Omega and in New York City and offers a three year intensive program in Princeton, New Jersey to 43 health professionals every year. More information on Jason and A Society of Souls can be found at http://www.kabbalah.org.

Kabbalah can be a life-long, intricate and esoteric study. For further information please go to the reading list on http://www.kabbalah.org.

*Barbara Brennan is author of Hands of Light and Light Emerging and founder/director of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.

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