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Divine Spark Meditation

We need special tools as we move towards a new paradigm. I taught this to my three year old daughter and she never had another sleep nightmare. She is 23 now. That's the kind result I like!

First, an explanation:

As we lighten into the new paradigm, dense and sticky thought forms* often surround us. They have held the planet in this 3rd dimensional karma of judgement and conflict for aeons. Our "lightening" means that we may notice the densities (another word for negativity) far more than previously. Either they stick to us like velcro, or originate from us. If our attitude is the problem, we have the power to stop that line of thinking: "forgive it and let it go", as Gary Renard** would say.

When the densities are in the atmosphere, it only takes a feeling like fear or anger to grant entry to these leech-like entities. Or even a dream! Suddenly we are encased in bubble gum and can't shake the depression or the anger. Four in the morning is a favourite hour but they can hit us anytime. Many of us are being strongly tested as the old ways lose their grip.

Within each of us, at our CORE, our deepest being, is the Divine Spark. Kabbalists have spoken of it for centuries; Barbara Brennan and other healers can see it; everyone can find it. Divine Spark Expansion clears our own field and our environment of these densities very rapidly. It works for a long time and puts us in a wonderful frame of mind.

[Caution: If you disassociate or have had problems with manic depression or schizophrenia, do not try this without supervision.]

Divine Spark Expansion

Begin to sink, deep inside, deeper and deeper, until you reach your very centre, your Divine Spark. Take all the time you need to get there. Don't worry - you WILL get there. Everyone does. You will recognize it by the feel of pure energy, light, a sense of sacredness or perhaps love. It will feel powerful and it is.

Rest here until you feel fully soaked in it.

With the clear intent of burning off the densities - like burning through fog - begin to expand throughout your whole body/mind. Have this Divine Light surround and engulf any negative sticky place that is holding you hostage. Let the Light work, and follow any urgings that result from this. The Light will lead you.

If you are needing to clear any space you are in of negative thought forms, expand beyond your body, expand to fill the room, expand to fill the house, the yard - as far as you want to go,

Give thanks. Come back when you are ready.

That's it.

If this happens during the night, often you will fall into a deep and peaceful sleep. If it's during the day, take time before you get up as you may be "spacey". Feel and move your feet, stomp them a little; drink some water; eat something non sugary.

A final but important note: Be careful of "fixing" anyone but yourself - This can easily be as invasive as walking into another's home uninvited. Besides, it can often be presumptuous or arrogant. Permission on a soul level is possible if the person is in hospital or otherwise incapable and if you are clear about your channel. Doing such a thing though, requires a great degree of clarity.

* thought forms: thickenings of energy, like clouds, that form when we repeat thoughts. The more we think and feel this same thought, the thicker and denser the thought form becomes - until eventually it achieves enough density to precipitate into our concrete reality. This is why it's so important to stop our negative thinking.

** Gary Renard is the author of The Disappearance of the Universe and Your Immortal Reality.

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