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Sanctuary Pet Healing
reaching for that happy, healthy edge

Years of experience have shown me and pet owners
that my treatments have been effective in:

  • Relieving pain
  • Reducing infection
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Restoring thyroid balance
  • Mending hurt or sad feelings and pulling out anger
  • Restoring general balance, well being and happiness, even in animals ill with cancer
  • Helpful in early diagnosis

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Sierra (Jane Moody's dog)
Jane Moody's dog, Sierra

Save Gas! Distance is no problem. The dogs Iʼve worked with over the past year live on Cortes Island in BC.

Physical changes have been continuously noted from my treatments, regardless of whether I work by distance or in person.

Early detection and clearing means that issues can be quickly eased back to healthy function since disease begins in the energy field.

Treatment can speed recovery and help reduce the cost of vet care. Itʼs not meant to be a substitute for vet care but will likely hasten healing.

Animals are very responsive to energy treatment because they feel good when itʼs being done and are very receptive.

I began my healing work in the mid 80ʻs with my guinea pig (literally!). Sooty loved it and so have all the animals since.

Distance Treatments allow me to see and sense things that I do not necessarily see and sense in person. If you would like further explanation, more can be found on the distance session page. I will need a recent photo of your pet before the session.

Video acknowledgements: Many thanks to Lynn Sapp for her beautiful 13 year old Tarka, the poodle, and to Dawn Harwood-Jones for her skilled work and wonderful Derek the Dog. Dawn runs Pink Dog video productions, specializing in "make a difference" projects. See some others here: http://www.pinkdog.ca/video.htm
Thanks also to Allison Macdonald, Lynn Sapp, Daphne Bashford and Carolyn Conde for agreeing to share their kind comments with you on this video.


Distance treatments are $35 to $50 per session. For this you get a full body treatment of your animal and an email describing what I did and what I found and recommend. Standard treatments are $35; complex ones are $50 and are unusual.

Travel charges for house calls: $25, if off my route from Chester to Halifax (along the 103)
$10 - regular house call fee.

(Note: Animals that have a history of aggression will only be worked on at a distance.)

Pets really enjoy their experience, become very deeply relaxed and feel better.

Jake and Chester relaxing...

Give Your Animal Friend This Healing Benefit!

phone: 902-275-1900 or email: jm@janemoody.ca

Testimonials: (some names changed for privacy)

"Jane Moody's work with our pack of 5 dogs has been invaluable. It provides not only healing but also great insight into potential reasons for problematic issues. It often highlights things that would be hard for a vet to diagnose without expensive tests and in such cases may give good reason to run the costly test(s). We find it to be a brilliant compliment to our existing veterinarian medicine."

Relieved dog mother, Cortes Island, BC

"When you did hands-on work on my dog, Opie, I know it was helpful in stimulating his adrenal glands & regulating his symptoms of Addison's Disease. I was able to reduce the dosage of the daily cortisone medication he needed. Opie was always so pleased to visit you for a session - he clearly enjoyed the respect and care you showed him, and it seemed as if he sensed and appreciated the health benefits that resulted.

This winter, when I was nursing my very sick cat, Bing, through cancer, your sessions with him were a true comfort to us both. I felt that Bing welcomed the opportunity to experience your working with him. My observation is that the sessions made him feel more comfortable, both emotionally and physically. After one particular session when you helped him release some powerful angry emotion, there was an important and immediate difference in how he interacted with the other cats in the household. He was peaceful and very relaxed afterwards & he then welcomed the other cats' presence around him, much more able to accept their empathy and affection for him. That was very moving and important

~ Lynn Sapp, Black Point, Nova Scotia.


Our beloved dog Wally became ill very quickly and was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his spleen.Un fortunately there was no cure or way to save him.Jane willingly offered to help. Wally was a rescue and had little trust in humans so few ever touched him but amazingly he allowed and fully accepted Jane’s gentle touch without refusal. After his treatment along with a few herbal suggestions from Jane he seemed to have found some relief and to our surprise stayed with us another few weeks. We are eternally grateful for Jane’s efforts as we are sure our Wally was too!

~ Robin Hamm, owner, groomer at Chester Bay Dog Chalet in Chester Basin.

Correspondence from a client:

My email after treating, Mar. 30, 2011: 

"Pippin. Whew - good thing to have a treatment! At first he seemed very lethargic - I'd forgotten what you said was wrong, so went in blind - but was immediately struck by all the "heavy smog around the neck area. As that cleared, I remembered _"of course! thyroid!" Anyway, it took a long time to clear.  Went back up to the head to make sure the pituitary was clear - and after that a block showed up on the left side of the neck, originating under the left ear (looking at him from the tail end).

There seemed to be a deep infection in the ear canal that had caused a big blockage. I spent a long time working to clear that and it's not totally done but I did as much as I could.  This immediately helped the  throat chakra clear (which had been resistant and very sluggish before this). So now that the throat chakra is perking again, I'm hoping the thyroid levels will balance out again - but keep an eye on his energy levels and give him something to clear infection.  You might have a vet examine that ear - though the infection seemed to be beneath the inner ear - so nothing would show on the outer ear. If vets can see infection in throats - then maybe it will show up there.

After this, went down his body and all systems seemed sluggish due to the thyroid situation.  The root chakra had a big energy block to clear.  So all that is done.. I should check him next week - just to make sure things are still on track."  


"Thanks you for giving Mugsy her tune up -- she is a lovely gal and yes, the watchful one along with Sam.  I think it will be good to give her some support again sometime next week too.  I will let you know how she goes the couple of days after surgery.

I am so glad you were able to get some things to shift on Pippin and your left ear canal infection findings certainly fit with the way he was pawing at his muzzel and ear on that side.  I have given him "Silver Solutions" twice today and will continue for a week or so.  I also have some gentian violet liquid that is good for putting in bothersome ears so will get on to that.  He is better today but still sluggish - I am sure it will take a couple of days."

follow up from owner, April 3, 2011:
"Pippin is MUCH better ... has been more like himself for a couple of days.  Have been giving him "Silver Solutions" twice a day.   I am glad you found the same.  I will keep an eye on that leg -- haven't noticed him favoring it so perhaps he has bruised it?"

Sanctuary Pet Healing
reaching for that happy, healthy edge

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