Animal Teachers

I always knew my dog Sierra had come to teach me about unconditional love. Confirmation came at an animal communication workshop given by a woman who travels the world working with roaming lions, elephants and and other wild species.  Sierra became the “healing dog” of that entire workshop, clearly recognized by this well known animal communicator.

Tiru – our Siamese kitten, has just joined us. A long practised psychic commented that he was one of my teachers.  I can feel the higher-level connection. Someone who knows cats well met him shortly after arrival and was astounded at his clear trust: “it’s like he knows you!” she said in a tone of amazement. Yes.

Moving into wholeness means boundaries are dissolving. Some teach that whales and dolphins are a more enlightened species and we have much to learn from them.  No reason why enlightenment can’t reach us through other animals as well. The covering doesn’t matter to the soul and as we move more and more into the intuitive and telepathic realms, this will matter less and less.

Dissolve your judgements* and let yourself expand.  Wonder awaits in so many ways. 

*(for ways to do this see previous articles)

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