Cancer Diagnosis – Essential Advice for Healing

A letter to all those with a cancer diagnosis:

Your part of the healing process is designed to convince your body that you want it to be well. That means making your healing a priority – so that your body knows you are “walking your talk”. You may have to alter your lifestyle for this. Forgive me if I’m telling you what you already know but healing cancer is a life changing task. That might be obvious, but many people think they can continue as before and heal cancer on the side. Nope. I’m not mincing words here – it’s too vital. Once it is in your body,  you’ve got to use everything you’ve got to stop it. Everything.

From my experience,  keys are loving all the traumatized parts of you, forgiving anything that was done to you (more on that later). And easing all the stress in your life. (This will do you a world of good regardless!)

So – 1) a list of traumas

2) a list of people to forgive

3) a list of present stresses.

Traumas: – you go back to your young self in your imagination. In your mind’s eye, your adult self removes her from the awful situation and wraps her in love and comfort. Your adult self reassures and comforts the young self and lets her cry or tell you how awful it was. You are pure love, understanding and acceptance for her. You stay with her ’til she feels better. Do this for every trauma you can remember. You may cry a lot and this is good. It’s removing the trauma.


Preview of “Ho'oponopono”
Then go to the person who did it and forgive them. I’m attaching the Hawaiian process that is so powerful for this. Even if you don’t mean the words at first, you soon will. Just keep repeating them. The psychiatrist who made this famous healed a hospital of mental patients this way. Terrible things have been forgiven by taking 100% responsibility and repeating these 4 phrases, making them yours and elaborating if you need to . If you really didn’t have a part to play, you can be sorry for the situation in general – for both of you, caught by circumstance or fate.

Present Stresses – Do all you can to remove yourself. You need all your energy for healing now. I’m really serious. This can’t be part time. It’s time to be selfish until you are better. And after that,  keep a balance – you’ve always got to include you in the equation. Unconditional love of God includes you!

If you do all these things, you have a fighting chance. They will tell your body that it is loved, that it is a priority and that it matters that it lives. So start today and keep on going. You can work miracles this way.

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All luck to you and a ongoing wishes for your complete recovery!

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