Climbing “Jacob’s Ladder”

We manifest duality, each one of us. It’s not a given.  That was my waterfall insight for today.

Wm Blake's painting of Jacob's Ladder
Jacob’s Ladder by William Blake

Tibetan monks show us clearly that we can be earthy AND filled with light. So do tree roots. But I think people often confuse the concrete world of the physical with sticky  negativity. At least I did. Being earthed meant being stuck in capricious duality where life careened from happy to sad, with a kind of monotone OKness offered by anti-depressants to help smooth out the ride. Seemingly we are at the whim of unseen forces. “Our cross to bear” in the words of my Grandmother’s Christianity. Their answer was to pray a lot. A good plan that does help but all the same, it was kind of white knuckling it. There is always drinking oneself into oblivion but that’s not such a great plan for the family.

Clearly more was needed. Some of us have become desperately sick of the spin of the wheel of karma weaving illusion after illusion.

With the influx of high frequency energies (complex astronomy involved here) giving us a needed boost, we’ve been gifted with greater knowledge and awareness. It sometimes enables a larger view. When I visit my waterfall, its high energy cleans my body/mind/spirit sufficiently that I can see a little further away – like windshield wipers.  And today it was all about duality being the result of our inept manifesting.

Apparently, because we have been so unconscious, we have created this yin/yang world all by ourselves. With all due respect to religious (somewhat pernicious) dogma of God’s “punishment”or Allah’s decrees, I bring something new to consider:  we were given free will and we’ve made a bit of a mess. This dimension flips around like some crazy child’s toy. The news that came to me today is that we can do something about it. I realize Buddha told us this in 500 BC but some of us take longer to get it.  Be easy on yourself.

Here is the formula that is yielding good results for me. If I were to start a church, it would be the church of Jacob’s Ladder. No need for buildings or priests, simply this formula:  Clean up: move up; get clear. Clean up: move up and get clearer. Keep going!  Climb Jacob’s Ladder. Those angels that Jacob saw?  They are beckoning us, lighting the way.  Sure it takes work but what else are you doing?  Buddha sat under a tree and waited out the demons that assailed him in the stillness of his awareness until they gave up. That kind of idea. Might as well climb your way out of maya and actually get happier, no? 

More on what is  necessary next time. If this has caught your attention,  I’ll know you want to hear more if you “like” this post.

And, before next time, if you would enjoy visiting the waterfall by video, you can  have instant access here. It’s a sacred spot so I hope it brings you the peace it brings me.



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