Coming Home Through the Feminine

Casilda: abject, abandoned, ashamed, and finally reclaimed feminine. 

A Goddess name, she called it.

For most of my life my hidden first name lay dormant, covered and protected from the laughter it elicited. Until it was unearthed by chance by a powerful God/Goddess connected woman.

Already this name, a saint’s name, vibrating at 22, has led me on an alchemical journey; already she has found the feminine face of God for me, healing all inside that had blocked it. My world is turning into colour and poetry again – so long hidden from view.

Accepting, embracing all that has been rejected in us creates new worlds.

The feminine heart and womb always births the new.

Casilda, I welcome you home, as you call me through the grandmother that I am named for.



blossom image: Henny Donovan Motif

photo: Omotayo; Spiritual Birth

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