What Brought Me Out of Suicidal Depression – Coping in Intense Times

A suicide in the community couldn’t be more sobering. Here are basic coping tools that brought me out of a very deep depression and back to thriving within a few weeks. Just in case, I saw my physician who told me to come back and see him if I needed stronger means. I did not, but that may not apply to you. Definitely make the appointment for a full panel of bloodwork, including thyroid levels, and with a Naturopathic doctor as well. I did. And do try all of these suggestions. They have no side effects and are very effective.

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First of all, don’t let prejudice or skepticism stop you from doing any of this. Such attitudes will keep you depressed.  If you are resistant, ask yourself why you don’t want to feel better. What are you afraid of?  Is it that you feel you don’t deserve better? And love yourself daily in those vulnerable places (see below). JUST TRY IT and KEEP ON GOING WITH IT:

 1) Ask for the highest help and protection, from the Universe or  God or whomever your beliefs encompass, through prayer or however you do it. Help is there for us but we have to ask. In my experience, this has never failed.

2)  Breathe deeply outside – at least 10 times, several times daily. If you know alternate nostril breathing, it will bring peace to your mind. Get out in nature as much as you can.  Walking in the woods or by the ocean is very therapeutic.

3) Don’t take negative thoughts seriously. Say to yourself:  “this is the depression talking; it is NOT true.”  Once you are out of the depressed state, such thoughts won’t enter your mind. REALLY, it’s true.

4) Protect yourself by refusing to listen to news broadcasts or reading negative posts on facebook. Don’t post them either; they only spread the contagion of fear and none of us need any more of it.

5) Read into a voice recorder (most smart phones have them) the directions to doing the Divine Spark meditation, here.  Use as needed. When I’ve asked the Divine Spark to dissolve fear, it has never failed. I give it to clients with cancer because it eliminates the cancer frequency of tumors all the time. It is extremely powerful.

6) Be gentle and good to yourself by doing restful things such as curling up in a warm blanket, eyes shut, and extending deep kindness to yourself. Your body/mind will respond. This goes a long way towards curing depression. Two psychiatrists while I was in training told me they cured depression with love. One of them gradually took all his patients off medication (except for one type of medication for a very specific situation), giving them nurturing love instead.  He practised something called “Experiencing Enough”. It worked. This does not mean, however, that you do not need “bridging medication” if you are suicidal.  I took an educated risk, knowing my own tools worked for me.


a) As soon as possible, start taking B complex vitamins, and B-12 sublingual tabs. I also took St. John’s Wort, following the recommended dosage (this may not be for everyone but look into it.) Get recommended brands at a Health Food Store.  Right away, order a broad spectrum probiotic from Dr. Mercola or Dr. Perlmutter, which has the basic 5 strains we all need, along with 5 others. If you can find one with all the strains locally, then get that – but I know Mercola’s are live because I make my yogourt from the capsules.  If you want to know the strains, look up Dr. Perlmutter or go to my facebook page at EFFECTIVE RELIEF energy therapy and scroll til you find the post.

b) Start eating organic, plain yogourt immediately – if possible, home made. Liberté from Quebec makes it and it is available locally.  If you are unused to it, start with a couple of tablespoons and work up to a cup or more daily. We need to eat fermented foods daily.

c) Buy organic coconut kefir made by the Cultured Coconut – available at health food stores in Halifax , Pete’s and Tantallon. It is excellent. Find kefir grains and make your own organic kefir.  Easily done when you feel a bit better.

d) Find and eat kimchi and unpasteurized sauerkraut (Krispikraut out of Lunenburg is excellent).

e) Once you are eating all this fermented food daily, you should only need the probiotic capsules on days when you don’t eat the food.  I use mine to make really good yogourt, when I forget to keep 2 tablespoons to make the next batch.

f) Eliminate sugar and gluten, maybe dairy too.  Seriously. TODAY. Give it a few weeks to feel the difference.

8) Come for energy work.  It is extremely effective for eliminating depression and anxiety. Not only do I do energy work but I do deep psychotherapy and re-framing as part of treatment. Get as much help as you can for yourself: from friends, your physician, your naturopath, from me. We all need help sometimes. 



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