Resurrected. Takin’ It Back Home to Roost

Easter.  The Karmapa’s tour of the USA.  All stimulus to thoughts on the endless play of good and evil and the challenge we have constantly to choose the good.  Even within the hallowed ranks of Buddhism,  the dark twist lurks, ever urging.

The process all starts with our own thoughts and what we allow to take over.  I find the lurking dark can smarm it’s way to my being  in the most mundane of circumstances. Snowplow drivers were my constant challenge this winter.  As I heaved and re-heaved ice chunks and heavy snow, the dark was ever so willing to help.  Visions of collecting dog poop in the spring melt and delivering my own vengeful deposit came to mind. I tried valiantly to turn my thoughts to gratitude and often grudgingly succeeded – but sometimes I just couldn’t do it;  discouragement took over.  It takes energy to be grateful.

All the same, catching my thoughts and immediately turning them – or at least stopping the bad ones – has become a constant practise over the years, mainly because it makes me happier and doesn’t create bad karma.  When I turn the thoughts around, nothing can take root and begin to grow except thankfulness.  Presto change-o:  resurrection!

We create a rich compost with our thoughts and within that, whole forests of belief can develop, which we then reinforce by talking with like minded people, reading, watching videos etc.  Before long, we have created an environment, a stance, something to defend. Just like the Sanhedrin did with Christ:  someone mumbled one day about “that troublemaker…” and many thoughts began to build towards the cross.  Eventually it happened.  Very bad karma.

easter-cute-dog-8chhpwfySo, nip ’em in the bud, I say.  Life is just a lot more fun that way…bunnies, eggs, sun and flowers; kind and compassionate people, versus a war between piles of wet, heavy snow and dog poop smearing, bound to crucify no one but me. 

My better nature is all for lightening everybody’s load.  Happy Easter!

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