Deep Forgiveness Frees up Enormous Energy for Healing

With religion fading in many lives, what do we do with our mistakes, some terrible ones?  We need ways to forgive ourselves and other people without the mediation of the church or religious teaching, no longer viable for many.

Ho’oponopono is the most powerful way I’ve come across. It is the ancient Hawaiian method to keep peace among island peoples and has worked for thousands of years. Most recently it has worked in my own life and my daughter’s.

The only way to truly heal any rift is to take 100% responsibility for what has happened.  At first, blame or denial may be far more attractive and satisfying but they will simply keep the situation festering. The drain on your system will be considerable and can even lead to disease.

At first you may not mean the words but persist; you soon will find that you do mean them. You’ll need to keep on repeating these four phrases, adding to them and making them your own as the situation calls for. Eventually, you will feel the situation clear and you’ll feel much lighter and happier.

My daughter was in a terrible car accident that left her with 14 broken bones and a severe brain injury. Part of her recovery involved doing this practise. In her blog, she recommends it and I, too, strongly encourage you. Read her story, where she talks about her own reaction to this here:

By dismantling deep anger and blame, we free up energy for recovery and thriving. Life gets a lot happier and more rewarding.  Good luck!

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