Dispelling Dismal Thoughts – Keeping the Lighthouse Lit

image: hatty hatori

You know the feeling when dismal thoughts creep in during the night, creating misery when you wake? We don’t have to stay overwhelmed; we have a powerful tool within us that can dispel these shadows effectively.

At our very CORE, we have a Divine Spark. Healers can see it and Kabbalists and other mystics have written about it. All it takes to access it, is practise. You never again have to feel victimized by dark thoughts because you can expand this Spark to wipe them out. 

Begin by breathing deeply and slowly releasing all tension. When you feel ready, start dropping your consciousness deep into your body with the intent of reaching your very centre – your CORE. You can do this anatomically or by imagining a stairway. Just keep going. It may take you 2 minutes or 30 – time does not matter -just keep at it; you WILL get there! You cannot miss it unless you give up. Everyone has a Divine Spark, no matter how many layers obscure it. When you think you are close, just keep approaching until you feel merged in the Divinity – however you sense it. Once merged, intend that You expand – first through the physical body, then the emotional self, and finally throughout all thoughts. At this point, You will feel entirely Light, all darkness dispursed. If You wish to continue, You can clear your room, dwelling and property. Personally I find it hard to expand further than this. Please know that you cannot do this for others because it is invasive – even more so than walking into another’s home uninvited. 

At the end, don’t forget to give thanks for this incredible gift we all have within. None of us need feel victimized by dark thoughts ever again! All storms dissipate eventually but in the meantime we have an inner lighthouse that keeps us off the rocks.


 For more information see my web site: http://www.janemoody.ca/newearth.html


a spark of light can bring peace: hatty hatori

lighthouse painting: http://agirlatthewell.wordpress.com/2011/08/03/stay_focused/

4 thoughts on “Dispelling Dismal Thoughts – Keeping the Lighthouse Lit

  1. This is the beginning of discovery for me ….I have known for a very long time that I am a healer and with some encouragement at a conference for spiritual energy healers I am embarking on a journey of discovery. Thankyou for this article

    1. As healers outside the regular medical field, the first person we always work on is ourselves, so it’s great that you like the article. Thank you. Doing our own work cleans our energy field so that others can feel completely safe and heard; the more we plumb our own depths, the safer we become.

  2. I started the practice of going inside as I was reading the instructions. I have many levels of Reiki, and some Healing Touch…. my hands are tingling, and flutters of anticipation are at my solar plexus just from that first bit…. such power you have.

    I love how this came to me on facebook.

    Thank you

    1. Thank you Kellie. It’s been such a boon in my life that I’ve offered it freely on my web site for years – but it seemed to be time to give it a wider audience.

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