Don’t EVER Lose Heart!

I have awesome clients.  They blow me away with their bravery, their determination, their ability to persist through difficult patches – and their willingness to seek greater joy through changing old patterns. Not that it takes a long time with energy work. And I give effective tools to ease pain and let it go. Still…

What really thrills me is to witness former clients building happier more effective lives after a course of treatment. Examples I can think of include an introverted mother who is now a respected doula and birth educator, speaking publicly and studying to further her career; another person, very shy and retiring, who hid an eating disorder for 25 years, walked into a meeting 10 minutes late, sat down and with a cocky smile, announced “you can start now. I’ve arrived.” Then there are the people who bounce joyfully into my office having kicked a lifelong depression. There was a person of retirement age whom I was deeply concerned about. A debilitating exhaustion had been untraceable for years in spite of seemingly doing all the right things. Not only did this person find the source, they cured it, and went on to train as a chef in a city far from home. I could go on – but you get the drift.

People have huge potential and a resilience that is awe-inspiring.  When you are discouraged, take heart and take that first step. All the rest will follow. Just seek support and help. Not one of us can do this journey alone.  If you have no extra money, think of something you can trade  – cooking? gardening? organizing? what skills can you barter?  Many of us are open to some of this.

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