Dreams – Doors to Freedom

During times of clearing and testing, such as we are going through now, dreams are a significant doorway. They can lead us to deep, complex constellations trapping us lifetime after lifetime. Many are based on untruths, perpetrated by past forces of control.

Now is the most advantageous time we have had in eons to clear these entrapments – so be sure to use this time well.

Last night, the dream of a houseful of  my ex-husband’s friends, lazing around drinking and taking total advantage, evoked rage that erupted in fury. I’d finally had enough.  This was a final piece of punishment that I’d brought on myself, stretching back through time.

Sticky dreams – those that do not dissipate with morning, always indicate a wealth of meaning. Processing my dream this morning transported me through lives affected by the same theme, urging me to clear all aspects. Most recently, it had affected my name, my family relationships, marriages and finances.

Knowing how to track and clear issues arising from dreams is one of the gifts of my training. If you have significant ones that are memorable, and you are at a loss as to what to do, I strongly urge you to get in touch. It will be worth it, I assure you! 

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