Earthing is Critical – to Love and Manifesting

Some of us find grounding difficult, if not impossible. Life with others is a strain and often we find ourselves too isolated and living with anxiety. 

For any of us with early birth or infant trauma, or any kind of disconnection from our mothers, grounding becomes a challenge. 

But there is both hope and great talent to uncover on this journey.


Earthing, as I prefer to call it, involves befriending the earth as an archetypal and new mother – a replacement in some cases, for mothers who were disconnected themselves. Earthing is critical for making any healing work real, for manifesting and for allowing Love to be a potent force for raising our frequency.

Don’t be discouraged if you have trouble; grounding can be learned with practise and energy sessions. My own was learned – from the neck down. Now I am able to plant people in the earth through a smooth and gentle process that honours and quiets anxiety.

Fear is the emotion that we have to quell on this journey. Terror is more like it. Imagine coming into this plane of existence as a vulnerable baby, knowing it is not safe, while

experiencing circumstances that reinforce the fear. Babies with this history stay out of their bodies; they never fully incarnate – knowing it is not safe for them. People with this early history grow into dissociated adults, in extreme cases with mental challenges, or at very least, feel  “flakey” or “spacey”. Being present with other people is difficult, if not impossible, leading to a life full of anxiety.

Conscious intervention with healing work 

directed at multiple levels of the problem can turn this around completely.

Once this happens, the client, who has developed multiple talents of contact with other realms as a alternative to this one, becomes present in this concrete world. Their many creative abilities are able to manifest and turn into a potent force for achieving their goals.

The woman in the painting is gazing out at the vastness of other realms while being fully planted in the earth. This is the gift of a consciousness that has been anchored in the earth. Such brave souls truly bridge heaven and earth.




bubbles: orhanokay

daydreaming woman:  brushworks by monte

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