Energy Work is Nourishing and Deeply Relaxing, certainly NOT Scary

People new to energy work are always a bit nervous. “What will happen, what will I experience?” they wonder.  To reassure you, what follows is what happens when I work on people.

First of all, energy work is not scary. At all. It’s deeply relaxing and feels very nurturing. You keep all clothes ON and you lie on your back on a massage table while I work around you.
I almost always start at the feet and work gradually upwards, placing my hands, with permission, on neutral places on your body. You may feel nothing, or you may feel energy moving as a warm tingling sensation. Some people see colours and have images arise; others go to sleep. When a session is over, most people say they could stay there, sleeping. If they can, they do go home and sleep. This is ideal and it’s never a good idea to run errands or go back into meetings after a session.

Before you leave, I give you effective tools to use on your own, as the two days following a session might be emotional. These tools help to ease and wash away the buried feelings that surface for release. Release is a good thing, since we usually suppress emotion at stressful times. Suppressed emotion not only weighs us down, contributing to depression, but it can wreak physical havoc in the body – from headaches to cancer. Some common diseases with strong suppressed emotion are arthritis, colitis, IBS, back/neck pain and cancer.

Although my work penetrates much deeper than simple clearing, it is a very good thing for us all to relieve our cells and tissues of the negative emotions of our past. Once expressed, these feelings dissipate and free our body/mind/spirit for joy and laughter.Having a session is an excellent stress reliever and way to take good care of yourself. I hope you care enough about you to do this.

The great part is that It is equally effective at a distance as it is in person. A local client often chooses distance sessions over “in person” sessions because she likes them so much. Effectiveness is not diminished by distance either. I’ve worked in Australia and had excellent feedback.  For my qualifications and more general information click “About Jane’s Energy Healing”. 

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About jm

Jane Moody offers advanced modalities of energy treatment, bodywork and counselling. A dynamic group of skills, gathered though extensive training (1800 hours of instruction in health therapies in addition to her BA.), can heal the roots of psychological suffering that prevent a satisfying life. The inspiration behind this work began in my early twenties after earning a B.A. from Vassar College in New York. I wanted to study both Medicine and Comparative Religion. I didn't do either but the interest stayed fresh. In the late 80's, I began my studies with a 16 weekend training leading to a certificate in Gestalt Therapy. A year later, I found a way to combine both earlier interests when I read Barbara Brennan's book, Hands of Light. I studied at her school for one year (1989/90) but decided against returning for family and personal reasons. That year, I had also completed a year's study in anatomy and physiology at Dalhousie University. By taking a taped course in "Awakening the Light Body", I was able to keep my knowledge growing. A few years later, I learned the bodywork of the Lightbody - "Flow Alignment and Connection". The next fall, it became possible to attend The School of Enlightened Healing in New York City (now in Asheville NC) and I graduated from there, 3 years later, with certification as a "Hands-on Healer" (1997). My practice began with Flow Alignment and gradually incorporated the new knowledge gained at this healing school in New York. Short weekend courses in Japanese Acupressure and Myofascial Release broadened my scope of bodywork techniques. In June of 2001, I graduated from A Society of Souls, Jason's Shulman's three year School for health professionals in Integrated Kabbalistic Healing. This powerful work is now the center of a range of healing skills that I bring to my clients. I live in East Chester, Nova Scotia with offices there and in Halifax, as well as a long distance practice by telephone.

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