My Favourite Long Distance Healing Story

My favourite  because it was so intricate:

The cat was one of many loose, abandoned cats in Qatar. She was adopted with two others when my former client felt badly that their paws were being burned by searing pavements.

It’s challenging to find apartment dwellers in Nova Scotia,  never mind in  a city in a part of the world I’d never been.  But the description was detailed and fortunately,  I found the right apartment with the cats inside. Next, find the right cat among three. Check.

This cat’s salivary gland had sprung a leak which was creating a cyst that required surgery. 2013-11-22-sweetpeapetcollective7-thumbphoto: Huffington Post. The cyst I was dealing with had not, to my “seeing”, reached this size at the time of intervention.

As no surgeon was available locally, my client decided to ask me.  I’d never worked on such a thing in a human, never mind on a cat.  Imagine the size of the salivary gland!

In energy work you can go big, or work at micro levels. Since smoothing ligament and muscle fibres and building new cartiledge had worked in the past, I reasoned, I just might be able to seal the leak and drain the cyst.  It was  shot in the dark that worked. I recently heard from this client that in the years that have passed, the cyst has not recurred. The vet was astonished; he had never seen a similar condition that “corrected itself” without surgery.

Last week the challenge was attempting to smooth or dissolve sharp crystals in the urinary tract of a cat in Halifax. All I know is that when my client reached home, the cat was very perky and happy – so I hope it worked. At least the pain was gone.

The power of energy medicine continually astounds me and makes me feel wonder every time. Animals respond very quickly to this form of treatment because they have no negative beliefs getting in the way.  And with humans, most clients  sit up after treatment feeling much happier than when they came in.  How great is that?! 


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