Gleaming Covers

P1040172Magic.  Who doesn’t love sunlight and sparkle?  Do you know the child’s tale about princesses who danced in a forest of crystal each night and made their suitors guess where they went? The men who guessed – the noble, kind, competent, persistent ones  married a princess. The other suitors had their heads lopped off.  Yes, there is that pesky down side…

The luminous trees yesterday reminded me of this tale.  They also reminded me that each of us has an outer gleaming cover that we show to the world – the “presentable” aspects of our good and funny selves that will appeal to other people and make us likeable. Usually with the help of mothers who hoped we would be princesses, rather than scullery maids, and worried about “what the neighbours would think”,  we became  invested in these gleaming covers. We avoid looking beneath  because we dread admitting the less acceptable aspects we have kept under wraps.

What I want to say here is that the crystal covering, with it’s eye catching gleam, like the ice on the branches, is brittle. It has no life. All the nourishment lies in the darker branch underneath; the branch that supports the sparkling cover. In us, this is the more substantial self, the human self that makes mistakes, cries, yells sometimes and (perish the thought!) might even be a bitch from time to time.  This part of us is full of life!  It is nothing to be ashamed of – it is human.

It is also the part that gets damaged by trauma; that needs to heal. As long as we concentrate on “keeping our gleam on”, we never heal the deeper aspects that may be crying for attention.  The part underneath needs our kindness, our latitude and our forgiveness*: the darker, less showy aspects crying to be loved.

Looking beneath, leaving our mothers’ cautionary tales behind, we encounter  a rich compost of life. Of course, mixed in are broken eggs, bits of rotted tomato, and other stinky things, but have you noticed what strong trees this compost grows? 

Don’t be afraid to embrace your imperfect self. It is so alive and beautifully fallible – like all the rest of us.  Together with the polished coating, the two create a gleaming tree that brushes the sky.


* Please see my post on Forgiveness in the side bar. It will show you a powerful way to do this.

If this has touched you, pass it on to others who may benefit by liking it and sharing it. Thanks!    Wishing you strength and joy…

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