Moving Towards the Totally New

2012 is a freaky journey, no two ways about it. You have to have a lot of inner fortitude – “guts”, in other words.  Those who know me, know me as a grounded, calm, person who is stable and “ordinary” in the loosest sense of that word.

In the past few months the clearing and forgiving I’ve always done has been intensified. Switching my thoughts to a bright view has become a constant habit and avoiding negativity has become imperative.

Last night in the middle of the night, I awoke to the strong sensation of my normal sense of myself as a human, with familiar  anatomy, fading into the background. In the forefront was the clear sensation of a sphere composed of lines of light – like a geodesic dome. I could still think but I felt a great deal of love.  I vaguely wondered how this was going to look and operate. When I awoke this morning all was back to “normal”. No one will look at me strangely today I don’t think!

 Just thought I’d mention it, in case anyone else is having weird things happen to them quite apart from time warps and bad memory and sudden exhaustion that I hear others mention.

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