The Road to Happy is …Tumultuous!

Sheesh. One day it’s hell, the next heaven.  I’m sure you know what I mean. Demons one day (yes, healers are trained to deal with them – one of the pleasanter tasks!); the next, I’m dancing across rocks like a 10 year old.  For someone who wanted to be a trapeeze artist, this is almost like the Cirque du Soleil!

We desperately need tools. This one was given to me 10 days ago. It’s easy, it’s fast and it’s free! You wouldn’t believe how many stored emotions I have now cleared from my system. WHAT a relief! I feel about half my weight. 

 If you are on an IBM computer (not an Apple), go to and download The Emotion Code. FREE.  A great way to compost the dregs of our emotions. The best part is that this method is easy and quick.  It’s not literature but it works.

Testimonials from people who have had their lives change radically are impressive.  I feel incredibly lighter in spite of dealing with the storms we are riding.  The lighter we are, the more we can dance across the stormy waves. Throughout this tumult, my community of friends has never been so valuable. I hope you have some to rely on – at a distance or in person. 

My other wondrous tool that I’ve been on about since the spring is juicing. The juice gradually clears out the toxins and other physical sludge and has made me feel 40 years younger. The most expensive part is the juicer. It is worth buying a good one that is easy to clean, with a slow auger for maxiumum nutrients. Then you’ll want to keep doing it.

Energy work really does help. I just finished treating a knife like gut pain that was immobilizing my friend. Half an hour later, she has left smiling, with the pain 90% gone. Clients have been happy – including all my long distance clients ranging from Nova Scotia through to Qatar and Australia. In spite of the storms, I am still working and able to stabilize people.  Long may that last!

Top photo: Kate Church; one of her marvellous sprites.

Taking Only What We Need: Coherence and Greed

Greed. It’s one of the seven deadly sins.  People seem to have forgotten that – or don’t care. But clearly they named it for good reason. CEO’s of banks are one thing but we have to watch ourselves too.  Lilou’s YouTube warning (see responds to the current marketing techniques used by many in the personal growth field, where large amounts are charged and peer pressure and fear based marketing encourage credit card spending. Not good.

This approach is not coherent with any of the new frequencies – I agree with Lilou wholeheartedly. High pressure marketing is more of the same greed gripping the world in the third dimension or old world paradigm.  I was about to write that to Jack Canfield just the other day.

For those of us who do this work, we are not authentic unless we “walk our talk”.  This is what makes our frequency coherent. Nothing clashes.

Naturally we all slip up, occasionally getting angry, saying or doing something we regret. That’s what makes  us human and forgiveness so necessary. But we have a great opportunity to use the greed of the CEOs to become more conscious:  Do we really need that 3rd pair of sandals?  That 6 bedroom house? that new age seminar costing $1200? that large ice cream cone?  that second new car?  that enormous meal we just ate and now can hardly move?

 It’s all the same thing. Let’s grow more conscious of only taking what we need.


Image: Brittany Jackson


The Great Alchemy Taking Us Beyond Duality

“Every layer of shadow that we probe, uncover, heal and integrate will contribute to the increased raising of our energetic vibration. As we let go of more and more heavy, dense, stuck energy, we begin to raise our energetic vibration and feel lighter and lighter. We experience lighter thoughts, lighter emotions, and also lighter bodies! By converting the dense, lower vibrational shadow consciousness of Duality into higher consciousness, we enhance our physical health and well-being. We begin to feel less disconnected and empty inside and more Soul presence and joy in our daily lives.”  *     Meg Benedicte

 2000 years ago, a Great Force was introduced to humanity. As we uncover our mistakes and misdeeds, that great force is a form of alchemy…transforming us into a higher frequency.  It’s an old formula hidden in the back of a drawer. If ever there was a time to dig it out and polish it, that time is now.

This alchemy, called Forgiveness, is a visitor from a higher frequency, containing both Compassion and Love. Stop, don’t go away…please, hear me out. Forgiveness wipes the slate clean. It is the big eraser that does far more than we think.

Initially, going to the person involved may feel like too big a leap. What we CAN do, is have a conversation at a soul level and ask their forgiveness or grant forgiveness. We must do this for ourselves as well. This can be the hardest step but it is essential. We can do it any way we like. The point is to feel sincerely that the person or situation is forgiven or to truly want forgiveness for harm we have caused.  This is a process that may take several months. It’s often not instant!

 Once we have completed this process and truly feel resolved in our hearts about the experience, an opportunity is likely to arise where loving feelings – or completely friendly feelings, are restored. No negative charge remains.

 This is the process of the great alchemy of Love – the apex force that draws humanity upward out of the karmic stress of one extreme or action constantly balancing another, back and forth endlessly.  The third thing, the Truine Force that Tom Kenyon talks about, is Love, with it’s components of compassion and forgiveness.

 So how to get to forgiveness?  Stop blaming as a first step. Make whatever happened into a screen that you pass through.  Rise up above the situation to get a larger perspective. Ask for help in doing this; then wait and stay open. Something will pop into your life to give you that larger view. Once you see the situation from a larger view, you’ll understand that whatever happened was leading you to greater wisdom, understanding or good.

 A great teacher taught us this special alchemy 2000 years ago. “Bout time to really practise it, doncha think?  Had you noticed the planet is in jeopardy?

 “In summary, humanity exists in a devolving world of karmic debt and the ever-battling forces of Light and Dark. All efforts to manifest as creative beings (through the Law of Attraction) are sabotaged by the polarizing counter-force of Duality. The path to enlightenment requires the 

dismantling of Duality and ego-control so that we can dedicate our lives to the wisdom and purpose of the Soul.*

One essential way to reach this place is through Forgiveness – of everyone and ourselves, for whatever.




* Meg Benedicte: Soul Realized, the keys to unlocking the Divine Human.

Image: unknown, taken from the blog:


5th World is Seeping in – Rush to Greet it!

Glimpses of this 5th world are showing up – have you noticed?  Here’s what I’ve noticed. How about you?

Evening light is almost ecstatic with leaves backlit by the setting sun and magic everpresent.  Breath it in!

Peaceful shores with the Ospreys calling, sitting in my totally peaceful Grandfather tree…Breathe it in!

Gatherings with friends, eating and laughing  – so deeply heartfelt – breathe it in!

The juiciness and flavour of organic, garden ripe tomatoes or strawberries…MMMmmm take it in!

Feeling the unity of a happy group of people listening to wonderful music!  Let yourself brim over with the heart connections!

Just being grateful for beauty around you, for friends, for blue skies – paved roads, rain – whatever!!

Happy is calling!  Rush to greet it!

The Great Advantage of Negative Experience

A friend just deposited a brilliant insight on my waking doorstep – far more profound than anything I’ve been seeking.  A true jewel.

This same friend has also been going through the depths of hell.

BUT, at the same time, he has been doing the inner work required to scrub off negativity, negativity that obscures brilliance.

There are advantages to bad experience. Most of us are too comfortable to bother changing ourselves until something unpleasant lands in our midst. Even then, we can blame the situation or other person: this option keeps us cozy in blind self-righteousness and victimhood. But it doesn’t help us arrive in realms where joy reigns and brilliant insights arise.

To get there, we have a great advantage in negative experience. WHY?  Because …most often, our blaming of “the other” resonates with something that needs cleaning inside ourselves. The bad experience provides a clear signpost. Friends who point this out truly care and are worth their weight in gold; one I can rely on lives far away in Edmonton but we check in regularly. Once we do the work required, we have an inner environment that can absorb light, giving access to far greater joy.  

Lip service – or talking about it doesn’t do it. You have to actually DO something. Otherwise the situation will keep recurring in different guises until the pain gets too intense to ignore – or until we get sick. Believe me, it’s far easier to do it the first time.

Many tools are at hand. On the weekend, I was offered a new one called “The Emotion Code”. It offers a simple and effective formula for releasing emotions buried when we could not handle the intensity of experience. The book is full of life changing stories from people who have had pain disappear to diseases cured.  I know how potent these release techniques are.

Byron Katie offers an excellent formula for withdrawing our projections, taking responsibility for the negative experience and cleaning it up. Her work is free on her site. Find videos and instructions at

I offer the Divine Spark at – also free. Clients find other techniques I teach effective as well.

Reading about the techniques, or watching a video, is a step. But magic comes from actually DOING the work. Dense energies are sticky. That means they require effort to dislodge – scrubbing. It’s not endlessly laborious but does require focus, intent and sometimes some writing. Energy therapy hastens the process and gives support. For truly negative experience, that support is essential.

As my friend showed me this morning, the reward is enormous.  The choice is yours: an endless round of repeating depressing experience – or a little scrubbing to bring out joy and brilliance.  Most things need cleaning; why should our inner life be exempt? You won’t be alone. Everyone has stored negativity so there is no shame in it. Just get busy!  The world is counting on our participation.


 photo of surgeon: unknown; photo of sailboat:

Paragliding Away from Conflict

Or ballooning.  Let’s try to have FUN, for heaven’s sake!!!

Ok – so here’s the deal.  Tom Kenyon talks about the “Triune Force” (Luke Skywalker? You there?). In Kabbalah, we less poetically call it “the third thing”. Could also be Mary Poppin’s umbrella soaring above the trees. We all need this skill now – so my words below are quite serious. 

Apparently conflict is on the rise – if you hadn’t noticed. The potential is ripe for extremes. I’ve just heard about one friend’s mighty conflict, which involves court with an irate opponent who refuses to see reason.  It’s all very “unpleasant” to put it mildly.

How to “rise above” both sides of conflict for a larger perspective and higher wisdom is the key. When we ignore “he said; she said ” details, this truly is good training in resolving what seems impossible. Knock down/drag outs are such a waste of energy and are destroying so much. Who wants those any more?  There is too much fun and magic to be burying our noses in the compost pile!

With my friend, we first washed out the murk under an imagined waterfall.  I then asked her what she could happily and easily give up to be able to come to resolution. After this, we asked for a council of angels and spirit guides. They were working with both sides, opening  hearts, softening positions. She stayed with this until she felt a palpable shift. Then she came together with her opponent in the centre of this circle and saw the final solution with everyone reasonably happy and stayed with this image for a few minutes. 

Abraham-Hicks say we need only 68 seconds of holding a desired outcome in our minds to gain enough potency for it to manifest. Asking “for the Highest Good for all concerned” adds a powerful boost. If my friend continues to hold this image often, I have no doubt of a good outcome. My friends and I have done this for a few years now…with good results.

The final piece was asking for the next step to reach this resolution; then, being open for the answer. When the answer pops in, you will feel it and know it. Keep asking for this until you reach your goal.

It is in the higher council, the higher realms where we find the wisdom that makes a solution possible.

Our small selves don’t have this ability – they are still scratching in the dirt, thinking that bit of corn is the last. The good news is that we all have elevated selves (or “Higher Selves”) connected with Spirit, and bathed in wisdom and heart.  

We need to call on these Selves often, and loudly, now.

Triune Candles and A Circle of Light

Tom Kenyon does not have good news. I was already burning my “triune candles”, engaging in prayer and heart breathing for as much as an hour every morning when his latest post arrived, saying that these times would be increasing for eighteen months. By then I should have self-immolated.  Oh yes, did I mention The Emotion Code?  That too.

What are the rest of you experiencing?   It suddenly hit me that all those monasteries and nunneries were NECESSARY because the times were similar! (Ireland keeping the light of learning dimly burning in the 5th-8th C; Persia was doing well too. I wondered what made me buy a book on the Book of Kells the other day…) 

Burning beeswax or white candles, tried and true Spiritual books, loved prayers, relying on circles of friends who do the same, laughter and nature. We’ll all get through this somehow, I’m hoping. I really don’t want to self immolate.  I don’t remember signing up for THAT…but then, I guess “They” didn’t mention the down sides so as not to be too discouraging.  Maybe no one was putting up their hands…WhatEVER were we thinking???!!!

Truck on, my friends. We’re all in this together!  “Courage!” as they yelled on their way to the Bastile, full of zeal for Liberté, Equalité, Fraternité.  Sounds like a plan, sans guillotine and Robespierre. Supposedly we’re making that possible.  Good luck to us all and may Blessings find their way to us too!

Heart Breathing

My friend Melia taught me the Heart Math breathing when she visited the other day. What a beautiful and powerful boon it has been!

Here is what she taught me:
Slow down your breathing.
Breathe Love in and out through your heart.
Fill your entire body and energy field with Love.
From there, extend the Love to whatever you wish to purify, protect and Bless.

It is very powerful and beautiful.

Blessings on your day!

18 Doorways to a New Frequency

It’s up to us!  We have loads of help but we’re IT. Here are my tried and true – not in any order.  Something seems to be shfting, I’m glad to say…

1) Letting judgments remain (so as not to distract myself by judging myself for this). Instead, making them into a screen so my mind can pass through it to other possibilities.

2) Being humble enough to see that my perception is a distortion. Everyone’s is. Give it no attention. Making this a screen and moving through it keeps me from being governed by my small 3D self.

3) Daily walks in nature, noticing details;  truly connecting to trees and the earth.

image: Igor Zenin

4) Recording the beauty around me.

5) Observing my reaction rather than being the reaction. Realizing I am not wrong, only human, with a lot of sticky distortions to move through.

6) BEING GRATEFUL for as much as possible, all the time, every day.

7) Being with uplifting people who generate energy and believe in being grateful, positive, accepting and responsible.

8) Immediate clearing (and forgiving) of my lesser self when it shows up. (Using Ho’oponopono, published just before this – see other entries; Access clearing statement (google Access Consciousness, Dr. Dain Heer; and the Dvine Spark at

9) Asking “whose thoughts are these?” when I am in a bad head space. (Thank you Access Consciousness).

10) Always asking the universe, if I need to know something. Being open to the answer. (thank you again Access Consciousness).

11) Dreaming wonderful scenarios and believing they will shortly come true.

12) Forgiving EVERYONE for EVERYTHING as soon as I can.

13) Letting myself be happy.

14) Recognizing the gifts that animals bring and appreciating them.

15) Juicing 20 oz. of veggie juice (+apple & lemon) each day!

16) Reading books that elevate my frequency through transmission. Dr. David Hawkins is one author: any genuine spiritual teachings will do this.  Also videos,

17) Meditation from time to time.

18) Perhaps most important: breathing LOVE into and out of my heart; then, surrounding the negative 3D emotion gripping me in a blanket of Love, asking that Love transform the emotion or dissolve it.

What are YOURS?   Please add yours in the comment section!

Phoenix Rising: Glimmers of an Emerging World

image: Igor Zenin

Glimmers of an emerging world are showing up in small ways. A client I hadn’t seen in over ten years dropped by this evening. Very sensitive to the currents of change, he is drawn to the  woods and trees. He finds calm working  within them, clearing brush, opening things out by listening to what the trees want.  A lovely soul.

In the emotional realm, the other day I was upset by accusations about my dog that felt like an attack. When I found myself going to an old sad and defeated place,  I heard the inner voice say: “you don’t need to do this anymore; you don’t need to take this in. This is a new frequency. Just observe what happened without engaging.”  Right! All I needed was that awareness to stay out of the sticky realm of emotion where action/re-action keep the whole wheel of karma turning. A beach walk brought calm and when I returned, my friend and I sorted out the difficulty with no residues.

Concrete experiences like these confirm the big Shift everyone is speaking of.  Remember that staying grounded in nature is the best way to stay stabilized. Energy work, too, will greatly ease your passage.



Dream Magic and Grass Angels

Something new is afoot. Faeries are coming into my dreams and angels are arriving to cut my grass! What a weekend!

Turn this yellow glow into blue or lavender, at night. I haven’t seen Avatar since it came out but it was a glow from inside, like the sacred tree.

First, I have to tell you about this dream! On my way to visit an old friend in hospital, I had to cross a lovely arched bridge made of stone. To the right of it were two trees, one was enveloped in a lavender mist; the other in blue. We were awed by their unearthly glow: it seemed alive. When I brought my friend to see this, we arrived to see both mists forming into faeries or earth spirits, pulling up and away trailing their veils. We were stunned.

Two days later, I arrived home to find my grass cut – and not just the lawn – but all down the driveway!  I had been so worried about cutting that grass because I’d waited far too long and it was going to be a monster job. On the door was a note from a young man I’d seen years before and had met again recently.  He’d come for a visit and when he found I wasn’t home, decided to use his trimmer and help me out.

Might this be a taste of what is to come?

photo: Alex Saberi

The Best MILD Anti-Depressant in the World

Is not a pill. It is juicing!

I’ve been drinking about 20-24 oz. (3 cups) a day of mostly green veggies in a base of apple, carrot and ginger, for a month. Welcome, Happy! Welcome Energy! Welcome Aliveness!

Emotional clearing is certainly helping, using Ho’oponopono at every opportunity. So is using my screen for judgments (see other posts). All that is making a difference. But juicing has pushed me to the top.

Once I started, my body couldn’t get enough: I was craving veggies.  Suddenly, I feel more alive, young, energized than I’ve felt in 40 years.

Not everyone will have such dramatic results so quickly. My friend, who started at the same time, is feeling good without the significant shifts I’ve experienced. If you are on anti-depressants, make sure to stay on them while you juice. Then, with your doctor’s supervision, you may want to make a new choice. Fresh nutrients can only help you find more happiness and verve.

I had been having smoothies every morning for 2 months. That prepared the way – but it was the juicing that made all the difference.

In researching juicers, I wanted one that I could keep on the counter, that was EASY to clean. I am totally happy with my Omega VRT 350. My friend is equally happy with her Omega 2004 which makes nut butters as well as juicing.

Juicing organic veggies will help any condition. Look into some of the videos on the Gerson Institute where they have used juicing for years to cure all manner of ills, especially cancer.

Heart: ON. Power: OFF

Internal power programs are being dismantled.  Have you noticed? If we have any tendencies in this direction, they are not being allowed. Sometimes our own capacity is being taken out; at others, our ability to say “no” to others is reinforced. In many situations, power is being exaggerated so we have a clear choice to make.

Capacity to judge for example. Recognizing it as the root of much misery, I’ve been working on this steadily for years. A few weeks ago I was suddenly shown a way to move beyond my judgments.  By making them into a screen and simply flowing through it, I no longer let my limited viewpoint shape reality.

Manipulation is another. Many I know are being given an immunity to these indirect power moves, after years of being caught in their snares. Helplessness no longer holds the power it once did. Friends and clients are realizing that it’s not compassionate but enabling to let manipulators to bleed their energy.

Abuse is being exposed and not tolerated. Domination is being stopped by rebellion and people saying “NO!”. 

Through this storm of dismantling, pockets of heart are just waiting for us to get over ourselves.

photo: nj_long_image.jpg

Feeling Wonky or Chaotic? One Easy Helpful Step.

As I sat on the earth today, wondering about the strange sleeps I had had, I felt such speed !  How odd! I had never experienced the earth before as anything but still. I had been told to connect deeply with the earth and all would be well and felt grateful to have had such direction.

The Grandfather Tree was still quiet. Hanging on to the edge of the land for over 100 years, it has experienced many fierce storms from an open ocean. The speed wasn’t fazing it one bit. It felt like a secure boat on a tossing sea. 

What came to me was that as long as I keep my awareness linked to that tree and the earth, all would be well.

In lifting into the emotional or mental realm, however, the chaos,  generally present these days, can wreak havoc.

I highly recommend sitting on the earth or against (or in) great wisdom trees. Seek relief and quietness.  Slow your breathing. Take in what is offered. Your next step may slowly emerge in your consciousness. At very least, you will find rest and calm.