Sanctuary from Fear – or “the Matrix”

We hear often now “just BE in your heart”.  But HOW, some wonder?

The quickest way I know is this:  think of a person or an animal that you love deeply. Feel that love filling your heart. Let it take you over.

That’s it – you are there. Rest there, it is a sanctuary. Breathe it throughout your body or towards a situation bothering you.  Simply surround the situation with a blanket of love and ask that it be transformed.

Love is a very high frequency (500 on Dr. David Hawkins’ scale). Low frequencies do not survive in high frequencies. (Fear is very low, measured below 100 I believe.) Low frequencies, which are all matrix emotions, are blocked and eliminated because high frequencies are far more powerful. Exponentially so.

Fear CANNOT survive here. Nor can anger, judgement; guilt or any of the negative emotions. Rest here and ask that your angels take care of you. They are real and just need to be asked.

photo: Igor Zenin

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