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Canmore - Bow River
The Bow River quiescent in Canmore. Here you can see where it divides into two streams.

Recently, a couple of deeply distressing incidents revealed an inner “virus” lurking in my emotional body. “WHY do I STILL attract such situations?” I asked no one in particular.  Consciously I had no idea. Knowing full well that each of us is a hologram of the Universe, all outer situations reflecting back an inner dynamic, I was still frustrated and angry at “Life”.

The answer came in three parts. A friend told me how to do “Quantum Jumping”  (you can google it) and the Tao Te Ching told me to go inward to Source.  After spending time in deeply inward space, I followed the instructions for Quantum Jumping. The system started to work within an hour. From the hints that were coming to me as I journalled – ‘follow this pattern… and this one…’, the unfolding words revealed a fundamental “worm” underlying various unsatisfactory aspects of my life: many lives as a sacrifice. A graphic vision actually showed up in case I should miss the point:  “Ohhhhhhhhh…thaaat makes sense”….[Snow White awakes; Wicked Step Mother on her way to the trash.]

Fortunately, I have effective tools to rid myself of Wicked Step Mothers. Immediately,  a healing solution presented itself and after applying it, I fell into a deep and restful sleep. The weekend funk that had ruined two gorgeous days was completely gone by morning and resilience sparked some joy. 

Unfortunate incidents are teachers. Once we understand the hidden dynamic behind them, the pain dissipates. It no longer mattered what had occurred because clearing such a deep pattern was far more valuable.  I was almost grateful for the actors who had triggered the healing.

About jm

Jane Moody offers advanced modalities of energy treatment, bodywork and counselling. A dynamic group of skills, gathered though extensive training (1800 hours of instruction in health therapies in addition to her BA.), can heal the roots of psychological suffering that prevent a satisfying life. The inspiration behind this work began in my early twenties after earning a B.A. from Vassar College in New York. I wanted to study both Medicine and Comparative Religion. I didn't do either but the interest stayed fresh. In the late 80's, I began my studies with a 16 weekend training leading to a certificate in Gestalt Therapy. A year later, I found a way to combine both earlier interests when I read Barbara Brennan's book, Hands of Light. I studied at her school for one year (1989/90) but decided against returning for family and personal reasons. That year, I had also completed a year's study in anatomy and physiology at Dalhousie University. By taking a taped course in "Awakening the Light Body", I was able to keep my knowledge growing. A few years later, I learned the bodywork of the Lightbody - "Flow Alignment and Connection". The next fall, it became possible to attend The School of Enlightened Healing in New York City (now in Asheville NC) and I graduated from there, 3 years later, with certification as a "Hands-on Healer" (1997). My practice began with Flow Alignment and gradually incorporated the new knowledge gained at this healing school in New York. Short weekend courses in Japanese Acupressure and Myofascial Release broadened my scope of bodywork techniques. In June of 2001, I graduated from A Society of Souls, Jason's Shulman's three year School for health professionals in Integrated Kabbalistic Healing. This powerful work is now the center of a range of healing skills that I bring to my clients. I live in East Chester, Nova Scotia with offices there and in Halifax, as well as a long distance practice by telephone.

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  1. Hi Jane,
    Since you were on my mind before I checked email, with my plan to write and see how you were doing, well this reflection eases my concern for your well-being. I do love the very human “almost grateful” in the last sentence. That was amazing work. I spent over an hour this afternoon dissolving “data threads” which held in place very deeply rooted and non-beneficial beliefs that have held me down since I was 5 years old. The primary one was with my mother, the second which surprised me was with one of my great aunts, and the remainder a cluster of relative, teachers and community women. I do feel much better. It took me 2 weeks to summon the nerve to do this. Amazing how we would rather suffer than stretch, grow and feel more comfortable in our own skin.
    Would you tell me a little bit about the quantum jumping?
    So glad that I hear strength and joy in your written voice again. Nothing like a good wallow preceding the dash onto the springboard.

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