The Benefits to You When a Healer Clears Her Own Field

Preview of “Ho'oponopono”

Above is one of the most powerful prayers I have ever encountered. Repeated over and over, it can radically melt old animosities and deeply entrenched resentments, years old, even when people have died. 

Nothing can shift unless we change our part in an interaction. “It takes two to tango” they used to say. Equally, it takes two to tangle. BUT, only one to untangle – and therein lies the beauty of this particular prayer.  It is said that a Hawaiian doctor cured a whole ward of mentally ill patients over a period of two years, simply by using this prayer with each one of the patients. He repeated it over and over again, until all regained mental stability. This prayer works just as powerfully with our personal “tangles” – old angers or resentments that subtly sap our energy and clog our energy field like a dirty filter.

What does this mean for you?  It means that because I use this prayer and other methods mentioned below, my connection with the Universal field gets clearer, with less “static” – just like removing corrosion from wires. The signal strengthens and that means more healing power travels through me to you.  I’ve been clearing the channels now for 35 years.

Back to the Ho’oponopono prayer for a minute….”But what if I didn’t DO anything?” you say. Well, sometimes our part is darned hard to see. But I guarantee, as you say this prayer over and over again, your part will come clear to you and then you can truly be sorry. You don’t have to believe it to begin. I encouraged my daughter to use it for the man who left her with severe injuries after a highway accident.  She was outraged. “But I didn’t do anything!!” she protested vehemently. “You don’t have to apologize for doing anything;  you can be sorry for the whole situation that involved you both and killed him”, I said. “Fake it til you make it.”  She began trying it, very reluctantly, but soon found that she meant the words and kept on saying them until her anger and resentment melted away.  All her energy was then available for her healing.

In my sixtes, I have no aches or pains and feel the same way I did in my forties – or better. How is this possible? By eating extremely well and by walking most days, I keep my energy body clean. This means my body is nourished by it’s pre-cursor and template,  the energy field.

Psychologically, a number of techniques I teach to clients also help. The Divine Spark (find it on my web site) is marvelous for destroying unfounded fear and other negative feeling states; Inner Child Work directs love to those places that have never received it and heals deep emotional wounding; reframing internal self-talk is empowering and strengthening. Sometimes I go for the deep relief of energy work when issues are beyond my reach. We all need help from one another from time to time. Using all these tools means I have never taken drugs or medications except for an occasional puffer for asthma. It also means that my field is cleared of debris.

It is my responsibility to keep my field clear and fresh so that I might be the best healing connector for you. No “issue” is allowed to fester or negative mood to linger.  After years of this, I am starting to feel springy and light and resilient much of the time and it takes far less time to clear the muck. It’s a wonderful feeling and you are the direct beneficiary when you are treated. Your issues are healed at a deeper level and more quickly. Win-win.

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