The Great Alchemy Taking Us Beyond Duality

“Every layer of shadow that we probe, uncover, heal and integrate will contribute to the increased raising of our energetic vibration. As we let go of more and more heavy, dense, stuck energy, we begin to raise our energetic vibration and feel lighter and lighter. We experience lighter thoughts, lighter emotions, and also lighter bodies! By converting the dense, lower vibrational shadow consciousness of Duality into higher consciousness, we enhance our physical health and well-being. We begin to feel less disconnected and empty inside and more Soul presence and joy in our daily lives.”  *     Meg Benedicte

 2000 years ago, a Great Force was introduced to humanity. As we uncover our mistakes and misdeeds, that great force is a form of alchemy…transforming us into a higher frequency.  It’s an old formula hidden in the back of a drawer. If ever there was a time to dig it out and polish it, that time is now.

This alchemy, called Forgiveness, is a visitor from a higher frequency, containing both Compassion and Love. Stop, don’t go away…please, hear me out. Forgiveness wipes the slate clean. It is the big eraser that does far more than we think.

Initially, going to the person involved may feel like too big a leap. What we CAN do, is have a conversation at a soul level and ask their forgiveness or grant forgiveness. We must do this for ourselves as well. This can be the hardest step but it is essential. We can do it any way we like. The point is to feel sincerely that the person or situation is forgiven or to truly want forgiveness for harm we have caused.  This is a process that may take several months. It’s often not instant!

 Once we have completed this process and truly feel resolved in our hearts about the experience, an opportunity is likely to arise where loving feelings – or completely friendly feelings, are restored. No negative charge remains.

 This is the process of the great alchemy of Love – the apex force that draws humanity upward out of the karmic stress of one extreme or action constantly balancing another, back and forth endlessly.  The third thing, the Truine Force that Tom Kenyon talks about, is Love, with it’s components of compassion and forgiveness.

 So how to get to forgiveness?  Stop blaming as a first step. Make whatever happened into a screen that you pass through.  Rise up above the situation to get a larger perspective. Ask for help in doing this; then wait and stay open. Something will pop into your life to give you that larger view. Once you see the situation from a larger view, you’ll understand that whatever happened was leading you to greater wisdom, understanding or good.

 A great teacher taught us this special alchemy 2000 years ago. “Bout time to really practise it, doncha think?  Had you noticed the planet is in jeopardy?

 “In summary, humanity exists in a devolving world of karmic debt and the ever-battling forces of Light and Dark. All efforts to manifest as creative beings (through the Law of Attraction) are sabotaged by the polarizing counter-force of Duality. The path to enlightenment requires the 

dismantling of Duality and ego-control so that we can dedicate our lives to the wisdom and purpose of the Soul.*

One essential way to reach this place is through Forgiveness – of everyone and ourselves, for whatever.




* Meg Benedicte: Soul Realized, the keys to unlocking the Divine Human.

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Jane Moody offers advanced modalities of energy treatment, bodywork and counselling. A dynamic group of skills, gathered though extensive training (1800 hours of instruction in health therapies in addition to her BA.), can heal the roots of psychological suffering that prevent a satisfying life. The inspiration behind this work began in my early twenties after earning a B.A. from Vassar College in New York. I wanted to study both Medicine and Comparative Religion. I didn't do either but the interest stayed fresh. In the late 80's, I began my studies with a 16 weekend training leading to a certificate in Gestalt Therapy. A year later, I found a way to combine both earlier interests when I read Barbara Brennan's book, Hands of Light. I studied at her school for one year (1989/90) but decided against returning for family and personal reasons. That year, I had also completed a year's study in anatomy and physiology at Dalhousie University. By taking a taped course in "Awakening the Light Body", I was able to keep my knowledge growing. A few years later, I learned the bodywork of the Lightbody - "Flow Alignment and Connection". The next fall, it became possible to attend The School of Enlightened Healing in New York City (now in Asheville NC) and I graduated from there, 3 years later, with certification as a "Hands-on Healer" (1997). My practice began with Flow Alignment and gradually incorporated the new knowledge gained at this healing school in New York. Short weekend courses in Japanese Acupressure and Myofascial Release broadened my scope of bodywork techniques. In June of 2001, I graduated from A Society of Souls, Jason's Shulman's three year School for health professionals in Integrated Kabbalistic Healing. This powerful work is now the center of a range of healing skills that I bring to my clients. I live in East Chester, Nova Scotia with offices there and in Halifax, as well as a long distance practice by telephone.

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