“The Shift” in One Book

So much is being written and spoken about  “the Shift” – the elevation in consciousness that the earth and its people are undergoing.  One book has catapulted me to new levels more than any other. Though it took me fifteen years to read it because of the resistance I had, it turns out to be one of the most profound of my life. I hope you don’t let your own prejudice, if you have any, hold you back. An interesting aside is that this book was given to my friend by Brooke Medicine Eagle, a medicine woman in Montana.

The book is “Love Without End – Jesus Speaks…” .  It was the last part of the title that got to me. I’m ashamed to admit that Christian, evangelical co-opting of that name shut down my ears and eyes. Over the years,  the name “Jesus” became associated with their  limited (in my opinion) belief in creationism and all that goes with that. Fine for them; but not for me. Throwing the baby out with the bathwater, I turned instead to other mystical traditions such as Kabbalah as well as two streams of Buddhism. This book has singlehandedly turned all that around – almost 30 years of study in other traditions. Not that I’m about to take myself to a convent  but it has had a very powerful effect.

Leonardo_Da_Vinci_Head_of_Christ_400Head of Christ – Leonardo Da Vinci

The author is an artist who had a vision of Christ. He appeared, ostensibly, to have her paint His portrait (not the one shown here, which is by Leonard da Vinci).  As she painted, He taught her and answered her questions. And what teachings!  As a footnote,  everyone’s aesthetic style is very personal. You may prefer her image to the one I chose. But if not, don’t let that stop you from reading the book.

Mis-translations of the gospel teachings from Aramaic led to confusion and inaccurate meanings that have not helped.  These current teachings clear them up. I finally understand the Book of Job, for example:  his life no longer seems at the whim of a cruel and  oppressive god. Likewise, the Beatitudes make profound sense now. And so much more.

If you are interested in being elevated to a whole new understanding which will definitely raise your consciousness, this is the book for you. I cannot recommend it highly enough.  With countless thanks to my friend Martha Hunter who gave me the book years ago.


With blessings and love to you…


2 thoughts on ““The Shift” in One Book

  1. I was turned on to this book a few years ago myself and it was a very influential book. To date, actually The most influential book I have read. I had to get it used from Amazon as it was alleged to be out of print; I hope it has been resurrected. Some parts of it are quite a tricky read, but if one goes slowly and really reads those sentences, it is the most incredible book. Yes, so much more makes sense now. In some cases, you just change one word to a related Aramaic word when there had been a translation error, and suddenly a bible verse makes total sense. The conversations that this author Glenda Green writes about are gentle and very doubtful that she could have made them up because of their profundity and amazing logic. This book has not left my bedside since I got it.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience with the book Heather. I am glad to know it had just as profound an effect on you as it did on Martha and me. I know it will be a book that I re-read many times, just as you seem to do.

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