Things You Can Do to Treat Mild Depression with NO Harmful Side Effects

The “slow food” way of managing depression leaves you with a plentiful supply of inner “compost” that will nourish your soul as the years roll on. We desperately need ways of coping with depression and anxiety that do not entail drugs and I offer a number of effective solutions. In 20 years, my approach has brought many people through dark passages with none of the harmful side effects created by drugs. Some easy things you can do will get you started. But before I get into that, listen to this:
An email came to me recounting a tale of side effects from drugs prescribed for depression and anxiety that curdled my blood. The so called physician did nothing in spite of the patient being in Emergency, peeing blood as his digestive, nervous, muscular and organ systems broke down. Four years later full recovery is still a distant hope but alternative therapies have effected many positive changes. Recovery included flying half way across the continent for two years of highly specialized treatment in another city. “Expensive” doesn’t begin to cover it.
Let me be clear. Depression is NOT your fault! In my experience, it is the result of the layering of trauma, neglect and resulting mistakes that we deeply regret. Over the years, negative experience tends to accumulate. We cope, we keep going. Then one day, we can’t anymore.  So let go of the idea that you have totally failed at your task of being superwoman or even ordinary human. Good – now…

 depressedThe first thing you can do for yourself is break the word “depression” down. Ask yourself  “am I lonely”; “am I grieving something or someone?”; “am I angry? who am I angry at  and for what?”; “what do I sorely regret and feel I can’t fix?”  Pulling out the threads of the word “depression” breaks it up and makes it easier to manage. Write this down in a notebook. Tease out each thread, so you really know what is going on.

The next key piece is journaling about how you are feeling. You can also use oil pastels, paints or crayons to draw your feelings on paper. These creative outlets connect you to your deeper self and register with your body as attention, time and love.  Deep contact with yourself always eases sadness and loneliness. You are being your own best friend by listening to what is most important. The light of your own awareness focused on your distress will gradually soothe inner pain and restore your energy. It all comes down to being kind, being deeply kind.

You can ask for kindness from others too, some of whom may not understand what is going on. Show them this blog post. As long as they see you doing something for yourself – the tiniest effort – they will not lose  hope.

Let yourself rest, don’t force yourself to do things that feel too much.  A good diet, along with exercise are very helpful but that is a hard call when you don’t feel like getting out of bed. Buy soothing soups, if you haven’t the energy to make them, soups that agree well with your digestion. Finding them at a health food shop or a local slow food restaurant will ensure the best nutrients.  Go to your front door and take in 10 deep breaths of fresh air. The next day, walk outside; the next, around the block and go just a little further each day.

Read my post on Forgiveness. Knowing we can forgive and be forgiven can be a big piece of the recovery process.

 All is NOT lost, though it may feel like it. The journaling and drawing/scribbling with colour  is like aerating your compost…it adds light and air.  And that allows the trauma inside to shift and digest, eventually becoming a rich foundation of experience that strengthens you. It turns trauma into Soul food.

Seven of my treatments is a good average to bring someone out of a lifetime of depression – treatment without drugs and without side effects.

If you email me, as part of your 10 minute free consult, I will send you another easy, free exercise that will further lighten your load.  You can reach me at to arrange a good time to call.  Be good to yourself and remember to take just one soothing step at a time.  It is not your fault that you are feeling this way. You haven’t “failed”. It is deep care that you need.

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Jane Moody offers advanced modalities of energy treatment, bodywork and counselling. A dynamic group of skills, gathered though extensive training (1800 hours of instruction in health therapies in addition to her BA.), can heal the roots of psychological suffering that prevent a satisfying life. The inspiration behind this work began in my early twenties after earning a B.A. from Vassar College in New York. I wanted to study both Medicine and Comparative Religion. I didn't do either but the interest stayed fresh. In the late 80's, I began my studies with a 16 weekend training leading to a certificate in Gestalt Therapy. A year later, I found a way to combine both earlier interests when I read Barbara Brennan's book, Hands of Light. I studied at her school for one year (1989/90) but decided against returning for family and personal reasons. That year, I had also completed a year's study in anatomy and physiology at Dalhousie University. By taking a taped course in "Awakening the Light Body", I was able to keep my knowledge growing. A few years later, I learned the bodywork of the Lightbody - "Flow Alignment and Connection". The next fall, it became possible to attend The School of Enlightened Healing in New York City (now in Asheville NC) and I graduated from there, 3 years later, with certification as a "Hands-on Healer" (1997). My practice began with Flow Alignment and gradually incorporated the new knowledge gained at this healing school in New York. Short weekend courses in Japanese Acupressure and Myofascial Release broadened my scope of bodywork techniques. In June of 2001, I graduated from A Society of Souls, Jason's Shulman's three year School for health professionals in Integrated Kabbalistic Healing. This powerful work is now the center of a range of healing skills that I bring to my clients. I live in East Chester, Nova Scotia with offices there and in Halifax, as well as a long distance practice by telephone.

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