Tools to Speed Your Process

These times are unbinding beliefs and other strictures that have held us captive for a long time. There are a number of things that you can do that will help this process.

Shannon Parsons:

 Dreams are a huge opportunity to free ourselves from long buried issues. Here is my way of gleaning guidance from them:

After writing down the dream, along with the associations I have around the main characters,  I begin by taking about 6 deep, slow breaths to drop myself into the dream zone. Then I begin to ask – “what does________mean?  Who does________represent in me? ”  Waiting for the answer is like being in meditation. The easiest way is to imagine yourself beside a clear pond; you then wait for the answer to float up from the depths. It takes a little patience but it will feel deeper than your usual mind chatter. This is the zone you want – the zone of dream guidance.

The answer may surprise you – or it may lead to emotion and a memory. You are being led on an unconscious journey – let it take you. Release any emotions that are uncovered and if you need to scream – do so. You can do this in your head just as effectively as out loud – but get all that buried emotion out. It can be mild or vicious. Don’t judge it – it’s only emotion and no one is hearing you. Buried rage can turn very nasty, so simply let it out. This doesn’t mean you are a bad person!

Keep letting the dream lead you where you need to go. If you allow the opportunity for full release, you will feel enormous freedom. Getting rid of of all this “sour gas”  means that you have more room for joy and peace and you’ll feel much lighter and happier. Dreams can uncover our wounds, guide us forward and tell the future. They are among our most potent guides.

I also teach people other forms of release that they can use at home. One is so effective that I before I do  energy therapy on survivors of abuse, I ask them to do two full weeks of this exercise, twice dailly. After that, they have far fewer traumatic memories rise to consciousness.  I don’t believe in re-abusing anyone with bad memories.

Another exercise heals early wounds so they no longer pattern our adult behaviour. We bring love and security by going back in time and re-framing mistakes our parents made. We all deserve to heal the distortions our parents and other adults placed on us by passing on unfortunate patterns. Gentle but firm, loving guidance is what all children need but many don’t get. We can heal mistakes  so they don’t saddle us with a lifetime legacy.

Jo Dunning’s free hour “Quick Pulse” is available each month online. It is both powerful and effective, though the effects are gentle. If you go to Jo and sign up for email notifications, the Quick Pulse is held once a month. Being in the energy of it is  relaxing and nourishing, never mind the positive effects on your life.

The tumult of these times is bringing deeply buried issues to the surface. If we have ways of working with a sudden onslaught of emotion, or memory or a dream state, the shake-up can release us. Tools are guideposts to happier realities.

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