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My Favourite Long Distance Healing Story

My favourite  because it was so intricate:

The cat was one of many loose, abandoned cats in Qatar. She was adopted with two others when my former client felt badly that their paws were being burned by searing pavements.

It’s challenging to find apartment dwellers in Nova Scotia,  never mind in  a city in a part of the world I’d never been.  But the description was detailed and fortunately,  I found the right apartment with the cats inside. Next, find the right cat among three. Check.

This cat’s salivary gland had sprung a leak which was creating a cyst that required surgery. 2013-11-22-sweetpeapetcollective7-thumbphoto: Huffington Post. The cyst I was dealing with had not, to my “seeing”, reached this size at the time of intervention.

As no surgeon was available locally, my client decided to ask me.  I’d never worked on such a thing in a human, never mind on a cat.  Imagine the size of the salivary gland!

In energy work you can go big, or work at micro levels. Since smoothing ligament and muscle fibres and building new cartiledge had worked in the past, I reasoned, I just might be able to seal the leak and drain the cyst.  It was  shot in the dark that worked. I recently heard from this client that in the years that have passed, the cyst has not recurred. The vet was astonished; he had never seen a similar condition that “corrected itself” without surgery.

Last week the challenge was attempting to smooth or dissolve sharp crystals in the urinary tract of a cat in Halifax. All I know is that when my client reached home, the cat was very perky and happy – so I hope it worked. At least the pain was gone.

The power of energy medicine continually astounds me and makes me feel wonder every time. Animals respond very quickly to this form of treatment because they have no negative beliefs getting in the way.  And with humans, most clients  sit up after treatment feeling much happier than when they came in.  How great is that?! 


Please share. Thanks!

Absorbing Holy Ground – Effects of the Camino

the-wayFeet absorb the energy of the ground they tread.

Touching the feet of someone today who had walked the Camino, that ancient pilgrimage route, brought a blessing hard to describe. Her feet held Holy ground.

She had walked over the Pyrenees,  across northern Spain to Santiago de Compostela. This pilgrimage route going back to the middle ages, is a path trod by millions, reverently and painfully, for days and weeks on end to reach the burial place of Saint James. He was the apostle who brought Christianity to the Iberian peninsula.9.-Wear-something-light-on-your-feet._618x464Touching those feet, so purified and elevated despite their worn and bruised state, was entering Holy ground. I was humbled, awed and reverenced.  To “wash” those feet and care for them was one of the highlights of my life.

IMG_0143-512x512“The scallop shell is said to be a metaphor, its lines representing the different routes pilgrims travel from all over the world, all walking trails leading to one point: the tomb of Saint James in Santiago de Compostela. However, it is open to interpretation. Which side points to Santiago? In some regions, the scallop’s longest line is considered the one pointing towards Santiago. This is the case in Asturias, for example if you are walking the Original Way or the Northern Way, and some parts of the Portuguese Way.” quote from

Woo-woo? C’mon! It’s 2015!!

MRIs are “Magnetic Resonance Imaging”.  Do you know what that is?  You’ve subjected yourselves to X–Rays. Do you know that CT scans have 700 x the amount of radiation of an X-Ray?  And you are avoiding something perfectly safe like energy work??!

Let’s see,  Hertz discovered radio waves in the late 1880s. Maxwell discovered microwaves in 1864. “By the mid-1960’s, physicists realized that their previous understanding, where all matter is composed of the fundamental protons, neutrons, and electron, was insufficient to explain the myriad new particles being discovered.” ( 

D’you think it might be time to re-think your views?

Here’s why energy work is NOT woo-woo.  

•  Energy work is based on science – a micro level of science that you cannot see (like the particles and waves above).

• It is safe, when practised by a certified practitioner, because the levels of energy are human scale, being monitored and felt before passing into you. An experienced practitioner knows how to give you just enough to be effective and no more. As practitioners, we take serious vows to “do no harm”.

• Energy work has palpable “real” results on a physical level. Pain dissipates and disappears more often than not; bones align; bones heal in half the time; inflamed tissue calms; headaches go away.  And those examples just give you a tiny taste.  Energy work has palpable results on an emotional and spiritual leKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAvel too. People generally feel balanced, happier, calm and energized after a session.

• Energy work is more effective in many cases than physical probing, pushing, cracking and other more aggressive techniques. Certainly sensitive individuals should always seek energy treatment before trying other forms.

• Energy work, the way I practice it at least,  is long lasting. When done on the body, taking into account the emotional spectrum of experience, it can have life changing results. I’ve had people often say “my such and such disappeared after you worked on me.”  

• It is more comprehensive that one type of modality alone. In one session, you experience a gentle, practical psychotherapy without having to dig through your inner compost heap; you relax with energy work; you get tissues unbound and meridians cleared. 

• It is as deeply relaxing as massage, some say more so, without having to remove your clothes.

Jane in treatment can only speak for the work I’ve been trained to do, (which is not Reiki, Osteopathy or Network Chiropractic).  My work is deep hands-on-healing, taught in several certified schools and honed over 20 years in practice.

Hardly an exhaustive list but long enough, perhaps, for you to consider changing your views.  I hope so because you are missing out on feeling so much better!


Find much more information here  and please do share this, as you never know who might need it.  Thanks  so much!

The Benefits to You When a Healer Clears Her Own Field

Preview of “Ho'oponopono”

Above is one of the most powerful prayers I have ever encountered. Repeated over and over, it can radically melt old animosities and deeply entrenched resentments, years old, even when people have died. 

Nothing can shift unless we change our part in an interaction. “It takes two to tango” they used to say. Equally, it takes two to tangle. BUT, only one to untangle – and therein lies the beauty of this particular prayer.  It is said that a Hawaiian doctor cured a whole ward of mentally ill patients over a period of two years, simply by using this prayer with each one of the patients. He repeated it over and over again, until all regained mental stability. This prayer works just as powerfully with our personal “tangles” – old angers or resentments that subtly sap our energy and clog our energy field like a dirty filter.

What does this mean for you?  It means that because I use this prayer and other methods mentioned below, my connection with the Universal field gets clearer, with less “static” – just like removing corrosion from wires. The signal strengthens and that means more healing power travels through me to you.  I’ve been clearing the channels now for 35 years.

Back to the Ho’oponopono prayer for a minute….”But what if I didn’t DO anything?” you say. Well, sometimes our part is darned hard to see. But I guarantee, as you say this prayer over and over again, your part will come clear to you and then you can truly be sorry. You don’t have to believe it to begin. I encouraged my daughter to use it for the man who left her with severe injuries after a highway accident.  She was outraged. “But I didn’t do anything!!” she protested vehemently. “You don’t have to apologize for doing anything;  you can be sorry for the whole situation that involved you both and killed him”, I said. “Fake it til you make it.”  She began trying it, very reluctantly, but soon found that she meant the words and kept on saying them until her anger and resentment melted away.  All her energy was then available for her healing.

In my sixtes, I have no aches or pains and feel the same way I did in my forties – or better. How is this possible? By eating extremely well and by walking most days, I keep my energy body clean. This means my body is nourished by it’s pre-cursor and template,  the energy field.

Psychologically, a number of techniques I teach to clients also help. The Divine Spark (find it on my web site) is marvelous for destroying unfounded fear and other negative feeling states; Inner Child Work directs love to those places that have never received it and heals deep emotional wounding; reframing internal self-talk is empowering and strengthening. Sometimes I go for the deep relief of energy work when issues are beyond my reach. We all need help from one another from time to time. Using all these tools means I have never taken drugs or medications except for an occasional puffer for asthma. It also means that my field is cleared of debris.

It is my responsibility to keep my field clear and fresh so that I might be the best healing connector for you. No “issue” is allowed to fester or negative mood to linger.  After years of this, I am starting to feel springy and light and resilient much of the time and it takes far less time to clear the muck. It’s a wonderful feeling and you are the direct beneficiary when you are treated. Your issues are healed at a deeper level and more quickly. Win-win.

Specially for Lightworkers

At my three month checkup, the doctor intoned, “This baby is starving! You have failed as a mother!”  He must have been truly outraged to say such a thing. This rather iffy entrance to this world, left me with deep potholes in my psyche that challenged me often in the years that followed. Older “Lighworkers” often come to this world with similar challenges so this is written especially for you.

Insight can often be the reward for self-healing work. One of the most profound came to me this morning. But first, a little background.

When babies are not brought into the world the way they are now, with attachment parenting and caring  birth practices,  the net result has often been anxiety, insecurity and lifelong issues with depression.  From the 20’s to the 60’s when doctors first took over the birth process,  using forceps and slaps to the bum, this happened to whole generations of children. Part of medicalisation meant scheduled feeding, leaving babies to “cry it out” and other inhumane practices advocated by gurus like Dr. Spock.  Those who grew up with mothers who smoked throughout pregnancy, infancy and childhood developed an added layer of damage.

I got it all – along with a mother who was borderline anorexic and proud of the fact no one guessed she was pregnant when she was eight months. She even wore a girdle to the hospital when I was born. At least she fought against the anaesthetic. She didn’t win and only saw me twelve hours afterwards. Rather than being held securely and nursed by my mother, I was sequestered in a separated row of basinettes in the hospital nursery, occasionally held against starched uniforms for feeding by busy nurses. They couldn’t possibly attend to all the babies who cried.fe0a78bd3b34a8cb3cd9e4d0e1e8f01c3bfa5ae14d2a52567b95a634264e4a9dCan you imagine doing this today, straight out of a secure, protected, warm fetal environment?! Yep, that was the way it was done back then.

 Plenty of fodder for healing.

Over the years, “inner-child work” going back to my fetal experience has healed episodes of  depression and insecurity. Such early experience leads to profound feelings of worthlessness and a wish to die. Life that started as  a struggle to survive continues in this pattern,  set in the first 6 months of life. The only answer is deep kindness, Presence and care. Fortunately, that can be retroactive.1bb7abd0904d0867952a4be2b7201d50 hawaii710030393AR_bCompassion  – from the Family of Man by Edward Steichen. Photos that affected me deeply at college.

 It was this inner healing process I was engaged in most of yesterday.  A trigger had set off a cascade of deep pain with all its familiar default thoughts. My healing work had  taught me not to grab and hold those thoughts. Instead, I curled up on the couch under blankets to keep very warm, and went inwards with kindness and loving messages – for as long as it took. 

Later that night, a significant dream urged me to journal when I woke.  All morning, insights took me to an unprecedented knowing resulting in a sense of self-respect, unaffected by others’ actions or words.  In years past, I had unwittingly allowed my sense of worth to form from the outside – from how others chose to treat me.

No longer.

 My message to “Lighworkers”, who often come to this world with challenges, is this:  without the levels of spiritual work long established, you would not have the inner soul strength to survive, never mind navigate devastating circumstances. This inner Light, who you essentially are, guided you through to adulthood and led you to healing those places within;  led you to know you must not repeat what was done to you. The strength of your soul is enormous – enough to take you down into the hell-realms of your own psyche and bring in Light; enough to offer Light and insight to others in spite of your own wounding. 

Your inner worth is unquestioned and who you ARE. This Core remains untarnished by the difficulties of your life. You chose to heal this personality because of your spiritual strength. You ARE the Light you bring and such worth is priceless.




The Dramatic Path That Led Me to Energy Medicine

Being head of the National Gallery in Ottawa was what my parents envisioned for me. Something dramatic had to change such rigorous expectations.  A woman from an intellectual, professional family where success is presumed, is brought up with such strictures around what is expected that she does not naturally gravitate outside peoples’ comfort zones! Although my parents are long gone, the family still does not mention what I do.  There was a high price to pay. I had to be utterly convinced in my bones that this was why I came to the planet and the story may interest you.

Fortunately, my mother had primed me for mystical experience by telling me of her own but I didn’t give it much thought beyond “interesting”.  That was until, sitting in a bathtub in Paris, I had my own.  Alone in the apartment where I was working “au pair” to learn French, the bathroom suddenly filled with an effulgence of light so strong I could barely make out the sink across the small room. A feeling of Love beyond anything I’d ever experienced overcame me. I remember actually pinching myself as tears were running down my face.  I could make out two beings of light next to the tub; they were tall and where their heads would have been was a bright ball of light. My only context at that time was Christ – so that is how I described it to the few people I trusted to tell. Even so, I was not “religious” but it made me more spiritually oriented. No messages were given ; the Presence was enough.  I never forgot it but neither did I do anything about it.


Twelve years later I was reading in bed. I was, by then, a young mother, who took yoga and was reading about  yogic levels of reality. Without warning, suddenly I changed into a column of light – like a laser beam. All sense of a physical body was gone leaving only Light, and overpowering Love. Tears of joy poured down my face, unthinkable to stop; I was in another realm entirely.  It seemed to last for a minute or so before I gradually came back to “myself”. I was completely awestruck by this experience. Nothing I had ever read prepared me for such a thing and I began a search for people who understood about “white Light”. 

The experience ended my marriage because my husband did not understand and had only disparaging words to offer. Suppressed issues surfaced, leading eventually to divorce. The upheaval that ended my conventional life was a very confusing, emotional time for many. Worlds shifted. Birthing of the new can be dramatic and painful for those caught in the wake:  my husband, my son, my parents, some relatives and friends were all caught in this tidal wave of change. Amidst the grieving for all that was lost, I met a group of people who had some understanding of “white light” and my own personal healing journey began. Within ten years, I had taken a course in Gestalt, done Jungian dream work and begun healing training in New York with Barbara Brennan.

Another surprise came when Barbara Brennan called for volunteers to do an exercise in front of the class. I did what she instructed and didn’t think much more about it until she asked me afterwards if I had done any healing training. “No”, I said. She was amazed and that gave me some new clues.

Although I was already on the “Path”, another shift was in store. After graduating from the first healing training, at age 52, I was standing doing yoga in my living room when another, new wave of Light literally brought me to my knees. This lasted for about half an hour. Again, I was overcome with Love, impossible to describe, that brought tears of joy coursing down my cheeks. After it faded, I managed to book myself into the Kabbalistic Healing training workshop on Ecstacy that I knew was taking place in Boston. This led to my training in Integrated Kabbalistic Healing, a three year course in New Jersey.


Things have been quiet since. I know without a doubt I am doing what I came to do – a vocation, hardly a “job”.  Sacred Light that encompasses  all religion is part of my world now so it doesn’t need to dissolve human plans and constructs.  I listen carefully to “leadings” as Quakers call Guidance, so that I know I’m on the right track. It has never led me astray.

One very powerful thing I teach people is how to contact and expand the Divine Spark each of us has in our Core.  Being Divine, it convinces anyone of the power of Light and heals a myriad of ills.

Preview of “Inner Spark of the Divine”

One thing that is important in my work is bridging worlds.  When I meet people, they see a conventional, very “un-flakey” professional woman.  In my treatment room you will see very few New Age things. I want clients to feel comfortable and reassured of solid, reliable help. An intake form reassures them further that they are in safe, well-grounded hands.

The safer people feel, the greater will be their healing. Offering this opportunity is why I am here and it took some extraordinary events and a good deal of upheaval to make that happen.


Feeling Worthy – How to Get There & Three Very Helpful Videos


What creates or destroys the sense of belonging?  Brené Brown sees this sense as our most fundamental need and value. (A tip: start the video at about minute 3:10 to skip to the heart of the message.) This powerful talk leads me into the heart of how I see clients turn from struggle  to thriving.

In my practice, wounds reveal the damage Brown speaks about. During the course of treatment, nurturing a sense of belonging is a basic step to healing self-worth.  Another key element Brown speaks about is the importance of being “authentic”. The two go hand in hand.

Being authentic, or “real”, without pretence,  offers the possibility of connection,  a place where worthiness can grow. It is trustworthy, believable, secure. Tender new growth needs these qualities. That connection then fosters a sense of belonging. Together, my clients and I anchor these roots and nurture them into  thriving and worthiness.

In the following two  videos by Tara Brach, you will find a strong sense of authenticity. You’ll pick up her realness. She gives helpful steps to finding your own sense of worthiness and ways to work with judgmental thoughts.

Most important for a therapist , these videos also reveal her kindness. To be a safe container for the vulnerability of shame and fear takes steady, reliable kindness. To hold this space for you, is both my pledge and my honour.

Adding my treatments to Tara Brach’s practises, you can turn around your inner struggles in about half the time and lessen your chances of falling back. It’s a good insurance policy.

If you have any questions or reactions to these videos, please write them in the comment section. I’d love to hear from you and will get back to you soon.

Oh – and please share this with friends – you never know who might be needing this right now. It was because a friend shared Tara Brach’s videos that I was able to share them with you. 🙂 



Treatments Reaching Across the World

long-distance-healing-sessionsStrange as it may sound, I can treat you effectively at a distance.  It’s called “non-local healing” and Larry Dossey, MD wrote a whole book on it.

This may seem weird…so let me assure you that others have benefited enough  to keep coming back  – one woman for seven years on a regular basis. I treat all her dogs as well. Another client’s neighbour saw such a difference in her that she booked herself a few treatments. She was happy with the results and we are still in touch. You may want to find out more about my form of healing first. This post will give you a good idea.

Some clients, who have experienced both “in person” and distance treatments, have been surprised to find treatment at a distance is like having me in the room with them. Some of them even prefer it.  They don’t have to leave the comfort of their home and they have the reassurance of feeling sensations during treatment, often knowing when I stop, feeling tingling or stretching or warmth. This doesn’t change with distance. Whether you are down the street or in Australia, the most common general feedback is “I feel lighter and better”.

Here are some concrete results:  shoulder pain that resolved after treatment; a cat that needed surgery for a cyst from a leaking salivary gland had the cyst disappear (the vet was astounded – had never seen anything like this happen before); a dog’s depression completely lift, confirmed by a friend who knew nothing of the treatment but who had seen the dog before and a day or so afterwards;  bowel polyps resolve (with no other treatment); painful joints and limbs relieved; thyroid conditions improve; panic disappear, replaced by a feeling of strength (that was just last week.) I could go on but you get the idea. I also work with cancer but that is trickier as everyone is doing a lot more than just my treatments.  Still, those clients are happy with their results.

No matter what distance.  Most of my distance treatments are across this country, from Yarmouth to Vancouver Island, but I’ve treated clients in California, Australia, the Arabian Gulf (several different countries) and Florida.

Here’s how a session works. You would either call me at the appointed time – or email me with details you feel need attention. If we have never met, you would have sent me a full body photo of yourself – top to toe, and your address. (Those details help us both know I am treating you, as opposed to your neighbour or some unknown person.) If the first part is by phone, we chat about what is going on for you, then we hang up; if this has already happened by email, then you simply lie down where you’ll be undisturbed for an hour and I go into my healing room, where I work on you as if I were there in person. Afterwards I write you a detailed email, telling you what I found and exactly what I did in the treatment. This is way more information than you usually get in an “in-person” treatment (mostly because people don’t ask). It replaces our meeting in the physical.

One example of a treatment email on a dog across the country today: “Poor little guy. Definitely was not the spunky dog I have known. He seemed to lap up the treatment – a LOT of soothing. Did my usual balancing all the way down. The stomach and gut seem fine now but the liver seems to have taken quite a hit. I picked up that you might give him Redmonds Clay to pull out toxins from the liver. I worked a long time on his knee which seemed to be causing him quite a bit of discomfort. Looked to me like bone on bone so I worked to restore the cartilage by laying the template for regrowth of the tissue over the bone and joint. Then created a kind of energetic bandage around the whole joint so the work could continue to heal it. I hope it brings him relief. Other than that, as you said, he just seemed exhausted by his ordeal and kind of flattened. I think the Tx will have given him a lot of soothing and hopefully a boost. When I left, he seemed to be sleeping very deeply.” 

The result of this treatment on dog “P”, reported from the owner several minutes ago:  “L___ is still sound asleep so can’t give you any feedback on her but P___ is certainly much brighter.”

I urge you to try it.  My rates are a little lower than for other bodywork treatments in Halifax, such as osteopathy and massage. You will experience a different kind of relief, with the added component of emotional care. If you are still reluctant to try it, please let me know in the comment section what makes you wary. I’d love to know and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

For more information on distance healing go to my web site here.  You’ll find it packed with information on my work.  I look forward to meeting you someday, either in person or across the world. 

You never know who might be needing this, so please share it widely.  Thanks!

light emits from healers’ hands and can be felt as heat.


Why It’s Smart to Find Out More about Energy Therapy

Are you looking for something that eases pain and dysfunction without being invasive or causing side effects?  Perhaps you are seeking treatment that brings deep relaxation, while making you feel revitalized and cheerful at the same time?  Energy therapy is a smart choice – and it works just as effectively at a distance.  “I feel great!” is a comment I hear often after a session.  People feel energized, with much reduced pain, clear-headed and happy. Here’s a quote from a recent distance session:  “I really, really really appreciate your work – it is like magic mixed with love 🙂 ”    mmt (March 27. 2015)

Is it safe?

Yes.  My twenty years experience and thorough training mean you are in good hands. Beyond my BA from Vassar College, I’ve been certified by two top healing schools. Your safety, and sense of feeling secure in treatment, are my first priorities. One remark I have heard often is “I feel safe with you.”

You would never trust someone to cut into your body who was unqualified. Use the same intelligence with energy work.  Details of my qualifications and training are here. In 20 years of treating people, my work has proven very safe.

Why is this a good choice for my health concerns?

No other modality addresses how you feel emotionally at the same time as your physical pain and the negative thoughts that go with that. Energy therapy takes care of the full range.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI have treated a great deal of depression, knee and neck pain and gut issues  – with very good outcomes. I have also successfully treated irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, back pain, eating disorders, arthritis, headaches and many other conditions. Establishing self confidence and a sense of self empowerment have long been part of my practice. Treatment of cancer also has had satisfying results.  Find out more on my web site.


 Who Tries This Form of Treatment?

Medical doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, occupational therapists, craftspeople, theatre people, boatbuilders, professors, entrepreneurs, naturopaths, osteopaths and government employees are some that come to mind. People from many areas of life come to me for treatment.

What will I feel? 

Most people feel deep relaxation (to the point of sleep) and an easing of pain or dysfunction. Some people feel a tingling or warmth.  Treatment  is far less invasive than medical procedures or manipulations from physical therapies, yet it eases or completely disappears a multitude of ills.

You Don’t Have to be Sick to Benefit!

People come to me just for good maintenance – to feel relaxed, energized and renewed. Nothing says “self-care” like the feeling you get after a treatment. Your body will be very grateful.

What is involved in a treatment?

There are three parts to any session with me:

Diagnosis: The real need for healing is hidden in your history so the first step entails a thorough health history to determine the patterns the body holds. This shows me where the deepest point of healing is needed and what medical conditions to consider while treating.

Tools: These give you control of your own process and will help subsequent healings.  At this stage I may determine it would be better for you to do two weeks of easy practices at home before starting table work.  These take you into the process of your own healing. They are important because your engagement confirms to  your body/mind that you are serious about getting well.  Under your own control, they also clear your field of a great deal of trauma. This a very important consideration when working with damaging invasions.

Table work:  You are fully clothed, lying on your back. I place my hands lightly on neutral places, asking your permission. In cases of severe abuse, we wait until it feels safe enough to lie on the table and I am extremely careful and gentle.Jane in treatment Sometimes I may knead out muscle knots that impede energy from flowing –  usually in your back. I carefully control the amount of energy flowing from the universal field – just like changing water pressure – listening deeply to your body and giving it just what it needs and no more. Think of it as being washed with a light showering hose, carefully monitored so that you get just enough – not too little and not too much. Your body decides how much it needs; I can feel that and listen to its intelligence. On other levels, I connect very deeply to  tissues to heal such things  as muscle fibres, fascia, bone and organ linings (as in the colon or stomach.) In cancer treatments I use energy a little like radiation to take out the templates of tumors and clear the blood and lymph of the templates of cancer cells.

 How does the energy benefit me?

What you experience overall is relief of pain and far better function:  a frozen shoulder that has much greater mobility, a neck that moves freely and painlessly, a swollen and inflamed colon that normalizes, a mood that brightens and stays optimistic. These are some of the many results that happen all the time. See the therapy check list on my web site for a longer list of conditions I have treated.

Disease, like healthy tissue, has an organizing  field of energy. I balance and repair this field, which then affects lymphatic and blood flow and tissue health. Even before disease shows up in the body, it can be seen, shifted and dissipated in the field. Free of blockages, your body can find its way back to health. Side effects, if there are any, are minor and temporary. In the case of a tumour, removing its field of energy means the tumor no longer has a template, making it difficult for it to grow. Long before he became a famous TV personality, Dr. Mehmet Oz used healers in his cardiac surgery at Columbia Presbyterian in NYC, to stop and start blood flow; he felt this was beneficial to his patients.

 In the first few treatments, you may find you are a little tired afterwards or out of sorts for day or so, while old stagnation clears. This is commonly felt after acupuncture and massage as well. After that passes, people make remarks such as:  “that was amazing!”,  “I felt really good”, “I felt so relaxed yet clear and energized”. 

What exactly is this “energy field” you talk about?

The energy field is a group of frequencies that make up the physical body, the emotions, the mental state and spiritual life. It is the organizing principle or template critical to life and health, discovered in India thousands of years ago. Yogis have been working with the chakras, or energy valves that are part of this system, for much longer than western medicine.human_energy_field Your mental state, your emotions and tissues in the body have different frequency bands. Working with this “field”  or group of  vibrating bands,  is like working with radio waves that you cannot see – but you hear the results. What I work with is similar – most people don’t see or feel the energy bands or chakras, (though anyone can be taught), yet you experience eased emotions and physical ailments.

The chakras correspond with issues concerning the area of the body where they are located. The front of the throat chakra concerns verbal expression and thyroid issues for example. Chakras are complex mechanisms that hold our histories and our traumas, as well as being central to the health of the organs in the area.

If a person has self confidence issues for example, the solar plexus chakra is often too soft (like oatmeal) and can rotate in the wrong direction. To deal with this ( in a simplified explanation), the client needs to be grounded very securely first, so that she feels her connection with the earth, especially if she has had a traumatized childhood (root chakra issue). Grounding needs to be secure. After that, the energy from the strengthened root chakra can feed the solar plexus through the central energy channel which runs from the root to the crown of the head. My job is to make sure that channel is clear, along with rebalancing  and repairing the chakra. In a healthy person, the energy flows smoothly and continuously without blockages. Using visualization and reframing techniques with the client as I work energetically, together we encourage the solar plexus chakra to change it’s pattern of rotation. Greater self confidence follows and with a few treatments becomes permanent. Stomach, pancreatic or liver issues, if there are any, will often resolve at the same time, as long as serious illness has not developed.

If this sounds powerful, it is. That is why qualified healers take vows.

What conditions have not had good outcomes with this work?

 So long as people continue their course of treatment, good outcomes are likely. (This part is important as the work is incremental.) On the other hand,   I have not been successful with weight issues or nerve pain issues. 

How many treatments will it take?

That depends on your condition. Ailments that take years to develop cannot be shifted in one session but you will feel the effects of each session, and people often feel better in one or two treatments. This work is efficient, especially if you do the exercises along with the energy treatments.  I try to do a thorough job in as short a period as I can. My priority is that you feel better, not in keeping you dependent on my services.

If you are far away, I can treat you in the privacy of your home

It is just as effective as an “in person” session and some clients even prefer it. Read about distance or non-local healing  here.

Do your homework:

As in any aspect of life, unfortunately, frauds do exist – that is why you must be discerning. Look for qualified people and listen to others who have already seen the practitioner. Once you are in the office, listen to your intuition. Not every person will be the right person for you. If you get a good feeling with this practitioner, stay. On the other hand, don’t be afraid to leave if it doesn’t feel right to you; our intuition gives us very important guidance.

I’ve been in practice for many years without being supported byIMG_1482 - Version 3 government insurance and partially covered by private insurance companies only for a period of about eight years. That tells you people have had good results; otherwise I would have had to find another job long ago.

In my training, requirements and supervision were stringent. We took vows to only use this power for good – vows more serious than the hippocratic oath, as I witnessed it being taken in recent years by medical students.

Find out more about how I can help here. You’ll see a video of me working on dogs – so you can see the effects of the energy on an animal before trying it yourself. You’ll also find a relaxing meditation video that will bring calm to your day. I look forward to meeting you!


Ensuring YOUR comfort and trust


Sharing this with friends will benefit others.  Thanks for spreading the word!  You never know who might be needing to know this.

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Remarkable Recovery from a Brain Injury. Find Out How…


I hear on good authority that sticking up for complementary therapies still gets you laughed out of a medical school classroom – at least in Nova Scotia. Yet these same doctors must believe in magic. They called my daughter’s recovery from a horrific car accident “remarkable” but they never asked what made the difference.

Without energy therapy and homeopathic cream applied soon after her severe brain injury, followed by cranial-sacral brain work and yoga, and osteopathy added a few years later, my daughter would be far from the personal trainer she is today, with a dynamic web site and blog that attest to her brain skills. Her own determination and the love of her husband played an enormous role of course but there was another critical element. As a result, two years after the accident, she graduated from her journalism program just one point below Magna Cum Laude. And kept on going. From the most severe brain injury anyone can sustain, she has about 99% of her capacity back.

You would think the doctors would want to know why. You’d think they would ask.

One of the secrets was very early intervention with homeopathic cream and energy therapy. Two months after a head-on collision that left her with her head sliced open and 14 broken or smashed bones, my daughter paid a visit to the ICU where she had spent a week in a coma.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA One month in hospital: out of the coma, still with a feeding tube and delusional.

 As she laughed and chatted with the nurses, they were very surprised and delighted.  The doctors, however, stared slack-jawed; clearly they had expected a vegetable. In spite of living evidence before them, they asked not a single question. Once they had put her physical pieces back together – and they did a magnificent job of that –  the only thing the neurosurgeons had to offer was “time” and lack of stress to do the rest  of the healing. Here she was, well able to carry on ordinary conversation, yet they did not ask why.

A mother who is an energy therapist and part of a community of competent alternative therapists does not settle for “time”.  My healer friends and I began working on her brain as soon as the head wound had closed (a seven inch scar marks the spot). She was still delusional, calling people by their wrong names, babbling and very restless. She was only lucid for a minute or so each day. A quarter sized part of her left frontal lobe lay crushed as a dark mangled tangle. (As seen by me and confirmed by healer friends in Calgary who also reported the same thing.) Each treatment brought more lucidity and improvement. The jumps were very noticeable. They were not caused by “time” alone. I know this because other patients with brain injuries, admitted at the same time, were not making the same kind of progress.

Maggie - in tree Oct. '14 - Version 2My daughter as she is today

“Doctors are incurious” is a very damning statement I have heard. Yes, of course there are exceptions, my own physician and several friends among them, but as a general rule, this has been my experience. And this incuriosity certainly did not help the other brain injured patients on that floor. Neither does it bode well for our care.

Here is the take-home.  Treating the body and the mind without treating the energy field is like trying to turn a square cake into a valentine cake without using a heart shaped pan: it is a lot more work and has a far less satisfactory outcome. Just as a baking pan is essential for the shape of a cake; the energy field is integral to health; yet, 40 or more years since “the field” has been known, photographed, measured and taught in the West, it is still considered flakey or just plain voodoo. How wrong people can be.

My daughter is a living testament to what alternative therapies and energy work can do, yet the very physicians most people rely on, don’t appear to want to know what made such a vast difference.

 What a waste. What a crying shame.

 Healing Tree Logo-Brown finalFor more information on my healing work, go to

I would very much appreciate your sharing this so that others may know of greater possibilities.

Thank you so much.




Cancer Diagnosis – Essential Advice for Healing

A letter to all those with a cancer diagnosis:

Your part of the healing process is designed to convince your body that you want it to be well. That means making your healing a priority – so that your body knows you are “walking your talk”. You may have to alter your lifestyle for this. Forgive me if I’m telling you what you already know but healing cancer is a life changing task. That might be obvious, but many people think they can continue as before and heal cancer on the side. Nope. I’m not mincing words here – it’s too vital. Once it is in your body,  you’ve got to use everything you’ve got to stop it. Everything.

From my experience,  keys are loving all the traumatized parts of you, forgiving anything that was done to you (more on that later). And easing all the stress in your life. (This will do you a world of good regardless!)

So – 1) a list of traumas

2) a list of people to forgive

3) a list of present stresses.

Traumas: – you go back to your young self in your imagination. In your mind’s eye, your adult self removes her from the awful situation and wraps her in love and comfort. Your adult self reassures and comforts the young self and lets her cry or tell you how awful it was. You are pure love, understanding and acceptance for her. You stay with her ’til she feels better. Do this for every trauma you can remember. You may cry a lot and this is good. It’s removing the trauma.


Preview of “Ho'oponopono”
Then go to the person who did it and forgive them. I’m attaching the Hawaiian process that is so powerful for this. Even if you don’t mean the words at first, you soon will. Just keep repeating them. The psychiatrist who made this famous healed a hospital of mental patients this way. Terrible things have been forgiven by taking 100% responsibility and repeating these 4 phrases, making them yours and elaborating if you need to . If you really didn’t have a part to play, you can be sorry for the situation in general – for both of you, caught by circumstance or fate.

Present Stresses – Do all you can to remove yourself. You need all your energy for healing now. I’m really serious. This can’t be part time. It’s time to be selfish until you are better. And after that,  keep a balance – you’ve always got to include you in the equation. Unconditional love of God includes you!

If you do all these things, you have a fighting chance. They will tell your body that it is loved, that it is a priority and that it matters that it lives. So start today and keep on going. You can work miracles this way.

I offer additional powerful ways to treat cancer and other afflictions.  Please go to for more information and testimonials.

All luck to you and a ongoing wishes for your complete recovery!

Things You Can Do to Treat Mild Depression with NO Harmful Side Effects

The “slow food” way of managing depression leaves you with a plentiful supply of inner “compost” that will nourish your soul as the years roll on. We desperately need ways of coping with depression and anxiety that do not entail drugs and I offer a number of effective solutions. In 20 years, my approach has brought many people through dark passages with none of the harmful side effects created by drugs. Some easy things you can do will get you started. But before I get into that, listen to this:
An email came to me recounting a tale of side effects from drugs prescribed for depression and anxiety that curdled my blood. The so called physician did nothing in spite of the patient being in Emergency, peeing blood as his digestive, nervous, muscular and organ systems broke down. Four years later full recovery is still a distant hope but alternative therapies have effected many positive changes. Recovery included flying half way across the continent for two years of highly specialized treatment in another city. “Expensive” doesn’t begin to cover it.
Let me be clear. Depression is NOT your fault! In my experience, it is the result of the layering of trauma, neglect and resulting mistakes that we deeply regret. Over the years, negative experience tends to accumulate. We cope, we keep going. Then one day, we can’t anymore.  So let go of the idea that you have totally failed at your task of being superwoman or even ordinary human. Good – now…

 depressedThe first thing you can do for yourself is break the word “depression” down. Ask yourself  “am I lonely”; “am I grieving something or someone?”; “am I angry? who am I angry at  and for what?”; “what do I sorely regret and feel I can’t fix?”  Pulling out the threads of the word “depression” breaks it up and makes it easier to manage. Write this down in a notebook. Tease out each thread, so you really know what is going on.

The next key piece is journaling about how you are feeling. You can also use oil pastels, paints or crayons to draw your feelings on paper. These creative outlets connect you to your deeper self and register with your body as attention, time and love.  Deep contact with yourself always eases sadness and loneliness. You are being your own best friend by listening to what is most important. The light of your own awareness focused on your distress will gradually soothe inner pain and restore your energy. It all comes down to being kind, being deeply kind.

You can ask for kindness from others too, some of whom may not understand what is going on. Show them this blog post. As long as they see you doing something for yourself – the tiniest effort – they will not lose  hope.

Let yourself rest, don’t force yourself to do things that feel too much.  A good diet, along with exercise are very helpful but that is a hard call when you don’t feel like getting out of bed. Buy soothing soups, if you haven’t the energy to make them, soups that agree well with your digestion. Finding them at a health food shop or a local slow food restaurant will ensure the best nutrients.  Go to your front door and take in 10 deep breaths of fresh air. The next day, walk outside; the next, around the block and go just a little further each day.

Read my post on Forgiveness. Knowing we can forgive and be forgiven can be a big piece of the recovery process.

 All is NOT lost, though it may feel like it. The journaling and drawing/scribbling with colour  is like aerating your compost…it adds light and air.  And that allows the trauma inside to shift and digest, eventually becoming a rich foundation of experience that strengthens you. It turns trauma into Soul food.

Seven of my treatments is a good average to bring someone out of a lifetime of depression – treatment without drugs and without side effects.

If you email me, as part of your 10 minute free consult, I will send you another easy, free exercise that will further lighten your load.  You can reach me at to arrange a good time to call.  Be good to yourself and remember to take just one soothing step at a time.  It is not your fault that you are feeling this way. You haven’t “failed”. It is deep care that you need.

If you have found this post of value, please share it with your friends and “like” it on facebook. It’s so important that people know they can deal with depression without drugs.

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Deep Forgiveness Frees up Enormous Energy for Healing

With religion fading in many lives, what do we do with our mistakes, some terrible ones?  We need ways to forgive ourselves and other people without the mediation of the church or religious teaching, no longer viable for many.

Ho’oponopono is the most powerful way I’ve come across. It is the ancient Hawaiian method to keep peace among island peoples and has worked for thousands of years. Most recently it has worked in my own life and my daughter’s.

The only way to truly heal any rift is to take 100% responsibility for what has happened.  At first, blame or denial may be far more attractive and satisfying but they will simply keep the situation festering. The drain on your system will be considerable and can even lead to disease.

At first you may not mean the words but persist; you soon will find that you do mean them. You’ll need to keep on repeating these four phrases, adding to them and making them your own as the situation calls for. Eventually, you will feel the situation clear and you’ll feel much lighter and happier.

My daughter was in a terrible car accident that left her with 14 broken bones and a severe brain injury. Part of her recovery involved doing this practise. In her blog, she recommends it and I, too, strongly encourage you. Read her story, where she talks about her own reaction to this here:

By dismantling deep anger and blame, we free up energy for recovery and thriving. Life gets a lot happier and more rewarding.  Good luck!

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Cutting Edge of Cancer Treatment

Bruce Lipton is a cell biologist who has lectured in medical schools.  In this interview, he explains how quantum physics has changed new treatments of cancer.

Why listen to this?   Many do not know of the powerful advances that quantum physics has brought to the treatment of many diseases, including cancer. We need to know what is available so we can intelligently choose a range of approaches to serious disease. Lipton explains the process in simple and clear terms.

Basic physics teaches us that all matter vibrates, including our bodies. This is not new age flim flam. Treating the vibratory level of cells reaches cancer or any other dysfunction at it’s core – thus, at the most powerful level for transformation.

My own experience reinforces what Lipton has to say. This world is real, as real as the computer or iPad you are using. Since all matter is  energy, all matter responds to altering vibrations. This alteration fundamentally changes the health of tissues. This is what healers are taught to do. 

You can see the interview  here: Bruce Lipton on the latest approaches to cancer

The inestimable Power of Juicing, Having Hope and Good Cheer. Vital in Fighting Cancer and MS

The Gerson Institute in Southern California and Mexico has been having remarkable results with terminal cancer since 1928 using juiced organic vegetables as it’s cornerstone therapy.

Meet Charlotte Gerson at 90. This is what juicing looks like when you’ve been doing it all your life. She is still running her clinic. As a child her father cured her TB, along with the wife of Dr. Albert Schweitzer.

Dr. Terry Wahls cured her MS with three dinner plates full of veggies each day. Emerging from a wheelchair within a year, she is now riding and hiking and doing her medical rounds with ease. You can see her TED talk on You Tube. Her story is amazing and very inspiring.

I found all this out by researching for a client of mine last spring who had 4th stage metastasized liver cancer. It had already lodged in her breast, chest wall and lymph glands. After 6 months of twice weekly energy sessions, targeted chemotherapy, and alternate means, last fall she got an all-clear pet scan. This is so rare the shocked doctors didn’t believe the results and ordered new tests. Her pet scans of the liver continue to be clear, though she had a very minor recurrance in the chest wall for which she is being irradiated. In a week or so, she is off to a clinic offering an 8 week program in alternate therapies, after talking with patients who have experienced this program and lived 20 years beyond 4th stage diagnoses. She is doing everything possible to be among that successful group.

I cannot speak for these other people, but I can tell you what made a critical difference for my client. We can all adopt some of her strategies easily BEFORE getting sick.

This is Drew Canole. Find him on You Tube. He can inspire anyone to juice!

Juicing organic veggies is number one because it drenches your body in fresh nutrients, vital to the body’s metabolic processes.  I started juicing last spring and within a couple of weeks, felt literally 40 years younger with more energy than I remember since being a child. If a simple beet will clear your liver of toxins, imagine what kale, parsley, celery, carrots and ginger will do – to name just a few!

Number two, yet just as critical, is dissolving unconscious negative beliefs that sabotage all efforts to heal. These are usually established in childhood but can also happen later. After the client above arrived for the first time, we began immediately to dissolve her underlying wish to die. Life over the past seven years had been too hard and she had given up any wish to continue. Fortunately, she was able to find strong reasons to live and the determination to re-program herself. This is always my first approach in therapy, no matter what the difficulty because otherwise, people sabotage their own healing process without even realizing it.

Taking turmeric every day with warm milk is third on my list. It is good for almost everything beyond destroying tumors. In Brazil it is revered because it neutralizes the venom of pit vipers! An ancient ayurvedic remedy used for thousands of years in Asia, the “nutraceutical” companies are onto this now, selling it as Curcumin and charging a fortune. But while we are still healthy, we don’t need to pay a fortune for the most absorbable brand; we can simply make sure we eat Turmeric (in which curcumin is the active ingredient) every day. I combine mine with coconut oil and warm milk (I, who cannot bear warm milk, find this really soothing and pleasant) to clear up asthma and save my brain from dreaded aging diseases. It’s a delicious spice, the main ingredient in curries.

Dr. David Hawkins Map of Consciousness shows the frequency levels of emotions. To stay healthy, you want to do your best to stay in the upper half. Juicing and energy work are easy ways to get there.

Finding ways to be happy is vital. Why is it so important?  Because being happy is a very high frequency state and disease has a great deal of trouble surviving in high frequencies. Cancer, like all disease, is a low frequency occurance, thriving on fear, despair and anger.

Physicians who take away hope have no idea that they are helping the disease. My heroic client saw her oncologist the other day; he destroyed her hope, not just once but repeatedly – in spite of her amazing results. She left his office shattered and it took her weeks to regain her fighting form again. Without any other support, in her vulnerable state, she might easily have succumbed.  Don’t let your doctor do this to you! Walk out. Refuse to hear it.  Surround yourself with all the happiness and hope that you can muster.

It seems we are called to fight sometimes. It can be disease and doctors or your local school board or whatever.  But having energy for all this is essential. Juicing and clearing negative programming are two very easy ways to regain energy, happiness and resiliency.

If you do, you stand a good chance of looking as happy as these older people, years down the road!