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And If You Cannot Get to Joy…

If only we could bloom like this!  

There is a way…

Clear filtered air and water is vital to making a great greenhouse. It’s equally vital for your vacuum and rug shampooer to work efficiently. In a similar way, your energy field, or aura, filters your outer environment into your psyche and physical body.  
Rarely do we consider psychic pollutants. Here is how noxious elements accumulate from our psyche and clog our energy field. Dwelling on past injustice chokes our personal filter more and more, creating distorted thinking and sluggishness. You tend to feel resentful or bitter and similar experiences then start to accumulate.
How can you be happy when your energy field looks a little like THIS?

Think of what a dirty air filter looks like. That is what your aura resembles when it is filled with residue from unfortunate incidents in the past. The clogging slows down physical function and distorts perception. A congested energy field not only hinders your physical well being, it seriously depletes your happiness.

Energy work not only can reduce pain significantly, it also lifts depression – for years, if not permanently.  Once I clear a client of depression, experience has shown people leading fulfilling lives without requiring further intervention. Depending on the background and willingness of the client, this can take an average of seven sessions to twice monthly treatments for about eight months in severe cases. After that, people rarely need much more than the occasional tune up.

Please give yourself the chance to bloom!  Twenty years of experience goes into each treatment, given in person and by distance. Find out more on my web site.

Healing from the Sacred Chamber

From the “window” of the tiny space, I could see stars, very like this scene, just as Drunvalo says.

Listening to Drunvalo’s talk last evening took me to the Sacred Chamber of the heart, and from there, into the “tiny space”. It was a profound experience.  I cried tears of relief and joy because for the first time, I knew I was in another dimension, finally set free. The replay is on Healing with the Masters for the next two days and costs nothing.

This morning I was guided to do a distance healing from this same Sacred Chamber.• I had no idea if it would work or how it would work; I was just going on blind faith in my Guides who, for years, have been both accurate and true. The feedback was very confirming that we had indeed connected and real results had transpired.

At the end, I saw the person shift into their High Wisdom self,

 much taller, more ephemeral, very wise and very old. For the client’s part, s/he experienced details of that same transformation – a general lengthening, visions of a life in an ancient culture and others.

The Great Mystery holds so many secrets. I am humbled and awed to have been shown a key to a new dimension where profound healing can occur.

* written with permission from client

photo of Joshua Tree against the night sky: Phillip Colla;

image of figure stretching to High Self:

Energy Work is Nourishing and Deeply Relaxing, certainly NOT Scary

People new to energy work are always a bit nervous. “What will happen, what will I experience?” they wonder.  To reassure you, what follows is what happens when I work on people.

First of all, energy work is not scary. At all. It’s deeply relaxing and feels very nurturing. You keep all clothes ON and you lie on your back on a massage table while I work around you.
I almost always start at the feet and work gradually upwards, placing my hands, with permission, on neutral places on your body. You may feel nothing, or you may feel energy moving as a warm tingling sensation. Some people see colours and have images arise; others go to sleep. When a session is over, most people say they could stay there, sleeping. If they can, they do go home and sleep. This is ideal and it’s never a good idea to run errands or go back into meetings after a session.

Before you leave, I give you effective tools to use on your own, as the two days following a session might be emotional. These tools help to ease and wash away the buried feelings that surface for release. Release is a good thing, since we usually suppress emotion at stressful times. Suppressed emotion not only weighs us down, contributing to depression, but it can wreak physical havoc in the body – from headaches to cancer. Some common diseases with strong suppressed emotion are arthritis, colitis, IBS, back/neck pain and cancer.

Although my work penetrates much deeper than simple clearing, it is a very good thing for us all to relieve our cells and tissues of the negative emotions of our past. Once expressed, these feelings dissipate and free our body/mind/spirit for joy and laughter.Having a session is an excellent stress reliever and way to take good care of yourself. I hope you care enough about you to do this.

The great part is that It is equally effective at a distance as it is in person. A local client often chooses distance sessions over “in person” sessions because she likes them so much. Effectiveness is not diminished by distance either. I’ve worked in Australia and had excellent feedback.  For my qualifications and more general information click “About Jane’s Energy Healing”. 

Other articles I have written on energywork will give you more information:

 A page on my web site is devoted to Distance Healing: 

I would love to have you come back to my EFFECTIVE RELIEF page and my blog often. Thanks for visiting!

Dispelling Dismal Thoughts – Keeping the Lighthouse Lit

image: hatty hatori

You know the feeling when dismal thoughts creep in during the night, creating misery when you wake? We don’t have to stay overwhelmed; we have a powerful tool within us that can dispel these shadows effectively.

At our very CORE, we have a Divine Spark. Healers can see it and Kabbalists and other mystics have written about it. All it takes to access it, is practise. You never again have to feel victimized by dark thoughts because you can expand this Spark to wipe them out. 

Begin by breathing deeply and slowly releasing all tension. When you feel ready, start dropping your consciousness deep into your body with the intent of reaching your very centre – your CORE. You can do this anatomically or by imagining a stairway. Just keep going. It may take you 2 minutes or 30 – time does not matter -just keep at it; you WILL get there! You cannot miss it unless you give up. Everyone has a Divine Spark, no matter how many layers obscure it. When you think you are close, just keep approaching until you feel merged in the Divinity – however you sense it. Once merged, intend that You expand – first through the physical body, then the emotional self, and finally throughout all thoughts. At this point, You will feel entirely Light, all darkness dispursed. If You wish to continue, You can clear your room, dwelling and property. Personally I find it hard to expand further than this. Please know that you cannot do this for others because it is invasive – even more so than walking into another’s home uninvited. 

At the end, don’t forget to give thanks for this incredible gift we all have within. None of us need feel victimized by dark thoughts ever again! All storms dissipate eventually but in the meantime we have an inner lighthouse that keeps us off the rocks.


 For more information see my web site:


a spark of light can bring peace: hatty hatori

lighthouse painting:

Tools to Speed Your Process

These times are unbinding beliefs and other strictures that have held us captive for a long time. There are a number of things that you can do that will help this process.

Shannon Parsons:

 Dreams are a huge opportunity to free ourselves from long buried issues. Here is my way of gleaning guidance from them:

After writing down the dream, along with the associations I have around the main characters,  I begin by taking about 6 deep, slow breaths to drop myself into the dream zone. Then I begin to ask – “what does________mean?  Who does________represent in me? ”  Waiting for the answer is like being in meditation. The easiest way is to imagine yourself beside a clear pond; you then wait for the answer to float up from the depths. It takes a little patience but it will feel deeper than your usual mind chatter. This is the zone you want – the zone of dream guidance.

The answer may surprise you – or it may lead to emotion and a memory. You are being led on an unconscious journey – let it take you. Release any emotions that are uncovered and if you need to scream – do so. You can do this in your head just as effectively as out loud – but get all that buried emotion out. It can be mild or vicious. Don’t judge it – it’s only emotion and no one is hearing you. Buried rage can turn very nasty, so simply let it out. This doesn’t mean you are a bad person!

Keep letting the dream lead you where you need to go. If you allow the opportunity for full release, you will feel enormous freedom. Getting rid of of all this “sour gas”  means that you have more room for joy and peace and you’ll feel much lighter and happier. Dreams can uncover our wounds, guide us forward and tell the future. They are among our most potent guides.

I also teach people other forms of release that they can use at home. One is so effective that I before I do  energy therapy on survivors of abuse, I ask them to do two full weeks of this exercise, twice dailly. After that, they have far fewer traumatic memories rise to consciousness.  I don’t believe in re-abusing anyone with bad memories.

Another exercise heals early wounds so they no longer pattern our adult behaviour. We bring love and security by going back in time and re-framing mistakes our parents made. We all deserve to heal the distortions our parents and other adults placed on us by passing on unfortunate patterns. Gentle but firm, loving guidance is what all children need but many don’t get. We can heal mistakes  so they don’t saddle us with a lifetime legacy.

Jo Dunning’s free hour “Quick Pulse” is available each month online. It is both powerful and effective, though the effects are gentle. If you go to Jo and sign up for email notifications, the Quick Pulse is held once a month. Being in the energy of it is  relaxing and nourishing, never mind the positive effects on your life.

The tumult of these times is bringing deeply buried issues to the surface. If we have ways of working with a sudden onslaught of emotion, or memory or a dream state, the shake-up can release us. Tools are guideposts to happier realities.

Earthing is Critical – to Love and Manifesting

Some of us find grounding difficult, if not impossible. Life with others is a strain and often we find ourselves too isolated and living with anxiety. 

For any of us with early birth or infant trauma, or any kind of disconnection from our mothers, grounding becomes a challenge. 

But there is both hope and great talent to uncover on this journey.


Earthing, as I prefer to call it, involves befriending the earth as an archetypal and new mother – a replacement in some cases, for mothers who were disconnected themselves. Earthing is critical for making any healing work real, for manifesting and for allowing Love to be a potent force for raising our frequency.

Don’t be discouraged if you have trouble; grounding can be learned with practise and energy sessions. My own was learned – from the neck down. Now I am able to plant people in the earth through a smooth and gentle process that honours and quiets anxiety.

Fear is the emotion that we have to quell on this journey. Terror is more like it. Imagine coming into this plane of existence as a vulnerable baby, knowing it is not safe, while

experiencing circumstances that reinforce the fear. Babies with this history stay out of their bodies; they never fully incarnate – knowing it is not safe for them. People with this early history grow into dissociated adults, in extreme cases with mental challenges, or at very least, feel  “flakey” or “spacey”. Being present with other people is difficult, if not impossible, leading to a life full of anxiety.

Conscious intervention with healing work 

directed at multiple levels of the problem can turn this around completely.

Once this happens, the client, who has developed multiple talents of contact with other realms as a alternative to this one, becomes present in this concrete world. Their many creative abilities are able to manifest and turn into a potent force for achieving their goals.

The woman in the painting is gazing out at the vastness of other realms while being fully planted in the earth. This is the gift of a consciousness that has been anchored in the earth. Such brave souls truly bridge heaven and earth.




bubbles: orhanokay

daydreaming woman:  brushworks by monte

Behind Hannibal’s Elephants: “Ascension” and Clearing Karma.

If you are mightily sick of the greed, violence and endless round of wars, you might want to read on.

Emotional clearing is essential to cutting karmic ties. Years ago I was shown how this works in a teaching dream. As if to reinforce the power of what happened, connecting deeply with the dream and letting it lead me to a wisdom I’ve never found anywhere else, forgiveness cured the flu I was nursing.


The dream’s intensity beckoned me; it was not your everyday kind. I asked that wisdom be revealed about the painful relationship showing up as the focus. Scenes unfolded like flashcards, going back in time. With each new circumstance, my task was to forgive everyone and everything, seeing the situation as mere experience and teaching. As I did this, eventually going beyond being a captive of the Roman army, in chains, walking behind Hannibal’s elephants (I couldn’t have “dreamed” these up – honestly!), things began to get lighter. I’ll spare you the other horrors.

What was fascinating, even as I did this, was that I began to notice my physicality becoming less dense, to match my gradually increasing emotional lightness. (This dream occurred in the mid 90’s – before writings on “ascension” were in every new age journal.) Eventually, in a time well before Atlantis, (I clearly am a slow learner!) I was a totally energetic being – akin to a nature spirit, hanging out in trees, absolutely joyful.


During this process of witnessing, feeling, forgiving and moving on, I really got how emotional thoughts draw circumstances of the next life. Curiosity about physical life and a less than joyful thought initially made the energy field denser. The next lifetime would  manifest circumstances to match these more negative thoughts – to reinforce my belief. This was how my house of mirrors began. More negative emotion would accumulate as circumstances turned bleaker and within just a few lifetimes I was fully embroiled in a third dimensional life. Instead of being my whole world, joy had become an occasional blip. Each time I died with bitterness or resentment, the next life would be worse. Could this be what the Torah and Old Testament refer to as “the fall”?

In forgiving all circumstances of all those lives, I was taken step by step back to being a full energy being. Forgiveness was the key. Karma was completely cleared for that particular relationship and in the two hours it took, the flu was completely cured. I have never, before or since, experienced such a thing.  The power of forgiveness is monumental.

Various teachers outside of Buddhism are speaking of ways we can be our own instruments of ascension. What I take from this is that it means tuning our own violin – tightening a string here, loosening one there, listening carefully to the sounds we make. Are we in sync with the orchestra of life around us? or a grating note, out of tune?  Are we perpetuating greed or generosity? Prejudice or tolerance?   There are important choices to be made these days. Forgiveness is one tool that is available to us all, one that can stop our round of karma. And depending on how much we clear, it can even lighten our physicality.

Layering into Light


 December 2008
Healings are often mysterious journeys of discovery, with various levels that reveal themselves as the treatment develops.

Confusion and stagnation are cleared first. Sometimes these can be dingy clouds, pain or a force or a shape. Exotic forms such as arrows, axes, cannon shot are clearly not from this present lifetime.

After this, the body/spirit of my client guides me deeper within that same area or to a different site…to that hip, this shoulder, that kidney, this ovary…wherever the trouble lies. I drop into the tissue itself where it reveals its trouble to my inquiring touch.  Tears, inflammation, or other forms of disturbance need repair.

Sometimes, after a few sessions, the spirit layer opens.

At this level, healings become truly profound. A very angry client from another part of the country had been involved in a nasty legal dispute and was not able to shake her negative attachments. Bitterness can be very difficult to let go. After a few sessions, removing superficial layers, I knew that we had to take the healing to a spiritual level. I had to clear the magnetic “veins” of dark experience we all carry in greater or lesser degrees. Although we all carry such experience, I am not always given permission to clear them. This time was different ~ purification, redemption and blessing were called for.

At the next appointment, my client walked in the door a new person. She has never needed to return.

Often, I can only sit in awe.

The Human Energy Field Diagram and Pineal Gland

As the frequency on the planet increases, and we bring more of our energy bodies “online”, energy therapy is increasingly important. Many say it is the medicine of the future.

This diagram shows you the levels of the energy field and what areas they govern.


Sensitive people and healers can see and sense these levels with the “third eye”, governed by the Pineal Gland. The page where the diagram came from gives you a good explanation of how all this works:

With my “third eye” or High Sense Perception, as it’s also called, I can see energy moving, whether chakras are open or closed and sometimes into the tissues of the body.

Visitations of Light

A light very like this one came upon me suddenly in the bathtub (!)

in Paris when I was 22. Ten years later, it was repeated in a different form, and ten years after that again. That’s what led to this journey as a healer. Sometimes we have very little choice about what we do. Such experiences are unforgettable and life-changing. Each time, I was wrapped in a love so perfect and exquisite, it felt Angelic. I had tears streaming down my face and was forever changed.

photo: unknown

Happy Cat Owner – Distance Healing Experience

I emailed Jane regarding a treatment for my cat Jackson and was not sure of what to expect as this was my first time asking for a distance healing as I am in a different province. From the initial email to my talk with her to the report that she sent, it was Amazing. She outlined everything she found, explained what she cleared, and everything that she found was and had been a concern of mine. From the arthritis, to the congested lungs, to the constipation, to the bony hips that he has, she could even see that his ears had had issues in the past (which had been badly infected when he came to me 2 years  ago).


Jane told me what to look out for as well as things that could be done that would be helpful to him. When I got home that night it was priceless – he was sitting by the bedroom door, the bedroom where you found him, looking in and I had already gotten your email so I understood what that was about. He is totally different and has so much more comfort and ease in his life.


Thank you very much and I am so very glad that I found you.



Kindling a Phoenix – coping with the breakthrough of anguish


This is about an untenable grief. The kind no one talks about.

“Just write”, she said. “Don’t worry about what it will look like; that comes later”. So…I write to connect all of us isolated in brokenness. I write to write myself out of profound sadness. Some griefs seem too big to bear so I write to reach my hand out to those who know, because you have wandered this landscape. In the depths, empathy and recognition of another soul’s rip tide can be balm.

Dropping out of denial creates a second breakage. What follows is messy, mixed-up and hard to grasp. “All the King’s horses and all the kings men…”

I don’t want to write about this because will mean living in terrible feelings. And yet – is there any other way?

Let’s talk about denial for a bit until I get my bearings. Denial makes all things seem right again. It’s pretty. If I don’t look at what happened, all is well, all will be well. Denial is like an anti-depressant before it stops working: it provides rest and recuperation. In the end, though, its veneer seals out nourishment from real human connection and creates its own form of isolation. Underneath, the silent gnawing continues.

My Kindle was my denial home. With a sickening crack, it was wrecked in a split second – like my daughter’s head when she sustained the most severe brain trauma from being hit head-on, at highway speed, by a drunk. Her scholarship for the highest marks in her journalism class crashed into the mud along with countless other markers of her young and happy life.

I could have kept reading, living in a cozy, pretend world in which I tried to control outcomes to eliminate what I didn’t want to examine; a world where I tried to influence my daughter to be more like her old self. “You could try this” or “that”…desperate gropings cleverly masked as “help”. Although her recovery has been miraculous, my wanting her to be the person she left behind must have been a significant stress. “Stretch”, I would say in my denial, and this became one more thing for her to fend off. The wrench is that being determined herself, and wanting to be fully recovered, she would try, and keep on trying. Denial is not benign…it can do damage.

Thank goodness the crack in my Kindle split my hermetic seal.

A dream nudged me in the darkness, offering cryptic wisdom. Riding on a dark train, my companions were upset when the train turned back from its destination to “Swift Current”. My fellow travelers shared a love of the intellect and the dream spoke from a deeper level: ‘you cannot get there from here’, the symbolism declared; ‘in this world of ideas and problem solving, there is no mending; you will not make it to Swift Current’.

The dream called me to a level where brokenness begets healing…eventually. Knowing this did nothing to assuage the feelings that shredded me, and, the shredding began the healing. Sometimes all that is needed Is recognition and acknowledgement: a day of feeling what we have denied for so long. Sometimes our path takes months and we wonder if it will ever end.

We do not have to linger but only we, ourselves, can determine the length of stay. The journey has a few hazards. Friends who unknowingly try to cheer us are jarring; the doctor who refills our prescription for anti-depressants keeps us in limbo. As in all things, dreadful feelings shift if we spend time honouring their messiness. A phoenix rising can be swift. When that happens, the spirit can quiet, as our inner landscape steeps a deeper compassion and wisdom.

Gradually, my daughter and I are coming to terms with the lurch in our world, free of the false promise of anti-depressants. Advice from an unexpected quarter inspired me to give voice to this journey. It was my “brain- healing” daughter who told me to write and not worry about the outcome.

just one previous photo that you may recognize
A camera was likely to jog memory when very little remained. First photo on first days sitting up.

A New Download in the Energy Realm: Diamond on the Leading Edge of the Wave

Who has been experiencing extreme emotional intensity of late?  Life taking you to the very edge?  I know a few, myself included.

It’s day whatever in the Mayan Calendar (close to the 11th hour) –  October 28 is significant. Seems they knew about this over 1000 years ago. To be actually experiencing this final push to the next level is quite another thing than reading about it though – as you may have discovered.

Well, a re-fit just dropped in this morning and the client (her permission given to write about this) experienced looking at life calmly from the top of a mountain or a tree – seeing only clear blue sky with the turmoil beneath her, far away. It was just in time.

                                                                        (photo: Doran Yount)

Wouldn’t that be nice?  Help is at hand.

Each chakra got a diamond insert into it’s Core. This lifts you out of the emotional swamp and allows you to view whatever is taking place from a higher perspective, well away from the fray. It’s called “Diamond on the Leading Edge of the Wave”.

I’ll let you know how it all pans out…




Will This Work for Me? Why does energy healing work?

WHY does this work – this energy thing I do?  WHY does it work on animals who have no preconceived notions?

Whereas allopathic medicine works primarily only on two frequency bands: the physical and the mental, healing on the energy level can rectify conditions that conventional medicine cannot because it works on multiple levels of the frequency template. Every living thing carries “a field” of frequency bands, corresponding to various nuances of their being – bodies, thoughts, emotions, spiritual yearnings and beliefs. This has been recorded in double blind situations (read “The Field” by Lynn McTaggart). Each Level influences the adjacent one, meaning that roots and influences exist in many levels, all of which need to be addressed. The more levels you can access while staying grounded,  the greater the power of that healing.

Animals have no pre-conceived notions about effectiveness. And, animals have free access to all levels without interference from beliefs. Thus their bodies move easily into rapid self-healing, once the energy template is adjusted.

The rub comes from humans who have no wish to access realms beyond the cognitive (mental level). Because “non-believers” have no experience in these other levels, they call them hogwash or “irrational”.  Their beliefs block any benefit, thus reinforcing their notion that this is chicanery.  It matters not that their neighbour just experienced enormous benefit (“must be the placebo effect”). “Results are inconclusive” say the doctors, therefore, we do not “believe” it works”.  That word again – a wall of static interference, as strong as denial itself.

I can tell you that results do not come from placebo. Dogs are not open to placebo effects. In humans, placebos help to placate the denial – opening the belief system. But a great deal is possible beyond placebo, which only opens the doorway.

I am able to feel the energy changing tissue – the difference before and after –  and my clients and I witness the results. Whether it is loosening muscle or growing cartilage or knitting bone, results are palpable. My sensitive clients can feel the changes while in the process and later: physical sensations of tissue changing. Runners run again on knees that previously failed them; searing pain disappears from a gut with lesions; a bone heals in half the time, a woman with Crohn’s leaves the office with her inflammation calmed.

Trying it will do no harm and may bring you the relief you are seeking. In 17 years, 90% of clients experience some benefit; sometimes a cure. A pharmacist, age 65, told me this past summer that after I worked on his back 10 years ago, the trouble never recurred. It doesn’t get better than that.

How Energy Healing Works

Some people are frustrated by seeking an explanation of how certain energetic modalities work and finding “no proof”. I can only speak for my own area of expertise. What follows is my attempt at closing that gap in understanding.

People seeking scientific proof, in general, want the concrete. Laws of Newtonian physics work on a concrete level – where physical reality is dominant. These laws, however, don’t apply to quantum physics or the energetic level. Different laws apply at different levels of reality. Knowing that a particle is also a wave, as is the case at the quantum level, is too complicated for most of us. Hence, they don’t get what they are looking for.

So what is the energetic level, anyway? Vibes. Want to know any more?

The energetic level comprises all the layers that make us human and that cannot be felt as solid. That takes in emotions, thoughts, spiritual longings and experiences, plus experiences beyond the normal range, such as ghosts or angels.

Each of these levels has a particular frequency (think back to high school science) vibrating at a rate beyond that of the body. They exist on a continuum, the slowest (and densest) being a template for the physical body. Beyond that, lie the emotions, and so on until we reach the limit of our personal “energy field” or “aura”.

All matter vibrates. It’s a question of frequency that determines whether people can touch or hear it. When you walk into a room where people have been arguing, it is said that you can “cut the air with a knife”. The emotion has literally thickened the air around the participants and people can feel it. When two people are attracted, you can sometimes feel the electricity in the air. This is a less dense level. Since the 60’s, people have been talking about vibes. Energy healing works with them.

At the quantum level, if you want to find a particle, you will find one; if you want to find a wave, in that same iota of matter, you will also find that. My experience tells me that this happens because matter, on this energetic level, is very fluid and fine, like thickened air, able to be influenced merely by our mind’s directives. Those people who have flying dreams are well acquainted with this feeling. At the level of reality where the experimenter has been found to affect the experiment with his or her intention, matter can change with intent alone.

This means that I can energetically penetrate skin, bone, tissue of all kinds and affect the physical functioning of that tissue. The results are very real. After a treatment, the energetic matrix gels…coalesces, the way connective tissue gradually turns into bone, except at a finer level.

Runners have told me that they can run on an injured knee again after only one or two sessions; backs straighten, when all the physio in the world wasn’t able to produce the same result; hips come back into alignment, easing pain that has been present for months. The results are definitely concrete whether or not there are scientific instruments calibrated finely enough to measure what is happening.