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A Big Caution for Empaths

Empaths need  to take special care of themselves. Their sensitivity makes them susceptible.  One important area of caution is the narcissistic personality.

A toxic combination of the empathic personality with the narcissist has become well documented of late. Empathic people are vulnerable to narcissists, while narcissists just love the listening ear and attention given freely by empaths. This is a linkage that can cause damage if the narcissist is unhealthy.  For one thing, it perpetuates our own unhealthy habit of dismissing our own value and allowing that value  to be ignored.

1_123125_2093564_2208788_2213739_090317_sci_narcissism2tn.jpg.CROP.original-originalNarcissists are people who love to be the centre of attention. Because they feel special, they feel it’s their role and the world is there to admire them.  Some of this can be simple self confidence and having a reasonable amount is helpful  to any of us. There are, however,  both healthy and unhealthy versions of this personality. 

Be aware that unhealthy narcissists tend to manipulate with charm that then can flip to aggression; they rarely, if ever, apologize, instead blaming others. They cannot  take responsibility because seeing themselves at fault would ruin their  feeling of being special.  They have little or no empathy.  Of course there will be greater and lesser shadings of these traits.

On the face of it, certain things seem obvious. Feeling  entitled, narcissists are charmers . They entice  followers with flattery. This is very appealing to an empath who doesn’t seek recognition and therefore rarely experiences the exaggerated appreciation that comes in the “grooming” or charm phase. Narcissistic confidence is also alluring; it makes the empath feel (falsely) safe, as if we are with someone who really knows how to navigate this world. While we undervalue ourselves, we overvalue the narcissist. We are content to travel in their shadow. Until, finally, if we are lucky, the spell breaks. Only then do we realize the damage  our self-betrayal has caused.

Once the spell has broken, the narcissism can be more clearly seen.  Hearing a steady stream about “ME”, “MY stuff” and MY life” becomes irritating.  A healing  solution is to  look at how we have undervalued our own contribution.

“Disordered narcissists betray three telltale signs: empathy-impairment, entitlement, and exploitation. If someone openly brags about paying others to do their bidding, they don’t view people as fellow human beings, but chess pieces. And it’s only a matter of time before you become the sacrificial pawn. Blatant manipulation isn’t a guarantee that someone has narcissistic personality disorder, the most extreme form of unhealthy narcissism–but it sure is a terrible sign.”  (Dr. Craig Malkin, clinical psychologist, Harvard Medical School).

An extreme case. But subtler cases can cause harm to empaths as well. Be aware.

Being a chess piece needn’t be obvious. Like anything there are degrees. But when you realize you have been groomed as “special”, suddenly waking up to being  one of a string, groomed in an identical way, betrayal can hit hard. The whole past relationship feels like a charade. A deep sense of grief and anger often shows up. Depending on how long the toxic connection has lasted and how extreme, the fallout can be devastating. However – it IS a first  step toward recognizing our own worth.  Greater health and awareness can only follow.

Fool's Gold
Avoiding fools’ gold .

As with all healing, recovery is a gradual process of forgiveness and understanding ourselves and the other person. Be easy on yourself and know that you are lovable  and valuable regardless of how a damaged person has treated you. We can learn to take an ounce or two of self respect from the narcissist. They can be teachers for us.


Please do share.  Your fellow empaths may be grateful!  Thanks!

Are You an Empath? The World Needs You!

Often told you are “too sensitive”?  To toughen up,  to grow a “thicker skin”?  I was – more often than I care to remember.

The blaming of empaths begins at an early age so we grow up thinking something is wrong with us. I’m here to tell you nothing whatsoever is wrong with you; never has been. Quite the opposite in fact – you are valuable in the extreme. The world desperately needs empathic people; kindness and care. The first person needing to recognize this is you. Because, as you have likely learned to your cost, no one will take care of you with the consideration you offer others. Rather, you will be blamed  for not being “tough”.

In ascribing our world view to others, it comes as a rude shock that the world doesn’t treat us with similar consideration. Our make-up is different and requires deep self care before extending ourselves to others.  No-one teaches us these things except experience that wrecks us.For Empaths

Our energy fields are such that we need  the kindness we offer to others; otherwise we can collapse under the strain, ending up exhausted with obscure ailments. Often damage is done long before we learn our own value and take steps accordingly.

The good news is that damage can be undone. Not only is it OK to do the following 10  things, it’s imperative for recovery and ongoing care:

  1. We need to retreat, finding solace and rejuvenation in solitude and silence; in nature and with animals.
  2. We need deep rest; long rest.
  3. We need nutritious food.
  4. We need music that soothes us, poetry that opens other dimensions.
  5. We need creative pursuits that nourish our soul.
  6. We need to wrap our loving arms around ourselves and recognize our own value.
  7. We need to do this for as long as it takes.
  8. We need to venture out at our own pace, in our own time and know our limits.
  9. In order to do all of this, we need to leave damaging situations,  set boundaries and realize that our own care is vital – certainly as important as other peoples’ discomfort or judgement. Undertaken with clear intent,  the path will clear rapidly and be much easier than you anticipate. It may not be instinctive, but it can be learned.
  10. We need to realize that the strong emotions we sometimes feel are not necessarily our own; we absorb them from others because of our sensitivity. Distinguish by asking “is this mine?”.  If the feeling fades, you’ve picked it up from others and need to flush the remnants away. Go for a walk in the woods with the intent of letting the feeling go. If the feeling lingers, it is yours and simply needs your presence and understanding until it dissipates.

Realizing your own value is key to all of this. In starting these practises, you will slowly  nourish the self respect and care that was your birthright.  Once you do, the world will respond to your newfound inner strength. Life will become easier and the world will benefit from your gifts.  A tiny mayflower hidden beneath greenery is every bit as beautiful as a showy poppy and its scent is heavenly. 


YOU are that mayflower.


Please share as you never know who may need to read this. Thank you.

Woo-woo? C’mon! It’s 2015!!

MRIs are “Magnetic Resonance Imaging”.  Do you know what that is?  You’ve subjected yourselves to X–Rays. Do you know that CT scans have 700 x the amount of radiation of an X-Ray?  And you are avoiding something perfectly safe like energy work??!

Let’s see,  Hertz discovered radio waves in the late 1880s. Maxwell discovered microwaves in 1864. “By the mid-1960’s, physicists realized that their previous understanding, where all matter is composed of the fundamental protons, neutrons, and electron, was insufficient to explain the myriad new particles being discovered.” ( 

D’you think it might be time to re-think your views?

Here’s why energy work is NOT woo-woo.  

•  Energy work is based on science – a micro level of science that you cannot see (like the particles and waves above).

• It is safe, when practised by a certified practitioner, because the levels of energy are human scale, being monitored and felt before passing into you. An experienced practitioner knows how to give you just enough to be effective and no more. As practitioners, we take serious vows to “do no harm”.

• Energy work has palpable “real” results on a physical level. Pain dissipates and disappears more often than not; bones align; bones heal in half the time; inflamed tissue calms; headaches go away.  And those examples just give you a tiny taste.  Energy work has palpable results on an emotional and spiritual leKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAvel too. People generally feel balanced, happier, calm and energized after a session.

• Energy work is more effective in many cases than physical probing, pushing, cracking and other more aggressive techniques. Certainly sensitive individuals should always seek energy treatment before trying other forms.

• Energy work, the way I practice it at least,  is long lasting. When done on the body, taking into account the emotional spectrum of experience, it can have life changing results. I’ve had people often say “my such and such disappeared after you worked on me.”  

• It is more comprehensive that one type of modality alone. In one session, you experience a gentle, practical psychotherapy without having to dig through your inner compost heap; you relax with energy work; you get tissues unbound and meridians cleared. 

• It is as deeply relaxing as massage, some say more so, without having to remove your clothes.

Jane in treatment can only speak for the work I’ve been trained to do, (which is not Reiki, Osteopathy or Network Chiropractic).  My work is deep hands-on-healing, taught in several certified schools and honed over 20 years in practice.

Hardly an exhaustive list but long enough, perhaps, for you to consider changing your views.  I hope so because you are missing out on feeling so much better!


Find much more information here  and please do share this, as you never know who might need it.  Thanks  so much!

The Benefits to You When a Healer Clears Her Own Field

Preview of “Ho'oponopono”

Above is one of the most powerful prayers I have ever encountered. Repeated over and over, it can radically melt old animosities and deeply entrenched resentments, years old, even when people have died. 

Nothing can shift unless we change our part in an interaction. “It takes two to tango” they used to say. Equally, it takes two to tangle. BUT, only one to untangle – and therein lies the beauty of this particular prayer.  It is said that a Hawaiian doctor cured a whole ward of mentally ill patients over a period of two years, simply by using this prayer with each one of the patients. He repeated it over and over again, until all regained mental stability. This prayer works just as powerfully with our personal “tangles” – old angers or resentments that subtly sap our energy and clog our energy field like a dirty filter.

What does this mean for you?  It means that because I use this prayer and other methods mentioned below, my connection with the Universal field gets clearer, with less “static” – just like removing corrosion from wires. The signal strengthens and that means more healing power travels through me to you.  I’ve been clearing the channels now for 35 years.

Back to the Ho’oponopono prayer for a minute….”But what if I didn’t DO anything?” you say. Well, sometimes our part is darned hard to see. But I guarantee, as you say this prayer over and over again, your part will come clear to you and then you can truly be sorry. You don’t have to believe it to begin. I encouraged my daughter to use it for the man who left her with severe injuries after a highway accident.  She was outraged. “But I didn’t do anything!!” she protested vehemently. “You don’t have to apologize for doing anything;  you can be sorry for the whole situation that involved you both and killed him”, I said. “Fake it til you make it.”  She began trying it, very reluctantly, but soon found that she meant the words and kept on saying them until her anger and resentment melted away.  All her energy was then available for her healing.

In my sixtes, I have no aches or pains and feel the same way I did in my forties – or better. How is this possible? By eating extremely well and by walking most days, I keep my energy body clean. This means my body is nourished by it’s pre-cursor and template,  the energy field.

Psychologically, a number of techniques I teach to clients also help. The Divine Spark (find it on my web site) is marvelous for destroying unfounded fear and other negative feeling states; Inner Child Work directs love to those places that have never received it and heals deep emotional wounding; reframing internal self-talk is empowering and strengthening. Sometimes I go for the deep relief of energy work when issues are beyond my reach. We all need help from one another from time to time. Using all these tools means I have never taken drugs or medications except for an occasional puffer for asthma. It also means that my field is cleared of debris.

It is my responsibility to keep my field clear and fresh so that I might be the best healing connector for you. No “issue” is allowed to fester or negative mood to linger.  After years of this, I am starting to feel springy and light and resilient much of the time and it takes far less time to clear the muck. It’s a wonderful feeling and you are the direct beneficiary when you are treated. Your issues are healed at a deeper level and more quickly. Win-win.

“The Shift” in One Book

So much is being written and spoken about  “the Shift” – the elevation in consciousness that the earth and its people are undergoing.  One book has catapulted me to new levels more than any other. Though it took me fifteen years to read it because of the resistance I had, it turns out to be one of the most profound of my life. I hope you don’t let your own prejudice, if you have any, hold you back. An interesting aside is that this book was given to my friend by Brooke Medicine Eagle, a medicine woman in Montana.

The book is “Love Without End – Jesus Speaks…” .  It was the last part of the title that got to me. I’m ashamed to admit that Christian, evangelical co-opting of that name shut down my ears and eyes. Over the years,  the name “Jesus” became associated with their  limited (in my opinion) belief in creationism and all that goes with that. Fine for them; but not for me. Throwing the baby out with the bathwater, I turned instead to other mystical traditions such as Kabbalah as well as two streams of Buddhism. This book has singlehandedly turned all that around – almost 30 years of study in other traditions. Not that I’m about to take myself to a convent  but it has had a very powerful effect.

Leonardo_Da_Vinci_Head_of_Christ_400Head of Christ – Leonardo Da Vinci

The author is an artist who had a vision of Christ. He appeared, ostensibly, to have her paint His portrait (not the one shown here, which is by Leonard da Vinci).  As she painted, He taught her and answered her questions. And what teachings!  As a footnote,  everyone’s aesthetic style is very personal. You may prefer her image to the one I chose. But if not, don’t let that stop you from reading the book.

Mis-translations of the gospel teachings from Aramaic led to confusion and inaccurate meanings that have not helped.  These current teachings clear them up. I finally understand the Book of Job, for example:  his life no longer seems at the whim of a cruel and  oppressive god. Likewise, the Beatitudes make profound sense now. And so much more.

If you are interested in being elevated to a whole new understanding which will definitely raise your consciousness, this is the book for you. I cannot recommend it highly enough.  With countless thanks to my friend Martha Hunter who gave me the book years ago.


With blessings and love to you…


What Brought Me Out of Suicidal Depression – Coping in Intense Times

A suicide in the community couldn’t be more sobering. Here are basic coping tools that brought me out of a very deep depression and back to thriving within a few weeks. Just in case, I saw my physician who told me to come back and see him if I needed stronger means. I did not, but that may not apply to you. Definitely make the appointment for a full panel of bloodwork, including thyroid levels, and with a Naturopathic doctor as well. I did. And do try all of these suggestions. They have no side effects and are very effective.

from despair


Meet Charlotte Gerson who just turned 90. This is what juicing looks like when you've been doing it all your life. She is still buzzing around running her clinic.

First of all, don’t let prejudice or skepticism stop you from doing any of this. Such attitudes will keep you depressed.  If you are resistant, ask yourself why you don’t want to feel better. What are you afraid of?  Is it that you feel you don’t deserve better? And love yourself daily in those vulnerable places (see below). JUST TRY IT and KEEP ON GOING WITH IT:

 1) Ask for the highest help and protection, from the Universe or  God or whomever your beliefs encompass, through prayer or however you do it. Help is there for us but we have to ask. In my experience, this has never failed.

2)  Breathe deeply outside – at least 10 times, several times daily. If you know alternate nostril breathing, it will bring peace to your mind. Get out in nature as much as you can.  Walking in the woods or by the ocean is very therapeutic.

3) Don’t take negative thoughts seriously. Say to yourself:  “this is the depression talking; it is NOT true.”  Once you are out of the depressed state, such thoughts won’t enter your mind. REALLY, it’s true.

4) Protect yourself by refusing to listen to news broadcasts or reading negative posts on facebook. Don’t post them either; they only spread the contagion of fear and none of us need any more of it.

5) Read into a voice recorder (most smart phones have them) the directions to doing the Divine Spark meditation, here.  Use as needed. When I’ve asked the Divine Spark to dissolve fear, it has never failed. I give it to clients with cancer because it eliminates the cancer frequency of tumors all the time. It is extremely powerful.

6) Be gentle and good to yourself by doing restful things such as curling up in a warm blanket, eyes shut, and extending deep kindness to yourself. Your body/mind will respond. This goes a long way towards curing depression. Two psychiatrists while I was in training told me they cured depression with love. One of them gradually took all his patients off medication (except for one type of medication for a very specific situation), giving them nurturing love instead.  He practised something called “Experiencing Enough”. It worked. This does not mean, however, that you do not need “bridging medication” if you are suicidal.  I took an educated risk, knowing my own tools worked for me.


a) As soon as possible, start taking B complex vitamins, and B-12 sublingual tabs. I also took St. John’s Wort, following the recommended dosage (this may not be for everyone but look into it.) Get recommended brands at a Health Food Store.  Right away, order a broad spectrum probiotic from Dr. Mercola or Dr. Perlmutter, which has the basic 5 strains we all need, along with 5 others. If you can find one with all the strains locally, then get that – but I know Mercola’s are live because I make my yogourt from the capsules.  If you want to know the strains, look up Dr. Perlmutter or go to my facebook page at EFFECTIVE RELIEF energy therapy and scroll til you find the post.

b) Start eating organic, plain yogourt immediately – if possible, home made. Liberté from Quebec makes it and it is available locally.  If you are unused to it, start with a couple of tablespoons and work up to a cup or more daily. We need to eat fermented foods daily.

c) Buy organic coconut kefir made by the Cultured Coconut – available at health food stores in Halifax , Pete’s and Tantallon. It is excellent. Find kefir grains and make your own organic kefir.  Easily done when you feel a bit better.

d) Find and eat kimchi and unpasteurized sauerkraut (Krispikraut out of Lunenburg is excellent).

e) Once you are eating all this fermented food daily, you should only need the probiotic capsules on days when you don’t eat the food.  I use mine to make really good yogourt, when I forget to keep 2 tablespoons to make the next batch.

f) Eliminate sugar and gluten, maybe dairy too.  Seriously. TODAY. Give it a few weeks to feel the difference.

8) Come for energy work.  It is extremely effective for eliminating depression and anxiety. Not only do I do energy work but I do deep psychotherapy and re-framing as part of treatment. Get as much help as you can for yourself: from friends, your physician, your naturopath, from me. We all need help sometimes. 



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All Kindness is One Kindness

Belonging is such a fundamental part of being on this earth. Is it something you take for granted?   Is it something you’ve never imagined, instead feeling estranged or exiled? Or do you move from loneliness to a sense of attachment and back again, like a slow tide?

If we don’t medicate or take the “spiritual bypass”, dark passages can sink us into mythic caves of unexplored territory.  When we finally emerge, weeks or months later, we may be able to see the spiritual teaching and the inestimable value of that journey.  But while there, all we can do, is hang on and stay present, in as kind away as possible.  The illusion is complete and only the barest threads of consciousness, whisper to us not to take the thoughts seriously. Easier said than done. Difficult and lonely, these journeys are challenging and evolving. Thomas Moore borrowed St. John of the Cross’ phrase “dark night of the soul” to describe such experience.  I love the poetry of David Whyte  for he, too, takes on dark journeys and emerges with illumination – covered in bits of earth.


Medication and the internet have cast these mythic journeys into oblivion – and we are the poorer. This culture has made us afraid of them – with some good reason. They are not to be trifled with and certainly not for everyone. When we do take them on, however,  healing can occur that medication could never hope to touch.

I’ve been a “traveller” all my life, not so much from place to place – though I did a lot of that when I was younger; but more, moving on the edges of things, never staying long, alighting for a time, then taking off again. Bird sculptures adorn the walls of my house. I have always needed this fundamental freedom but what gets sacrificed is a sense of belonging – whether to a graduating class or to the neighbourhood.

Most people would far rather medicate or force feed happy thoughts than deal with one’s locked vaults of aloneness. I, too, might have given in to medication but I was caught at four a.m, naked, with no handholds.  Cornered with the reality of “we are born alone and we die alone”, I finally gave in. Yup. I realized any clinging to friends or family just made me more vulnerable. I finally stopped. Being alone was the last stop. Utterly. Feeling it with every pore.

029-shadowsLighting by Anna Efatova

Often, if we slay dragons, the reward is alchemy.  Mine was this:  within seconds of being completely fine with my fundamental aloneness, the illusion of walls melted like lingering April ice ;  my chest opened: I could breathe easily and I was left with my fundamental connectedness with everything and everyone.  I just lay there and breathed, contemplating miracles.

The crux had been embraced.  Kindness to self becomes kindness to all, just as pushing away a fundamental part of me, meant pushing others away (as introverts do), creating a false sense of isolation.

All kindness is one kindness and we are all embraced by it. 


Dedicated to David Whyte, for being a soul journeyer and inspiration. You give me courage. And to my heart-sister friends many of whom know and can speak of these same journeys. The richness of our friendship nourishes my life.

And, as always, please share this as you never know who might need to read these words.






Specially for Lightworkers

At my three month checkup, the doctor intoned, “This baby is starving! You have failed as a mother!”  He must have been truly outraged to say such a thing. This rather iffy entrance to this world, left me with deep potholes in my psyche that challenged me often in the years that followed. Older “Lighworkers” often come to this world with similar challenges so this is written especially for you.

Insight can often be the reward for self-healing work. One of the most profound came to me this morning. But first, a little background.

When babies are not brought into the world the way they are now, with attachment parenting and caring  birth practices,  the net result has often been anxiety, insecurity and lifelong issues with depression.  From the 20’s to the 60’s when doctors first took over the birth process,  using forceps and slaps to the bum, this happened to whole generations of children. Part of medicalisation meant scheduled feeding, leaving babies to “cry it out” and other inhumane practices advocated by gurus like Dr. Spock.  Those who grew up with mothers who smoked throughout pregnancy, infancy and childhood developed an added layer of damage.

I got it all – along with a mother who was borderline anorexic and proud of the fact no one guessed she was pregnant when she was eight months. She even wore a girdle to the hospital when I was born. At least she fought against the anaesthetic. She didn’t win and only saw me twelve hours afterwards. Rather than being held securely and nursed by my mother, I was sequestered in a separated row of basinettes in the hospital nursery, occasionally held against starched uniforms for feeding by busy nurses. They couldn’t possibly attend to all the babies who cried.fe0a78bd3b34a8cb3cd9e4d0e1e8f01c3bfa5ae14d2a52567b95a634264e4a9dCan you imagine doing this today, straight out of a secure, protected, warm fetal environment?! Yep, that was the way it was done back then.

 Plenty of fodder for healing.

Over the years, “inner-child work” going back to my fetal experience has healed episodes of  depression and insecurity. Such early experience leads to profound feelings of worthlessness and a wish to die. Life that started as  a struggle to survive continues in this pattern,  set in the first 6 months of life. The only answer is deep kindness, Presence and care. Fortunately, that can be retroactive.1bb7abd0904d0867952a4be2b7201d50 hawaii710030393AR_bCompassion  – from the Family of Man by Edward Steichen. Photos that affected me deeply at college.

 It was this inner healing process I was engaged in most of yesterday.  A trigger had set off a cascade of deep pain with all its familiar default thoughts. My healing work had  taught me not to grab and hold those thoughts. Instead, I curled up on the couch under blankets to keep very warm, and went inwards with kindness and loving messages – for as long as it took. 

Later that night, a significant dream urged me to journal when I woke.  All morning, insights took me to an unprecedented knowing resulting in a sense of self-respect, unaffected by others’ actions or words.  In years past, I had unwittingly allowed my sense of worth to form from the outside – from how others chose to treat me.

No longer.

 My message to “Lighworkers”, who often come to this world with challenges, is this:  without the levels of spiritual work long established, you would not have the inner soul strength to survive, never mind navigate devastating circumstances. This inner Light, who you essentially are, guided you through to adulthood and led you to healing those places within;  led you to know you must not repeat what was done to you. The strength of your soul is enormous – enough to take you down into the hell-realms of your own psyche and bring in Light; enough to offer Light and insight to others in spite of your own wounding. 

Your inner worth is unquestioned and who you ARE. This Core remains untarnished by the difficulties of your life. You chose to heal this personality because of your spiritual strength. You ARE the Light you bring and such worth is priceless.




The Dramatic Path That Led Me to Energy Medicine

Being head of the National Gallery in Ottawa was what my parents envisioned for me. Something dramatic had to change such rigorous expectations.  A woman from an intellectual, professional family where success is presumed, is brought up with such strictures around what is expected that she does not naturally gravitate outside peoples’ comfort zones! Although my parents are long gone, the family still does not mention what I do.  There was a high price to pay. I had to be utterly convinced in my bones that this was why I came to the planet and the story may interest you.

Fortunately, my mother had primed me for mystical experience by telling me of her own but I didn’t give it much thought beyond “interesting”.  That was until, sitting in a bathtub in Paris, I had my own.  Alone in the apartment where I was working “au pair” to learn French, the bathroom suddenly filled with an effulgence of light so strong I could barely make out the sink across the small room. A feeling of Love beyond anything I’d ever experienced overcame me. I remember actually pinching myself as tears were running down my face.  I could make out two beings of light next to the tub; they were tall and where their heads would have been was a bright ball of light. My only context at that time was Christ – so that is how I described it to the few people I trusted to tell. Even so, I was not “religious” but it made me more spiritually oriented. No messages were given ; the Presence was enough.  I never forgot it but neither did I do anything about it.


Twelve years later I was reading in bed. I was, by then, a young mother, who took yoga and was reading about  yogic levels of reality. Without warning, suddenly I changed into a column of light – like a laser beam. All sense of a physical body was gone leaving only Light, and overpowering Love. Tears of joy poured down my face, unthinkable to stop; I was in another realm entirely.  It seemed to last for a minute or so before I gradually came back to “myself”. I was completely awestruck by this experience. Nothing I had ever read prepared me for such a thing and I began a search for people who understood about “white Light”. 

The experience ended my marriage because my husband did not understand and had only disparaging words to offer. Suppressed issues surfaced, leading eventually to divorce. The upheaval that ended my conventional life was a very confusing, emotional time for many. Worlds shifted. Birthing of the new can be dramatic and painful for those caught in the wake:  my husband, my son, my parents, some relatives and friends were all caught in this tidal wave of change. Amidst the grieving for all that was lost, I met a group of people who had some understanding of “white light” and my own personal healing journey began. Within ten years, I had taken a course in Gestalt, done Jungian dream work and begun healing training in New York with Barbara Brennan.

Another surprise came when Barbara Brennan called for volunteers to do an exercise in front of the class. I did what she instructed and didn’t think much more about it until she asked me afterwards if I had done any healing training. “No”, I said. She was amazed and that gave me some new clues.

Although I was already on the “Path”, another shift was in store. After graduating from the first healing training, at age 52, I was standing doing yoga in my living room when another, new wave of Light literally brought me to my knees. This lasted for about half an hour. Again, I was overcome with Love, impossible to describe, that brought tears of joy coursing down my cheeks. After it faded, I managed to book myself into the Kabbalistic Healing training workshop on Ecstacy that I knew was taking place in Boston. This led to my training in Integrated Kabbalistic Healing, a three year course in New Jersey.


Things have been quiet since. I know without a doubt I am doing what I came to do – a vocation, hardly a “job”.  Sacred Light that encompasses  all religion is part of my world now so it doesn’t need to dissolve human plans and constructs.  I listen carefully to “leadings” as Quakers call Guidance, so that I know I’m on the right track. It has never led me astray.

One very powerful thing I teach people is how to contact and expand the Divine Spark each of us has in our Core.  Being Divine, it convinces anyone of the power of Light and heals a myriad of ills.

Preview of “Inner Spark of the Divine”

One thing that is important in my work is bridging worlds.  When I meet people, they see a conventional, very “un-flakey” professional woman.  In my treatment room you will see very few New Age things. I want clients to feel comfortable and reassured of solid, reliable help. An intake form reassures them further that they are in safe, well-grounded hands.

The safer people feel, the greater will be their healing. Offering this opportunity is why I am here and it took some extraordinary events and a good deal of upheaval to make that happen.


Neanderthal to Tinkerbell: the Journey of Upping “Our Vibration”

Life lesson #1589…Pick a number:  I got one today. Enlightening in the end, upsetting in the beginning.

So, here’s what I’m figuring out. First the back story.  Some of us are changing our vibratory rate – bringing it up a notch. That means everything in our lives has to move towards happiness  🙂  For those of us switching up, working at not judging or stopping judging as soon as we can, leaving behind sad, mad, icky thoughts for a brighter interpretation and generally not hanging out in the paranoid, controlled, dog-eat-dog universe, is a requirement.

Today I got a little test: a visitation from someone in that older universe (the one inhabited by Republicans and Mr. Harper and other neanderthals. Oops, see? still have a way to go). I was sucked in for the better part of the day, asking useless questions such as “why is he so mean? what have I ever done to him? and other whiny thoughts. Then my niece, who was born with a higher vibratory chip in her psyche, said : “Ignore it! Don’t take it seriously!!”

Oh. It’s that easy?  Permission to ignore.  What a concept!

I had this revelation the other day  that we are all picking our delusions and living within them. We are all little universes, really, where everyone in a particular universe behaves within a certain range of the believer’s world view. Happy to say my outward world is improving immensely. But today was a powerful reminder about what to do when a caller arrives who has no “chip” in his psyche and no intention of knowing about such things.

Ignore any of their miserable remarks!!  simple. easy. clean – and presto-chango – you are back in your own universe, having fun. Someone posted a hilarious video that spoke to the situation and had me cracking up.  Ah yes, it does get easier with practise.

017fairiesdancerspeterpanneanderthal8the raising of the neanderthal ~ a journey of letting go and lightening up!


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Calling On Grandmother Compassion

 In her email, my friend named it “the narcissism of grandmothers”. No one talks about this source of real pain. For whatever reason, the joy of becoming a grandmother often seems to overtake our capacity for compassion.

My friend spoke of another friend, who had lost two daughters in a terrible accident  in the early 80s. The remaining sister was so devastated that she was unable to sustain a relationship until after her childbearing years.  The mother’s grief remains incapacitating at times and was especially  acute when a group of “friends”,  as they became grandmothers,  started chattering about their grandchildren, completely oblivious.  One grandmother would pull out the latest shots of grandchildren, followed by the others.  Although my friend alerted the group to how painful this was, they would forget and do it again. The stricken mother finally left the group.  The pain was just too much.


As grandmothers surely we know pain!  By now, we know that we carry our children’s pain on top of our own and have developed some compassion, or at least awareness. Let us remember the women who have lost daughters or have daughters who will never conceive. Let’s let the joy of our grandchildren be sufficient unto itself, remembering that spreading our joy can rip the scab off deep wounds.  I learned a lesson today that I hope to remember.

We are grandmothers: I call on us all to be gentle; to be considerate; to enlarge our capacity to hold one another through all phases and circumstances of life.


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Resurrected. Takin’ It Back Home to Roost

Easter.  The Karmapa’s tour of the USA.  All stimulus to thoughts on the endless play of good and evil and the challenge we have constantly to choose the good.  Even within the hallowed ranks of Buddhism,  the dark twist lurks, ever urging.

The process all starts with our own thoughts and what we allow to take over.  I find the lurking dark can smarm it’s way to my being  in the most mundane of circumstances. Snowplow drivers were my constant challenge this winter.  As I heaved and re-heaved ice chunks and heavy snow, the dark was ever so willing to help.  Visions of collecting dog poop in the spring melt and delivering my own vengeful deposit came to mind. I tried valiantly to turn my thoughts to gratitude and often grudgingly succeeded – but sometimes I just couldn’t do it;  discouragement took over.  It takes energy to be grateful.

All the same, catching my thoughts and immediately turning them – or at least stopping the bad ones – has become a constant practise over the years, mainly because it makes me happier and doesn’t create bad karma.  When I turn the thoughts around, nothing can take root and begin to grow except thankfulness.  Presto change-o:  resurrection!

We create a rich compost with our thoughts and within that, whole forests of belief can develop, which we then reinforce by talking with like minded people, reading, watching videos etc.  Before long, we have created an environment, a stance, something to defend. Just like the Sanhedrin did with Christ:  someone mumbled one day about “that troublemaker…” and many thoughts began to build towards the cross.  Eventually it happened.  Very bad karma.

easter-cute-dog-8chhpwfySo, nip ’em in the bud, I say.  Life is just a lot more fun that way…bunnies, eggs, sun and flowers; kind and compassionate people, versus a war between piles of wet, heavy snow and dog poop smearing, bound to crucify no one but me. 

My better nature is all for lightening everybody’s load.  Happy Easter!

Feeling Worthy – How to Get There & Three Very Helpful Videos


What creates or destroys the sense of belonging?  Brené Brown sees this sense as our most fundamental need and value. (A tip: start the video at about minute 3:10 to skip to the heart of the message.) This powerful talk leads me into the heart of how I see clients turn from struggle  to thriving.

In my practice, wounds reveal the damage Brown speaks about. During the course of treatment, nurturing a sense of belonging is a basic step to healing self-worth.  Another key element Brown speaks about is the importance of being “authentic”. The two go hand in hand.

Being authentic, or “real”, without pretence,  offers the possibility of connection,  a place where worthiness can grow. It is trustworthy, believable, secure. Tender new growth needs these qualities. That connection then fosters a sense of belonging. Together, my clients and I anchor these roots and nurture them into  thriving and worthiness.

In the following two  videos by Tara Brach, you will find a strong sense of authenticity. You’ll pick up her realness. She gives helpful steps to finding your own sense of worthiness and ways to work with judgmental thoughts.

Most important for a therapist , these videos also reveal her kindness. To be a safe container for the vulnerability of shame and fear takes steady, reliable kindness. To hold this space for you, is both my pledge and my honour.

Adding my treatments to Tara Brach’s practises, you can turn around your inner struggles in about half the time and lessen your chances of falling back. It’s a good insurance policy.

If you have any questions or reactions to these videos, please write them in the comment section. I’d love to hear from you and will get back to you soon.

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Why It’s Smart to Find Out More about Energy Therapy

Are you looking for something that eases pain and dysfunction without being invasive or causing side effects?  Perhaps you are seeking treatment that brings deep relaxation, while making you feel revitalized and cheerful at the same time?  Energy therapy is a smart choice – and it works just as effectively at a distance.  “I feel great!” is a comment I hear often after a session.  People feel energized, with much reduced pain, clear-headed and happy. Here’s a quote from a recent distance session:  “I really, really really appreciate your work – it is like magic mixed with love 🙂 ”    mmt (March 27. 2015)

Is it safe?

Yes.  My twenty years experience and thorough training mean you are in good hands. Beyond my BA from Vassar College, I’ve been certified by two top healing schools. Your safety, and sense of feeling secure in treatment, are my first priorities. One remark I have heard often is “I feel safe with you.”

You would never trust someone to cut into your body who was unqualified. Use the same intelligence with energy work.  Details of my qualifications and training are here. In 20 years of treating people, my work has proven very safe.

Why is this a good choice for my health concerns?

No other modality addresses how you feel emotionally at the same time as your physical pain and the negative thoughts that go with that. Energy therapy takes care of the full range.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI have treated a great deal of depression, knee and neck pain and gut issues  – with very good outcomes. I have also successfully treated irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, back pain, eating disorders, arthritis, headaches and many other conditions. Establishing self confidence and a sense of self empowerment have long been part of my practice. Treatment of cancer also has had satisfying results.  Find out more on my web site.


 Who Tries This Form of Treatment?

Medical doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, occupational therapists, craftspeople, theatre people, boatbuilders, professors, entrepreneurs, naturopaths, osteopaths and government employees are some that come to mind. People from many areas of life come to me for treatment.

What will I feel? 

Most people feel deep relaxation (to the point of sleep) and an easing of pain or dysfunction. Some people feel a tingling or warmth.  Treatment  is far less invasive than medical procedures or manipulations from physical therapies, yet it eases or completely disappears a multitude of ills.

You Don’t Have to be Sick to Benefit!

People come to me just for good maintenance – to feel relaxed, energized and renewed. Nothing says “self-care” like the feeling you get after a treatment. Your body will be very grateful.

What is involved in a treatment?

There are three parts to any session with me:

Diagnosis: The real need for healing is hidden in your history so the first step entails a thorough health history to determine the patterns the body holds. This shows me where the deepest point of healing is needed and what medical conditions to consider while treating.

Tools: These give you control of your own process and will help subsequent healings.  At this stage I may determine it would be better for you to do two weeks of easy practices at home before starting table work.  These take you into the process of your own healing. They are important because your engagement confirms to  your body/mind that you are serious about getting well.  Under your own control, they also clear your field of a great deal of trauma. This a very important consideration when working with damaging invasions.

Table work:  You are fully clothed, lying on your back. I place my hands lightly on neutral places, asking your permission. In cases of severe abuse, we wait until it feels safe enough to lie on the table and I am extremely careful and gentle.Jane in treatment Sometimes I may knead out muscle knots that impede energy from flowing –  usually in your back. I carefully control the amount of energy flowing from the universal field – just like changing water pressure – listening deeply to your body and giving it just what it needs and no more. Think of it as being washed with a light showering hose, carefully monitored so that you get just enough – not too little and not too much. Your body decides how much it needs; I can feel that and listen to its intelligence. On other levels, I connect very deeply to  tissues to heal such things  as muscle fibres, fascia, bone and organ linings (as in the colon or stomach.) In cancer treatments I use energy a little like radiation to take out the templates of tumors and clear the blood and lymph of the templates of cancer cells.

 How does the energy benefit me?

What you experience overall is relief of pain and far better function:  a frozen shoulder that has much greater mobility, a neck that moves freely and painlessly, a swollen and inflamed colon that normalizes, a mood that brightens and stays optimistic. These are some of the many results that happen all the time. See the therapy check list on my web site for a longer list of conditions I have treated.

Disease, like healthy tissue, has an organizing  field of energy. I balance and repair this field, which then affects lymphatic and blood flow and tissue health. Even before disease shows up in the body, it can be seen, shifted and dissipated in the field. Free of blockages, your body can find its way back to health. Side effects, if there are any, are minor and temporary. In the case of a tumour, removing its field of energy means the tumor no longer has a template, making it difficult for it to grow. Long before he became a famous TV personality, Dr. Mehmet Oz used healers in his cardiac surgery at Columbia Presbyterian in NYC, to stop and start blood flow; he felt this was beneficial to his patients.

 In the first few treatments, you may find you are a little tired afterwards or out of sorts for day or so, while old stagnation clears. This is commonly felt after acupuncture and massage as well. After that passes, people make remarks such as:  “that was amazing!”,  “I felt really good”, “I felt so relaxed yet clear and energized”. 

What exactly is this “energy field” you talk about?

The energy field is a group of frequencies that make up the physical body, the emotions, the mental state and spiritual life. It is the organizing principle or template critical to life and health, discovered in India thousands of years ago. Yogis have been working with the chakras, or energy valves that are part of this system, for much longer than western medicine.human_energy_field Your mental state, your emotions and tissues in the body have different frequency bands. Working with this “field”  or group of  vibrating bands,  is like working with radio waves that you cannot see – but you hear the results. What I work with is similar – most people don’t see or feel the energy bands or chakras, (though anyone can be taught), yet you experience eased emotions and physical ailments.

The chakras correspond with issues concerning the area of the body where they are located. The front of the throat chakra concerns verbal expression and thyroid issues for example. Chakras are complex mechanisms that hold our histories and our traumas, as well as being central to the health of the organs in the area.

If a person has self confidence issues for example, the solar plexus chakra is often too soft (like oatmeal) and can rotate in the wrong direction. To deal with this ( in a simplified explanation), the client needs to be grounded very securely first, so that she feels her connection with the earth, especially if she has had a traumatized childhood (root chakra issue). Grounding needs to be secure. After that, the energy from the strengthened root chakra can feed the solar plexus through the central energy channel which runs from the root to the crown of the head. My job is to make sure that channel is clear, along with rebalancing  and repairing the chakra. In a healthy person, the energy flows smoothly and continuously without blockages. Using visualization and reframing techniques with the client as I work energetically, together we encourage the solar plexus chakra to change it’s pattern of rotation. Greater self confidence follows and with a few treatments becomes permanent. Stomach, pancreatic or liver issues, if there are any, will often resolve at the same time, as long as serious illness has not developed.

If this sounds powerful, it is. That is why qualified healers take vows.

What conditions have not had good outcomes with this work?

 So long as people continue their course of treatment, good outcomes are likely. (This part is important as the work is incremental.) On the other hand,   I have not been successful with weight issues or nerve pain issues. 

How many treatments will it take?

That depends on your condition. Ailments that take years to develop cannot be shifted in one session but you will feel the effects of each session, and people often feel better in one or two treatments. This work is efficient, especially if you do the exercises along with the energy treatments.  I try to do a thorough job in as short a period as I can. My priority is that you feel better, not in keeping you dependent on my services.

If you are far away, I can treat you in the privacy of your home

It is just as effective as an “in person” session and some clients even prefer it. Read about distance or non-local healing  here.

Do your homework:

As in any aspect of life, unfortunately, frauds do exist – that is why you must be discerning. Look for qualified people and listen to others who have already seen the practitioner. Once you are in the office, listen to your intuition. Not every person will be the right person for you. If you get a good feeling with this practitioner, stay. On the other hand, don’t be afraid to leave if it doesn’t feel right to you; our intuition gives us very important guidance.

I’ve been in practice for many years without being supported byIMG_1482 - Version 3 government insurance and partially covered by private insurance companies only for a period of about eight years. That tells you people have had good results; otherwise I would have had to find another job long ago.

In my training, requirements and supervision were stringent. We took vows to only use this power for good – vows more serious than the hippocratic oath, as I witnessed it being taken in recent years by medical students.

Find out more about how I can help here. You’ll see a video of me working on dogs – so you can see the effects of the energy on an animal before trying it yourself. You’ll also find a relaxing meditation video that will bring calm to your day. I look forward to meeting you!


Ensuring YOUR comfort and trust


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