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Remarkable Recovery from a Brain Injury. Find Out How…


I hear on good authority that sticking up for complementary therapies still gets you laughed out of a medical school classroom – at least in Nova Scotia. Yet these same doctors must believe in magic. They called my daughter’s recovery from a horrific car accident “remarkable” but they never asked what made the difference.

Without energy therapy and homeopathic cream applied soon after her severe brain injury, followed by cranial-sacral brain work and yoga, and osteopathy added a few years later, my daughter would be far from the personal trainer she is today, with a dynamic web site and blog that attest to her brain skills. Her own determination and the love of her husband played an enormous role of course but there was another critical element. As a result, two years after the accident, she graduated from her journalism program just one point below Magna Cum Laude. And kept on going. From the most severe brain injury anyone can sustain, she has about 99% of her capacity back.

You would think the doctors would want to know why. You’d think they would ask.

One of the secrets was very early intervention with homeopathic cream and energy therapy. Two months after a head-on collision that left her with her head sliced open and 14 broken or smashed bones, my daughter paid a visit to the ICU where she had spent a week in a coma.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA One month in hospital: out of the coma, still with a feeding tube and delusional.

 As she laughed and chatted with the nurses, they were very surprised and delighted.  The doctors, however, stared slack-jawed; clearly they had expected a vegetable. In spite of living evidence before them, they asked not a single question. Once they had put her physical pieces back together – and they did a magnificent job of that –  the only thing the neurosurgeons had to offer was “time” and lack of stress to do the rest  of the healing. Here she was, well able to carry on ordinary conversation, yet they did not ask why.

A mother who is an energy therapist and part of a community of competent alternative therapists does not settle for “time”.  My healer friends and I began working on her brain as soon as the head wound had closed (a seven inch scar marks the spot). She was still delusional, calling people by their wrong names, babbling and very restless. She was only lucid for a minute or so each day. A quarter sized part of her left frontal lobe lay crushed as a dark mangled tangle. (As seen by me and confirmed by healer friends in Calgary who also reported the same thing.) Each treatment brought more lucidity and improvement. The jumps were very noticeable. They were not caused by “time” alone. I know this because other patients with brain injuries, admitted at the same time, were not making the same kind of progress.

Maggie - in tree Oct. '14 - Version 2My daughter as she is today

“Doctors are incurious” is a very damning statement I have heard. Yes, of course there are exceptions, my own physician and several friends among them, but as a general rule, this has been my experience. And this incuriosity certainly did not help the other brain injured patients on that floor. Neither does it bode well for our care.

Here is the take-home.  Treating the body and the mind without treating the energy field is like trying to turn a square cake into a valentine cake without using a heart shaped pan: it is a lot more work and has a far less satisfactory outcome. Just as a baking pan is essential for the shape of a cake; the energy field is integral to health; yet, 40 or more years since “the field” has been known, photographed, measured and taught in the West, it is still considered flakey or just plain voodoo. How wrong people can be.

My daughter is a living testament to what alternative therapies and energy work can do, yet the very physicians most people rely on, don’t appear to want to know what made such a vast difference.

 What a waste. What a crying shame.

 Healing Tree Logo-Brown finalFor more information on my healing work, go to

I would very much appreciate your sharing this so that others may know of greater possibilities.

Thank you so much.




Cancer Diagnosis – Essential Advice for Healing

A letter to all those with a cancer diagnosis:

Your part of the healing process is designed to convince your body that you want it to be well. That means making your healing a priority – so that your body knows you are “walking your talk”. You may have to alter your lifestyle for this. Forgive me if I’m telling you what you already know but healing cancer is a life changing task. That might be obvious, but many people think they can continue as before and heal cancer on the side. Nope. I’m not mincing words here – it’s too vital. Once it is in your body,  you’ve got to use everything you’ve got to stop it. Everything.

From my experience,  keys are loving all the traumatized parts of you, forgiving anything that was done to you (more on that later). And easing all the stress in your life. (This will do you a world of good regardless!)

So – 1) a list of traumas

2) a list of people to forgive

3) a list of present stresses.

Traumas: – you go back to your young self in your imagination. In your mind’s eye, your adult self removes her from the awful situation and wraps her in love and comfort. Your adult self reassures and comforts the young self and lets her cry or tell you how awful it was. You are pure love, understanding and acceptance for her. You stay with her ’til she feels better. Do this for every trauma you can remember. You may cry a lot and this is good. It’s removing the trauma.


Preview of “Ho'oponopono”
Then go to the person who did it and forgive them. I’m attaching the Hawaiian process that is so powerful for this. Even if you don’t mean the words at first, you soon will. Just keep repeating them. The psychiatrist who made this famous healed a hospital of mental patients this way. Terrible things have been forgiven by taking 100% responsibility and repeating these 4 phrases, making them yours and elaborating if you need to . If you really didn’t have a part to play, you can be sorry for the situation in general – for both of you, caught by circumstance or fate.

Present Stresses – Do all you can to remove yourself. You need all your energy for healing now. I’m really serious. This can’t be part time. It’s time to be selfish until you are better. And after that,  keep a balance – you’ve always got to include you in the equation. Unconditional love of God includes you!

If you do all these things, you have a fighting chance. They will tell your body that it is loved, that it is a priority and that it matters that it lives. So start today and keep on going. You can work miracles this way.

I offer additional powerful ways to treat cancer and other afflictions.  Please go to for more information and testimonials.

All luck to you and a ongoing wishes for your complete recovery!

Gleaming Covers

P1040172Magic.  Who doesn’t love sunlight and sparkle?  Do you know the child’s tale about princesses who danced in a forest of crystal each night and made their suitors guess where they went? The men who guessed – the noble, kind, competent, persistent ones  married a princess. The other suitors had their heads lopped off.  Yes, there is that pesky down side…

The luminous trees yesterday reminded me of this tale.  They also reminded me that each of us has an outer gleaming cover that we show to the world – the “presentable” aspects of our good and funny selves that will appeal to other people and make us likeable. Usually with the help of mothers who hoped we would be princesses, rather than scullery maids, and worried about “what the neighbours would think”,  we became  invested in these gleaming covers. We avoid looking beneath  because we dread admitting the less acceptable aspects we have kept under wraps.

What I want to say here is that the crystal covering, with it’s eye catching gleam, like the ice on the branches, is brittle. It has no life. All the nourishment lies in the darker branch underneath; the branch that supports the sparkling cover. In us, this is the more substantial self, the human self that makes mistakes, cries, yells sometimes and (perish the thought!) might even be a bitch from time to time.  This part of us is full of life!  It is nothing to be ashamed of – it is human.

It is also the part that gets damaged by trauma; that needs to heal. As long as we concentrate on “keeping our gleam on”, we never heal the deeper aspects that may be crying for attention.  The part underneath needs our kindness, our latitude and our forgiveness*: the darker, less showy aspects crying to be loved.

Looking beneath, leaving our mothers’ cautionary tales behind, we encounter  a rich compost of life. Of course, mixed in are broken eggs, bits of rotted tomato, and other stinky things, but have you noticed what strong trees this compost grows? 

Don’t be afraid to embrace your imperfect self. It is so alive and beautifully fallible – like all the rest of us.  Together with the polished coating, the two create a gleaming tree that brushes the sky.


* Please see my post on Forgiveness in the side bar. It will show you a powerful way to do this.

If this has touched you, pass it on to others who may benefit by liking it and sharing it. Thanks!    Wishing you strength and joy…

Things You Can Do to Treat Mild Depression with NO Harmful Side Effects

The “slow food” way of managing depression leaves you with a plentiful supply of inner “compost” that will nourish your soul as the years roll on. We desperately need ways of coping with depression and anxiety that do not entail drugs and I offer a number of effective solutions. In 20 years, my approach has brought many people through dark passages with none of the harmful side effects created by drugs. Some easy things you can do will get you started. But before I get into that, listen to this:
An email came to me recounting a tale of side effects from drugs prescribed for depression and anxiety that curdled my blood. The so called physician did nothing in spite of the patient being in Emergency, peeing blood as his digestive, nervous, muscular and organ systems broke down. Four years later full recovery is still a distant hope but alternative therapies have effected many positive changes. Recovery included flying half way across the continent for two years of highly specialized treatment in another city. “Expensive” doesn’t begin to cover it.
Let me be clear. Depression is NOT your fault! In my experience, it is the result of the layering of trauma, neglect and resulting mistakes that we deeply regret. Over the years, negative experience tends to accumulate. We cope, we keep going. Then one day, we can’t anymore.  So let go of the idea that you have totally failed at your task of being superwoman or even ordinary human. Good – now…

 depressedThe first thing you can do for yourself is break the word “depression” down. Ask yourself  “am I lonely”; “am I grieving something or someone?”; “am I angry? who am I angry at  and for what?”; “what do I sorely regret and feel I can’t fix?”  Pulling out the threads of the word “depression” breaks it up and makes it easier to manage. Write this down in a notebook. Tease out each thread, so you really know what is going on.

The next key piece is journaling about how you are feeling. You can also use oil pastels, paints or crayons to draw your feelings on paper. These creative outlets connect you to your deeper self and register with your body as attention, time and love.  Deep contact with yourself always eases sadness and loneliness. You are being your own best friend by listening to what is most important. The light of your own awareness focused on your distress will gradually soothe inner pain and restore your energy. It all comes down to being kind, being deeply kind.

You can ask for kindness from others too, some of whom may not understand what is going on. Show them this blog post. As long as they see you doing something for yourself – the tiniest effort – they will not lose  hope.

Let yourself rest, don’t force yourself to do things that feel too much.  A good diet, along with exercise are very helpful but that is a hard call when you don’t feel like getting out of bed. Buy soothing soups, if you haven’t the energy to make them, soups that agree well with your digestion. Finding them at a health food shop or a local slow food restaurant will ensure the best nutrients.  Go to your front door and take in 10 deep breaths of fresh air. The next day, walk outside; the next, around the block and go just a little further each day.

Read my post on Forgiveness. Knowing we can forgive and be forgiven can be a big piece of the recovery process.

 All is NOT lost, though it may feel like it. The journaling and drawing/scribbling with colour  is like aerating your compost…it adds light and air.  And that allows the trauma inside to shift and digest, eventually becoming a rich foundation of experience that strengthens you. It turns trauma into Soul food.

Seven of my treatments is a good average to bring someone out of a lifetime of depression – treatment without drugs and without side effects.

If you email me, as part of your 10 minute free consult, I will send you another easy, free exercise that will further lighten your load.  You can reach me at to arrange a good time to call.  Be good to yourself and remember to take just one soothing step at a time.  It is not your fault that you are feeling this way. You haven’t “failed”. It is deep care that you need.

If you have found this post of value, please share it with your friends and “like” it on facebook. It’s so important that people know they can deal with depression without drugs.

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Deep Forgiveness Frees up Enormous Energy for Healing

With religion fading in many lives, what do we do with our mistakes, some terrible ones?  We need ways to forgive ourselves and other people without the mediation of the church or religious teaching, no longer viable for many.

Ho’oponopono is the most powerful way I’ve come across. It is the ancient Hawaiian method to keep peace among island peoples and has worked for thousands of years. Most recently it has worked in my own life and my daughter’s.

The only way to truly heal any rift is to take 100% responsibility for what has happened.  At first, blame or denial may be far more attractive and satisfying but they will simply keep the situation festering. The drain on your system will be considerable and can even lead to disease.

At first you may not mean the words but persist; you soon will find that you do mean them. You’ll need to keep on repeating these four phrases, adding to them and making them your own as the situation calls for. Eventually, you will feel the situation clear and you’ll feel much lighter and happier.

My daughter was in a terrible car accident that left her with 14 broken bones and a severe brain injury. Part of her recovery involved doing this practise. In her blog, she recommends it and I, too, strongly encourage you. Read her story, where she talks about her own reaction to this here:

By dismantling deep anger and blame, we free up energy for recovery and thriving. Life gets a lot happier and more rewarding.  Good luck!

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Sick of Emotional Pain? Read on…

Canmore - Bow River
The Bow River quiescent in Canmore. Here you can see where it divides into two streams.

Recently, a couple of deeply distressing incidents revealed an inner “virus” lurking in my emotional body. “WHY do I STILL attract such situations?” I asked no one in particular.  Consciously I had no idea. Knowing full well that each of us is a hologram of the Universe, all outer situations reflecting back an inner dynamic, I was still frustrated and angry at “Life”.

The answer came in three parts. A friend told me how to do “Quantum Jumping”  (you can google it) and the Tao Te Ching told me to go inward to Source.  After spending time in deeply inward space, I followed the instructions for Quantum Jumping. The system started to work within an hour. From the hints that were coming to me as I journalled – ‘follow this pattern… and this one…’, the unfolding words revealed a fundamental “worm” underlying various unsatisfactory aspects of my life: many lives as a sacrifice. A graphic vision actually showed up in case I should miss the point:  “Ohhhhhhhhh…thaaat makes sense”….[Snow White awakes; Wicked Step Mother on her way to the trash.]

Fortunately, I have effective tools to rid myself of Wicked Step Mothers. Immediately,  a healing solution presented itself and after applying it, I fell into a deep and restful sleep. The weekend funk that had ruined two gorgeous days was completely gone by morning and resilience sparked some joy. 

Unfortunate incidents are teachers. Once we understand the hidden dynamic behind them, the pain dissipates. It no longer mattered what had occurred because clearing such a deep pattern was far more valuable.  I was almost grateful for the actors who had triggered the healing.

Climbing “Jacob’s Ladder”

We manifest duality, each one of us. It’s not a given.  That was my waterfall insight for today.

Wm Blake's painting of Jacob's Ladder
Jacob’s Ladder by William Blake

Tibetan monks show us clearly that we can be earthy AND filled with light. So do tree roots. But I think people often confuse the concrete world of the physical with sticky  negativity. At least I did. Being earthed meant being stuck in capricious duality where life careened from happy to sad, with a kind of monotone OKness offered by anti-depressants to help smooth out the ride. Seemingly we are at the whim of unseen forces. “Our cross to bear” in the words of my Grandmother’s Christianity. Their answer was to pray a lot. A good plan that does help but all the same, it was kind of white knuckling it. There is always drinking oneself into oblivion but that’s not such a great plan for the family.

Clearly more was needed. Some of us have become desperately sick of the spin of the wheel of karma weaving illusion after illusion.

With the influx of high frequency energies (complex astronomy involved here) giving us a needed boost, we’ve been gifted with greater knowledge and awareness. It sometimes enables a larger view. When I visit my waterfall, its high energy cleans my body/mind/spirit sufficiently that I can see a little further away – like windshield wipers.  And today it was all about duality being the result of our inept manifesting.

Apparently, because we have been so unconscious, we have created this yin/yang world all by ourselves. With all due respect to religious (somewhat pernicious) dogma of God’s “punishment”or Allah’s decrees, I bring something new to consider:  we were given free will and we’ve made a bit of a mess. This dimension flips around like some crazy child’s toy. The news that came to me today is that we can do something about it. I realize Buddha told us this in 500 BC but some of us take longer to get it.  Be easy on yourself.

Here is the formula that is yielding good results for me. If I were to start a church, it would be the church of Jacob’s Ladder. No need for buildings or priests, simply this formula:  Clean up: move up; get clear. Clean up: move up and get clearer. Keep going!  Climb Jacob’s Ladder. Those angels that Jacob saw?  They are beckoning us, lighting the way.  Sure it takes work but what else are you doing?  Buddha sat under a tree and waited out the demons that assailed him in the stillness of his awareness until they gave up. That kind of idea. Might as well climb your way out of maya and actually get happier, no? 

More on what is  necessary next time. If this has caught your attention,  I’ll know you want to hear more if you “like” this post.

And, before next time, if you would enjoy visiting the waterfall by video, you can  have instant access here. It’s a sacred spot so I hope it brings you the peace it brings me.



PS. A Little More on Anger and Grieving

I’ve found there is quite a lot to say on this subject.  So bear with me while I add a few other thoughts…

photo: Doran Yount

The anger that descends when a special friend or family member dies needn’t have any target. It can be disguised as general irritability. Everything bugs us. Soon after the death of our friend, I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me because I was so short-tempered. A friend assured me this was grief. Her theory is that this grieving anger causes many family fights around outcomes in wills: everyone is seeking a target. When my mother died, my father and I had the biggest row of our lives. He had found an old letter I had written and took issue with it all over again. For the first time in my life, I stood up to the old lion and cleared away many issues. So it’s not all bad.

Anger is active. We feel somewhat empowered by it, so it is an easy place to go when we don’t want to feel the leaden vulnerability of the final loss. Ultimately, when all other options are used up, we do land there. But it takes a number of stages to gradually draw us to this place of quiet sorrow, where the only outcome is acceptance.

Grieving – Acknowledging the Anger

A friend of ours died recently. Suddenly, without much warning.

Grief holds many stages. Sometimes people in different phases can feel they are at odds, unable to understand where another person is coming from. A person still in denial can be shocked at the degree of anger someone else is showing. Another’s grieving feels distinctly uncomfortable for a person who is still in denial – or bargaining. We can rub each other the wrong way as we transition through the phases. Only when we get to the final stage of acceptance, having moved through all the other phases can we settle down and just be with the whole experience.

How do we distinguish between acceptance and denial? A person in denial may feel  they have accepted the whole experience. The best way to tell the difference is to sense if there is any emotional “charge” left on the death itself – or other people’s reactions. If so, then something remains to be processed.

A friend  brought up another distinction which is worth mentioning. Through her work she has found that people feel two kinds of anger. Both need to be processed. The first is anger at the situation: possibly at the doctors or the friends who didn’t show up, at ourselves, or the family who did inexplicable things. The second and hardest to acknowledge, is anger at the person for leaving us. No matter how irrational, the emotional body is its own realm, not governed by the intellect, and it demands its due. We are mad at being abandoned – our dreams left in a heap at the door when the person had the gall to up and die. Here was one reaction of my own: “what do you mean, you died?  How could you?  You were only 63, younger than me!  You had so much to offer!  You added such joy to our lives! And you just up and die, leaving the rest of us still stumbling around?!”  Yes this is selfish – but we have to feel it anyway and let it have its say. Otherwise we risk taking it out inappropriately. The emotional side of ourselves is primitive but it’s part of us. Only when we acknowledge the baser feelings can we pass to the next phase.

When we don’t allow ourselves to feel such things, we stay stuck,  replaying old tapes and feeling emotion that seems out of place. We can lash out at others. Or, by intellectualizing the whole event, we can have little empathy for others who are feeling the softer emotions.

Grieving is a long process and the phases can be intermixed and in a different order for each person. No one processes in the same way or at the same pace. We all need to give one another a lot of latitude around these phases. This is one place where compassion makes a big difference.

Kindness Comes in Many Wrappers

The man in front of me in the grocery checkout line looked homeless. He was what we call a “woods guy” – red lumberjack jacket, none too clean and unshaven. He moved his groceries to give me room and placed the bar to separate our groceries.  After I thanked him for his thoughtfulness he grinned a shy toothless grin at me. When the cashier took my bananas, adding it to my benefactor’s, his eyes sparkled as he said he’d almost paid for them.  The beer bellied man behind me joined in the discussion about kindness in this world. As we joked, I said “Gee, I  should’ve let him get the whole lot!” My benefactor grinned that toothless grin again and said “I would’av  if you din’t have any money.”   I was deeply touched.  It changed my whole day. 

 Just when I am despairing about the world’s present  moral abyss, this happens. The man behind me in the lineup assured me that goodness is still hiding in unexpected places.

Yes, it is, thank God.

The inestimable Power of Juicing, Having Hope and Good Cheer. Vital in Fighting Cancer and MS

The Gerson Institute in Southern California and Mexico has been having remarkable results with terminal cancer since 1928 using juiced organic vegetables as it’s cornerstone therapy.

Meet Charlotte Gerson at 90. This is what juicing looks like when you’ve been doing it all your life. She is still running her clinic. As a child her father cured her TB, along with the wife of Dr. Albert Schweitzer.

Dr. Terry Wahls cured her MS with three dinner plates full of veggies each day. Emerging from a wheelchair within a year, she is now riding and hiking and doing her medical rounds with ease. You can see her TED talk on You Tube. Her story is amazing and very inspiring.

I found all this out by researching for a client of mine last spring who had 4th stage metastasized liver cancer. It had already lodged in her breast, chest wall and lymph glands. After 6 months of twice weekly energy sessions, targeted chemotherapy, and alternate means, last fall she got an all-clear pet scan. This is so rare the shocked doctors didn’t believe the results and ordered new tests. Her pet scans of the liver continue to be clear, though she had a very minor recurrance in the chest wall for which she is being irradiated. In a week or so, she is off to a clinic offering an 8 week program in alternate therapies, after talking with patients who have experienced this program and lived 20 years beyond 4th stage diagnoses. She is doing everything possible to be among that successful group.

I cannot speak for these other people, but I can tell you what made a critical difference for my client. We can all adopt some of her strategies easily BEFORE getting sick.

This is Drew Canole. Find him on You Tube. He can inspire anyone to juice!

Juicing organic veggies is number one because it drenches your body in fresh nutrients, vital to the body’s metabolic processes.  I started juicing last spring and within a couple of weeks, felt literally 40 years younger with more energy than I remember since being a child. If a simple beet will clear your liver of toxins, imagine what kale, parsley, celery, carrots and ginger will do – to name just a few!

Number two, yet just as critical, is dissolving unconscious negative beliefs that sabotage all efforts to heal. These are usually established in childhood but can also happen later. After the client above arrived for the first time, we began immediately to dissolve her underlying wish to die. Life over the past seven years had been too hard and she had given up any wish to continue. Fortunately, she was able to find strong reasons to live and the determination to re-program herself. This is always my first approach in therapy, no matter what the difficulty because otherwise, people sabotage their own healing process without even realizing it.

Taking turmeric every day with warm milk is third on my list. It is good for almost everything beyond destroying tumors. In Brazil it is revered because it neutralizes the venom of pit vipers! An ancient ayurvedic remedy used for thousands of years in Asia, the “nutraceutical” companies are onto this now, selling it as Curcumin and charging a fortune. But while we are still healthy, we don’t need to pay a fortune for the most absorbable brand; we can simply make sure we eat Turmeric (in which curcumin is the active ingredient) every day. I combine mine with coconut oil and warm milk (I, who cannot bear warm milk, find this really soothing and pleasant) to clear up asthma and save my brain from dreaded aging diseases. It’s a delicious spice, the main ingredient in curries.

Dr. David Hawkins Map of Consciousness shows the frequency levels of emotions. To stay healthy, you want to do your best to stay in the upper half. Juicing and energy work are easy ways to get there.

Finding ways to be happy is vital. Why is it so important?  Because being happy is a very high frequency state and disease has a great deal of trouble surviving in high frequencies. Cancer, like all disease, is a low frequency occurance, thriving on fear, despair and anger.

Physicians who take away hope have no idea that they are helping the disease. My heroic client saw her oncologist the other day; he destroyed her hope, not just once but repeatedly – in spite of her amazing results. She left his office shattered and it took her weeks to regain her fighting form again. Without any other support, in her vulnerable state, she might easily have succumbed.  Don’t let your doctor do this to you! Walk out. Refuse to hear it.  Surround yourself with all the happiness and hope that you can muster.

It seems we are called to fight sometimes. It can be disease and doctors or your local school board or whatever.  But having energy for all this is essential. Juicing and clearing negative programming are two very easy ways to regain energy, happiness and resiliency.

If you do, you stand a good chance of looking as happy as these older people, years down the road! 

Of Storms, Intuition and Uncanny Messages

On Friday I had to cancel a workshop many were anticipating with curiosity. Obstacle after obstacle arose. It is one thing to be persistent in the face of difficulty but quite another to push willfully against messages from the Universe.

Often I do not know why I am getting a feeling not to do something but I’ve learned to pay attention. When I don’t heed the signs, disaster can result, as it did for my daughter when she disregarded her reluctance to fly to Nova Scotia in 2007. 

Ignoring those feelings resulted in an almost fatal car accident that left my daughter with years of physical and emotional challenges.

Because so many were counting on this workshop (the second of two parts), and because the stakes were high (the only one in English east of Toronto and north of New York), I pushed beyond signs that were slowing progress to a ridiculous degree. The frustration had me in knots.  Finally, to my great relief, I gave in to the obstacles.

Then this storm arrived, far worse than predicted  – with heavy snowfall and high winds in New Brunswick and parts of Nova Scotia.

Clearing won’t be finished until sometime on Monday – the day the teacher would have been driving from Quebec. One reason why things kept falling through has now become clear.

It is often this way in my work as well. At the time I don’t know why I am working in a certain area until the client says “how did you know to work there? I didn’t mention it, but…”

Intuition and the messages from the Universe can be the best guidance we have. Paying attention can be life saving.

Some of My Ways of Staying Healthy

The animals make me laugh (and occasionally make me tear my hair out!) but  mostly are adorable and full of joy.

Sailing – ah sailing…always one of my favourites.

Hiking in beautiful places uplifts my soul, energizes my body and cleans the energy field. Luckily this waterfall is 10 minutes away. Lake Louise? a bit further.








Thefoothills of the Rockies – one of the most beautiful hiking places I know.








I started juicing last spring, stopped for awhile and am now doing it again. I cannot believe how much energy I now have and how much younger I feel!  My mind is a lot clearer too. This was the juicer I bought and I love it.  






Then there is always the wood and the shovelling to remind me of good, honest work.

I used to ski but I think I’ve given that up. Downhill feels a little riskier than it used to!

What are your ways?

And If You Cannot Get to Joy…

If only we could bloom like this!  

There is a way…

Clear filtered air and water is vital to making a great greenhouse. It’s equally vital for your vacuum and rug shampooer to work efficiently. In a similar way, your energy field, or aura, filters your outer environment into your psyche and physical body.  
Rarely do we consider psychic pollutants. Here is how noxious elements accumulate from our psyche and clog our energy field. Dwelling on past injustice chokes our personal filter more and more, creating distorted thinking and sluggishness. You tend to feel resentful or bitter and similar experiences then start to accumulate.
How can you be happy when your energy field looks a little like THIS?

Think of what a dirty air filter looks like. That is what your aura resembles when it is filled with residue from unfortunate incidents in the past. The clogging slows down physical function and distorts perception. A congested energy field not only hinders your physical well being, it seriously depletes your happiness.

Energy work not only can reduce pain significantly, it also lifts depression – for years, if not permanently.  Once I clear a client of depression, experience has shown people leading fulfilling lives without requiring further intervention. Depending on the background and willingness of the client, this can take an average of seven sessions to twice monthly treatments for about eight months in severe cases. After that, people rarely need much more than the occasional tune up.

Please give yourself the chance to bloom!  Twenty years of experience goes into each treatment, given in person and by distance. Find out more on my web site.