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Sharing our Visions! “Feel the Love!” and Bring it ON!!

My friend John is earthing ways for the new frequencies to manifest. Well hidden in the hills of Italy, he is like a true mystic of old. Another person wrote from Vancouver that she believes we ourselves are creating what comes next – as the Aborigines do – dreaming the future into being. “Songlines” – if you don’t remember that book about the Aborigine world, please find it – so we can confidently begin dreaming wonderful new realities into being!

These new frequencies are breaking us free from greed and control and misery!  What do we want instead?  It’s a big question!

Some of the things that I yearn for, I’m sure you do too. Brainstorming would help us all. Here are some of mine and I’d love to know yours: TAKING RESPONSIBILITY (blame is so old; victimhood too.), FORGIVENESS, SHARING (since it seems an endless hunger for more, pure greed, that has created this mess), HEALTHY BOUNDARIES (invasiveness always leads to trouble), PEACE (apart from stopping Hitler, what good has war ever done?), HARMONY and COMPASSION  help everyone and everything, JOY, PLAY (let’s not forget that!), COOPERATION, POSITIVE CREATIVITY. Of course LOVE that comprises all of those things…

HOPE of change is in the air: mediation has become the norm in disputes (at least in Canada); the new Anglican bishop of Wellington NZ, is a priest who lived for years among homeless alcoholics and created community by having meals together, making people feel seen and valued.

 More gardens are being grown, local markets springing up, lots more organic farmers! Way more bikes are being ridden.Here in Nova Scotia, we’ve recycled for years and have elected a government that is doing it’s best, with inevitable mistakes, to work for everyone’s greater well-being.

I’m building my future from the outside in: in a world that is peaceful, giving, caring, sharing, I would live in and design eco houses, off the grid; continue healing work, write, paint, develop a wonderful garden in a loving partnership and community with friends and other helpful people, be open to barter, have open space around me…

Let’s share our visions!  Together we can remind one another and stimulate new ideas! I’m sharing ideas and some of my healing. What will you share?

What To Do When A Polar Bear Visits?

For things you really HAVE to know in life!  I heard this true story the other night:  a 69 year old man was camping on the tundra when he awoke to a loud snuffling. Uh Oh.

A split second later a white head, the size of a bushel basket (!) blocked his entire open window.  It was an arms length away.  Instinct took over in the old bar fighter and he hauled off and punched the bear on his (very sensitive) nose. That bear took off like a shot and couldn’t be found by trackers a day later.  Elders later told him that was the best thing he could have done because that bear will never go near humans again.

Just thought you might like to know for your next camping trip on the tundra. I’d research Grizzly noses before trying it on them though.