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Ways to Access the Increasing Frequency of the Planet…”Ascension”.

Neanderthal to Tinkerbell: the Journey of Upping “Our Vibration”

Life lesson #1589…Pick a number:  I got one today. Enlightening in the end, upsetting in the beginning.

So, here’s what I’m figuring out. First the back story.  Some of us are changing our vibratory rate – bringing it up a notch. That means everything in our lives has to move towards happiness  🙂  For those of us switching up, working at not judging or stopping judging as soon as we can, leaving behind sad, mad, icky thoughts for a brighter interpretation and generally not hanging out in the paranoid, controlled, dog-eat-dog universe, is a requirement.

Today I got a little test: a visitation from someone in that older universe (the one inhabited by Republicans and Mr. Harper and other neanderthals. Oops, see? still have a way to go). I was sucked in for the better part of the day, asking useless questions such as “why is he so mean? what have I ever done to him? and other whiny thoughts. Then my niece, who was born with a higher vibratory chip in her psyche, said : “Ignore it! Don’t take it seriously!!”

Oh. It’s that easy?  Permission to ignore.  What a concept!

I had this revelation the other day  that we are all picking our delusions and living within them. We are all little universes, really, where everyone in a particular universe behaves within a certain range of the believer’s world view. Happy to say my outward world is improving immensely. But today was a powerful reminder about what to do when a caller arrives who has no “chip” in his psyche and no intention of knowing about such things.

Ignore any of their miserable remarks!!  simple. easy. clean – and presto-chango – you are back in your own universe, having fun. Someone posted a hilarious video that spoke to the situation and had me cracking up.  Ah yes, it does get easier with practise.

017fairiesdancerspeterpanneanderthal8the raising of the neanderthal ~ a journey of letting go and lightening up!


Oh!  and please don’t forget to share. You never know who this might have meaning for!  🙂  Many thanks for reading and sharing!


Healing from the Sacred Chamber

From the “window” of the tiny space, I could see stars, very like this scene, just as Drunvalo says.

Listening to Drunvalo’s talk last evening took me to the Sacred Chamber of the heart, and from there, into the “tiny space”. It was a profound experience.  I cried tears of relief and joy because for the first time, I knew I was in another dimension, finally set free. The replay is on Healing with the Masters for the next two days and costs nothing.

This morning I was guided to do a distance healing from this same Sacred Chamber.• I had no idea if it would work or how it would work; I was just going on blind faith in my Guides who, for years, have been both accurate and true. The feedback was very confirming that we had indeed connected and real results had transpired.

At the end, I saw the person shift into their High Wisdom self,

 much taller, more ephemeral, very wise and very old. For the client’s part, s/he experienced details of that same transformation – a general lengthening, visions of a life in an ancient culture and others.

The Great Mystery holds so many secrets. I am humbled and awed to have been shown a key to a new dimension where profound healing can occur.

* written with permission from client

photo of Joshua Tree against the night sky: Phillip Colla;

image of figure stretching to High Self:

Escaping Crocodiles: Climbing into Happy, Safe Places

From time immemorial, all gods have been seen as punishing. Only the Buddhists managed to open the path to inner freedom from this egregious control. A teacher called Yeshua introduced an enlightened note, two THOUSAND years ago – a vast sea-change of viewpoint: LOVE, forgiveness and a merciful God, then promptly got strung up for it. His words were quickly co-opted by controlling forces and we were made to feel “bad” all over again. I don’t know what Allah did – but the present interpretation is just as punishing as the Christian fanatical view. We have eons of this in our DNA!  Punishment, “badness”, “unworthiness” – each generation hammers it home.  

A few lights show up every now and then to urge us to the right road. Some of us are fortunate enough to have lived in the time of Gandhi, Mandela, Mother Theresa, Desmond Tutu and Martin Luther King (how many of those people were white??? hmmm…) 

We have a chance now to let all the “wrong thinking” go! To see our actions as nothing more than having made mistakes, making wrong choices, being deluded, what would that be like? We have a chance to be KIND, to be LOVING, to be ACCEPTING of ourselves and others.  Some of us brought up our children this way so we know it works. At my daughter’s high school graduation, one teacher said that class was the kindest, most compassionate group she had yet seen. We witnessed it as we listened to a student with Cerebral Palsy give the valedictory address and heard the standing ovation. A sea-change had taken place.

Let’s emulate that class. Most of us are good. If you find yourself next to a “bad apple”, roll yourself away! You don’t need to stay there (unless you secretly think you need punishment). Let’s get over any need for this. 

How are you punishing yourself?  Take a minute to write down all the ways.  Then STOP and be kind instead. It can be that easy. (Granted, many situations are much more complex – but the fundamental decision is the same.) Ask yourself every time: “is this kind?”, “how is this helping him or her or me?”

 If we give up punishment, we also give up judging, intolerance, meanness, bullying and on and on. We have to help each other now to survive. IT’S THAT CRITICAL.

An anthropologist suggested the following game to a group of children in a tribe in Africa: He placed a basket full of fresh fruits under a tree. He then said that whoever reached the basket first in a race would be the winner of all the fruits. As he gave the signal to begin the race, the whole group held hands, ran bonded together and then sat and enjoyed the prize together.
When he asked why they had done such thing, when he had offered the possibility to one to be the ultimate winner, they replied: “UBUNTU — how could one of us be happy (feel happiness) while the rest are in despair, unhappy?”
UBUNTU in the Xhosa culture means: “I am, because we are.”


Ascending – A Photo Metaphor

Asend slowly and steadily…


Your way may be obscured by mists and veils…


You may feel alone at times…


Some parts may be smooth…


and some steep. Go carefully and slowly…


Magnificent views feed your soul and draw you onward…


Don’t give up!


You are almost there!


Reward:  vast perspective,  freedom, clear air, 360 degree vision, beauty beyond description!

Thank you for dropping by.  Please visit often  – both here and at EFFECTIVE RELIEF on facebook. Your presence is very much appreciated and valued.  I hope this encourages you to continue through the rough patches…These photos were from actual climbs that my son or I have managed. They are a great metaphor. “Eat”, my son would say; “drink” and “keep moving slowly and steadily”.


photos: mostly josh briggs, (one by jane moody and three unknown), taken in the  Canadian Rockies, Nepal and Mt. Cook, New Zealand

Energy Work is Nourishing and Deeply Relaxing, certainly NOT Scary

People new to energy work are always a bit nervous. “What will happen, what will I experience?” they wonder.  To reassure you, what follows is what happens when I work on people.

First of all, energy work is not scary. At all. It’s deeply relaxing and feels very nurturing. You keep all clothes ON and you lie on your back on a massage table while I work around you.
I almost always start at the feet and work gradually upwards, placing my hands, with permission, on neutral places on your body. You may feel nothing, or you may feel energy moving as a warm tingling sensation. Some people see colours and have images arise; others go to sleep. When a session is over, most people say they could stay there, sleeping. If they can, they do go home and sleep. This is ideal and it’s never a good idea to run errands or go back into meetings after a session.

Before you leave, I give you effective tools to use on your own, as the two days following a session might be emotional. These tools help to ease and wash away the buried feelings that surface for release. Release is a good thing, since we usually suppress emotion at stressful times. Suppressed emotion not only weighs us down, contributing to depression, but it can wreak physical havoc in the body – from headaches to cancer. Some common diseases with strong suppressed emotion are arthritis, colitis, IBS, back/neck pain and cancer.

Although my work penetrates much deeper than simple clearing, it is a very good thing for us all to relieve our cells and tissues of the negative emotions of our past. Once expressed, these feelings dissipate and free our body/mind/spirit for joy and laughter.Having a session is an excellent stress reliever and way to take good care of yourself. I hope you care enough about you to do this.

The great part is that It is equally effective at a distance as it is in person. A local client often chooses distance sessions over “in person” sessions because she likes them so much. Effectiveness is not diminished by distance either. I’ve worked in Australia and had excellent feedback.  For my qualifications and more general information click “About Jane’s Energy Healing”. 

Other articles I have written on energywork will give you more information:

 A page on my web site is devoted to Distance Healing: 

I would love to have you come back to my EFFECTIVE RELIEF page and my blog often. Thanks for visiting!

Sharing our Visions! “Feel the Love!” and Bring it ON!!

My friend John is earthing ways for the new frequencies to manifest. Well hidden in the hills of Italy, he is like a true mystic of old. Another person wrote from Vancouver that she believes we ourselves are creating what comes next – as the Aborigines do – dreaming the future into being. “Songlines” – if you don’t remember that book about the Aborigine world, please find it – so we can confidently begin dreaming wonderful new realities into being!

These new frequencies are breaking us free from greed and control and misery!  What do we want instead?  It’s a big question!

Some of the things that I yearn for, I’m sure you do too. Brainstorming would help us all. Here are some of mine and I’d love to know yours: TAKING RESPONSIBILITY (blame is so old; victimhood too.), FORGIVENESS, SHARING (since it seems an endless hunger for more, pure greed, that has created this mess), HEALTHY BOUNDARIES (invasiveness always leads to trouble), PEACE (apart from stopping Hitler, what good has war ever done?), HARMONY and COMPASSION  help everyone and everything, JOY, PLAY (let’s not forget that!), COOPERATION, POSITIVE CREATIVITY. Of course LOVE that comprises all of those things…

HOPE of change is in the air: mediation has become the norm in disputes (at least in Canada); the new Anglican bishop of Wellington NZ, is a priest who lived for years among homeless alcoholics and created community by having meals together, making people feel seen and valued.

 More gardens are being grown, local markets springing up, lots more organic farmers! Way more bikes are being ridden.Here in Nova Scotia, we’ve recycled for years and have elected a government that is doing it’s best, with inevitable mistakes, to work for everyone’s greater well-being.

I’m building my future from the outside in: in a world that is peaceful, giving, caring, sharing, I would live in and design eco houses, off the grid; continue healing work, write, paint, develop a wonderful garden in a loving partnership and community with friends and other helpful people, be open to barter, have open space around me…

Let’s share our visions!  Together we can remind one another and stimulate new ideas! I’m sharing ideas and some of my healing. What will you share?

Dispelling Dismal Thoughts – Keeping the Lighthouse Lit

image: hatty hatori

You know the feeling when dismal thoughts creep in during the night, creating misery when you wake? We don’t have to stay overwhelmed; we have a powerful tool within us that can dispel these shadows effectively.

At our very CORE, we have a Divine Spark. Healers can see it and Kabbalists and other mystics have written about it. All it takes to access it, is practise. You never again have to feel victimized by dark thoughts because you can expand this Spark to wipe them out. 

Begin by breathing deeply and slowly releasing all tension. When you feel ready, start dropping your consciousness deep into your body with the intent of reaching your very centre – your CORE. You can do this anatomically or by imagining a stairway. Just keep going. It may take you 2 minutes or 30 – time does not matter -just keep at it; you WILL get there! You cannot miss it unless you give up. Everyone has a Divine Spark, no matter how many layers obscure it. When you think you are close, just keep approaching until you feel merged in the Divinity – however you sense it. Once merged, intend that You expand – first through the physical body, then the emotional self, and finally throughout all thoughts. At this point, You will feel entirely Light, all darkness dispursed. If You wish to continue, You can clear your room, dwelling and property. Personally I find it hard to expand further than this. Please know that you cannot do this for others because it is invasive – even more so than walking into another’s home uninvited. 

At the end, don’t forget to give thanks for this incredible gift we all have within. None of us need feel victimized by dark thoughts ever again! All storms dissipate eventually but in the meantime we have an inner lighthouse that keeps us off the rocks.


 For more information see my web site:


a spark of light can bring peace: hatty hatori

lighthouse painting:

The Great Dredging of the Final Quarter of 2012

Many of us are being thrown into unexpected tracts of misery, long hidden in our memory vaults. Someone today put it well. She said she feels compelled to seek forgiveness and purification, as though there is hardly enough time left.  Deeply painful memories were surfacing from her childhood. Sometimes, like today, she finds herself in the pits of hell, while most of the time experiencing real joy and wonder.  It seems a manic/depressive time. So much so that this person feels as though she is going crazy and wonders if she is unique. She isn’t. Fortunately, she uses the many tools at her disposal to handle this roller coaster ride. I had planned to stabilize her with table work – but in the end, all she needed was a witness who could meet her in her pain. With very little guidance, she brought herself through it.

It is hard to know, on your own, whether experiences these days are “normal” – or whether the screws are loosening. I. too, have had wild and “crazy” thoughts that have never entered my head before. But I know to observe, breathe and not grab hold of them; I know, too, how to self-soothe, and, I feel close enough to God (by whatever name) to hold ongoing and ordinary conversations. All this has been critical to navigate the rapids of this transition when shadows have been loosed in the world.

A variety of experience is showing up  –  from a feeling of compulsion to find the ultimate source of painful patterns, to wild and crazy thoughts, to a strong urge to seek redemption while forgiving everyone who has caused pain or harm. All of this is interspersed with moments or hours of almost ecstatic wonder – especially out in nature.

So don’t feel feel crazy or alone.  If you feel  you need help, by all means call a trusted practitioner who can meet you fully and authentically. I have many tools to offer for anyone on the mainland of Nova Scotia. I will also work at a distance but for that I need a full length photograph, your home address and to know that you have no history of mental illness, which is beyond my scope of practice.

watercolour: Susan Cornelis, Art Journals


Ecstacy ~

I understand it now…

The world painted in colours I’d forgotten,


In scents, enchantments ~

A river of colour inflowing

my body, my senses stretching open in wonder,



I am travelling the in-between,

along the flow of things: 

A river of awakening,  re-enchanting 

my soul with earthy delight.


image: Diana Trout

Sanctuary from Fear – or “the Matrix”

We hear often now “just BE in your heart”.  But HOW, some wonder?

The quickest way I know is this:  think of a person or an animal that you love deeply. Feel that love filling your heart. Let it take you over.

That’s it – you are there. Rest there, it is a sanctuary. Breathe it throughout your body or towards a situation bothering you.  Simply surround the situation with a blanket of love and ask that it be transformed.

Love is a very high frequency (500 on Dr. David Hawkins’ scale). Low frequencies do not survive in high frequencies. (Fear is very low, measured below 100 I believe.) Low frequencies, which are all matrix emotions, are blocked and eliminated because high frequencies are far more powerful. Exponentially so.

Fear CANNOT survive here. Nor can anger, judgement; guilt or any of the negative emotions. Rest here and ask that your angels take care of you. They are real and just need to be asked.

photo: Igor Zenin

Moving Towards the Totally New

2012 is a freaky journey, no two ways about it. You have to have a lot of inner fortitude – “guts”, in other words.  Those who know me, know me as a grounded, calm, person who is stable and “ordinary” in the loosest sense of that word.

In the past few months the clearing and forgiving I’ve always done has been intensified. Switching my thoughts to a bright view has become a constant habit and avoiding negativity has become imperative.

Last night in the middle of the night, I awoke to the strong sensation of my normal sense of myself as a human, with familiar  anatomy, fading into the background. In the forefront was the clear sensation of a sphere composed of lines of light – like a geodesic dome. I could still think but I felt a great deal of love.  I vaguely wondered how this was going to look and operate. When I awoke this morning all was back to “normal”. No one will look at me strangely today I don’t think!

 Just thought I’d mention it, in case anyone else is having weird things happen to them quite apart from time warps and bad memory and sudden exhaustion that I hear others mention.

The Road to Happy is …Tumultuous!

Sheesh. One day it’s hell, the next heaven.  I’m sure you know what I mean. Demons one day (yes, healers are trained to deal with them – one of the pleasanter tasks!); the next, I’m dancing across rocks like a 10 year old.  For someone who wanted to be a trapeeze artist, this is almost like the Cirque du Soleil!

We desperately need tools. This one was given to me 10 days ago. It’s easy, it’s fast and it’s free! You wouldn’t believe how many stored emotions I have now cleared from my system. WHAT a relief! I feel about half my weight. 

 If you are on an IBM computer (not an Apple), go to and download The Emotion Code. FREE.  A great way to compost the dregs of our emotions. The best part is that this method is easy and quick.  It’s not literature but it works.

Testimonials from people who have had their lives change radically are impressive.  I feel incredibly lighter in spite of dealing with the storms we are riding.  The lighter we are, the more we can dance across the stormy waves. Throughout this tumult, my community of friends has never been so valuable. I hope you have some to rely on – at a distance or in person. 

My other wondrous tool that I’ve been on about since the spring is juicing. The juice gradually clears out the toxins and other physical sludge and has made me feel 40 years younger. The most expensive part is the juicer. It is worth buying a good one that is easy to clean, with a slow auger for maxiumum nutrients. Then you’ll want to keep doing it.

Energy work really does help. I just finished treating a knife like gut pain that was immobilizing my friend. Half an hour later, she has left smiling, with the pain 90% gone. Clients have been happy – including all my long distance clients ranging from Nova Scotia through to Qatar and Australia. In spite of the storms, I am still working and able to stabilize people.  Long may that last!

Top photo: Kate Church; one of her marvellous sprites.

The Great Alchemy Taking Us Beyond Duality

“Every layer of shadow that we probe, uncover, heal and integrate will contribute to the increased raising of our energetic vibration. As we let go of more and more heavy, dense, stuck energy, we begin to raise our energetic vibration and feel lighter and lighter. We experience lighter thoughts, lighter emotions, and also lighter bodies! By converting the dense, lower vibrational shadow consciousness of Duality into higher consciousness, we enhance our physical health and well-being. We begin to feel less disconnected and empty inside and more Soul presence and joy in our daily lives.”  *     Meg Benedicte

 2000 years ago, a Great Force was introduced to humanity. As we uncover our mistakes and misdeeds, that great force is a form of alchemy…transforming us into a higher frequency.  It’s an old formula hidden in the back of a drawer. If ever there was a time to dig it out and polish it, that time is now.

This alchemy, called Forgiveness, is a visitor from a higher frequency, containing both Compassion and Love. Stop, don’t go away…please, hear me out. Forgiveness wipes the slate clean. It is the big eraser that does far more than we think.

Initially, going to the person involved may feel like too big a leap. What we CAN do, is have a conversation at a soul level and ask their forgiveness or grant forgiveness. We must do this for ourselves as well. This can be the hardest step but it is essential. We can do it any way we like. The point is to feel sincerely that the person or situation is forgiven or to truly want forgiveness for harm we have caused.  This is a process that may take several months. It’s often not instant!

 Once we have completed this process and truly feel resolved in our hearts about the experience, an opportunity is likely to arise where loving feelings – or completely friendly feelings, are restored. No negative charge remains.

 This is the process of the great alchemy of Love – the apex force that draws humanity upward out of the karmic stress of one extreme or action constantly balancing another, back and forth endlessly.  The third thing, the Truine Force that Tom Kenyon talks about, is Love, with it’s components of compassion and forgiveness.

 So how to get to forgiveness?  Stop blaming as a first step. Make whatever happened into a screen that you pass through.  Rise up above the situation to get a larger perspective. Ask for help in doing this; then wait and stay open. Something will pop into your life to give you that larger view. Once you see the situation from a larger view, you’ll understand that whatever happened was leading you to greater wisdom, understanding or good.

 A great teacher taught us this special alchemy 2000 years ago. “Bout time to really practise it, doncha think?  Had you noticed the planet is in jeopardy?

 “In summary, humanity exists in a devolving world of karmic debt and the ever-battling forces of Light and Dark. All efforts to manifest as creative beings (through the Law of Attraction) are sabotaged by the polarizing counter-force of Duality. The path to enlightenment requires the 

dismantling of Duality and ego-control so that we can dedicate our lives to the wisdom and purpose of the Soul.*

One essential way to reach this place is through Forgiveness – of everyone and ourselves, for whatever.




* Meg Benedicte: Soul Realized, the keys to unlocking the Divine Human.

Image: unknown, taken from the blog:


5th World is Seeping in – Rush to Greet it!

Glimpses of this 5th world are showing up – have you noticed?  Here’s what I’ve noticed. How about you?

Evening light is almost ecstatic with leaves backlit by the setting sun and magic everpresent.  Breath it in!

Peaceful shores with the Ospreys calling, sitting in my totally peaceful Grandfather tree…Breathe it in!

Gatherings with friends, eating and laughing  – so deeply heartfelt – breathe it in!

The juiciness and flavour of organic, garden ripe tomatoes or strawberries…MMMmmm take it in!

Feeling the unity of a happy group of people listening to wonderful music!  Let yourself brim over with the heart connections!

Just being grateful for beauty around you, for friends, for blue skies – paved roads, rain – whatever!!

Happy is calling!  Rush to greet it!