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Phoenix Rising: Glimmers of an Emerging World

image: Igor Zenin

Glimmers of an emerging world are showing up in small ways. A client I hadn’t seen in over ten years dropped by this evening. Very sensitive to the currents of change, he is drawn to the  woods and trees. He finds calm working  within them, clearing brush, opening things out by listening to what the trees want.  A lovely soul.

In the emotional realm, the other day I was upset by accusations about my dog that felt like an attack. When I found myself going to an old sad and defeated place,  I heard the inner voice say: “you don’t need to do this anymore; you don’t need to take this in. This is a new frequency. Just observe what happened without engaging.”  Right! All I needed was that awareness to stay out of the sticky realm of emotion where action/re-action keep the whole wheel of karma turning. A beach walk brought calm and when I returned, my friend and I sorted out the difficulty with no residues.

Concrete experiences like these confirm the big Shift everyone is speaking of.  Remember that staying grounded in nature is the best way to stay stabilized. Energy work, too, will greatly ease your passage.



Dream Magic and Grass Angels

Something new is afoot. Faeries are coming into my dreams and angels are arriving to cut my grass! What a weekend!

Turn this yellow glow into blue or lavender, at night. I haven’t seen Avatar since it came out but it was a glow from inside, like the sacred tree.

First, I have to tell you about this dream! On my way to visit an old friend in hospital, I had to cross a lovely arched bridge made of stone. To the right of it were two trees, one was enveloped in a lavender mist; the other in blue. We were awed by their unearthly glow: it seemed alive. When I brought my friend to see this, we arrived to see both mists forming into faeries or earth spirits, pulling up and away trailing their veils. We were stunned.

Two days later, I arrived home to find my grass cut – and not just the lawn – but all down the driveway!  I had been so worried about cutting that grass because I’d waited far too long and it was going to be a monster job. On the door was a note from a young man I’d seen years before and had met again recently.  He’d come for a visit and when he found I wasn’t home, decided to use his trimmer and help me out.

Might this be a taste of what is to come?

photo: Alex Saberi

Behind Hannibal’s Elephants: “Ascension” and Clearing Karma.

If you are mightily sick of the greed, violence and endless round of wars, you might want to read on.

Emotional clearing is essential to cutting karmic ties. Years ago I was shown how this works in a teaching dream. As if to reinforce the power of what happened, connecting deeply with the dream and letting it lead me to a wisdom I’ve never found anywhere else, forgiveness cured the flu I was nursing.


The dream’s intensity beckoned me; it was not your everyday kind. I asked that wisdom be revealed about the painful relationship showing up as the focus. Scenes unfolded like flashcards, going back in time. With each new circumstance, my task was to forgive everyone and everything, seeing the situation as mere experience and teaching. As I did this, eventually going beyond being a captive of the Roman army, in chains, walking behind Hannibal’s elephants (I couldn’t have “dreamed” these up – honestly!), things began to get lighter. I’ll spare you the other horrors.

What was fascinating, even as I did this, was that I began to notice my physicality becoming less dense, to match my gradually increasing emotional lightness. (This dream occurred in the mid 90’s – before writings on “ascension” were in every new age journal.) Eventually, in a time well before Atlantis, (I clearly am a slow learner!) I was a totally energetic being – akin to a nature spirit, hanging out in trees, absolutely joyful.


During this process of witnessing, feeling, forgiving and moving on, I really got how emotional thoughts draw circumstances of the next life. Curiosity about physical life and a less than joyful thought initially made the energy field denser. The next lifetime would  manifest circumstances to match these more negative thoughts – to reinforce my belief. This was how my house of mirrors began. More negative emotion would accumulate as circumstances turned bleaker and within just a few lifetimes I was fully embroiled in a third dimensional life. Instead of being my whole world, joy had become an occasional blip. Each time I died with bitterness or resentment, the next life would be worse. Could this be what the Torah and Old Testament refer to as “the fall”?

In forgiving all circumstances of all those lives, I was taken step by step back to being a full energy being. Forgiveness was the key. Karma was completely cleared for that particular relationship and in the two hours it took, the flu was completely cured. I have never, before or since, experienced such a thing.  The power of forgiveness is monumental.

Various teachers outside of Buddhism are speaking of ways we can be our own instruments of ascension. What I take from this is that it means tuning our own violin – tightening a string here, loosening one there, listening carefully to the sounds we make. Are we in sync with the orchestra of life around us? or a grating note, out of tune?  Are we perpetuating greed or generosity? Prejudice or tolerance?   There are important choices to be made these days. Forgiveness is one tool that is available to us all, one that can stop our round of karma. And depending on how much we clear, it can even lighten our physicality.

Evolution and this Full Moon.

We have three fortunate configurations on this full moon today.  They all are connected to the direction of evolution. What this means is that there is a great deal of help  if you want to refine your ways and lift to a higher level!!

The mystic rectangle brings “a time of enormous questions, yet…potential solutions and openings which arise either by default or by apparent good luck. There is much to work out, but it looks as if great things are possible. Letting go is the main way through: the state of mind is often the obstacle, when in fact there is an open road ahead. Here there can be exceptional skills which overcome immense obstacles… The rectangle brings marked results.” ¹

The kite acts more like a sling shot. It propels great opportunities and gifts towards a goal.  In this case, the focal point is the evolutionary point of the Moon’s North Node opposite Venus and Jupiter together with the South Node. We are being pushed to evolve and deepen into love! “the Opposition provides a sense of bearing and of spotlight.  Think of the Trine as being a type of cross bow with the sextile aspect being the bowstring. The arrow would be the opposition reaching across the chart, from the sextiles to the tip of the Trines. The quiver end of the arrow sets the stage, while the blade of the arrow guides the individual in the direction for action.” ² 

The Finger of God or Yod suddenly changes your life direction after years of slow adjustment and preparation. In a personal chart it often shows up as a life changing event.  [An example would be my daughter’s traumatic car accident deciding my son to pursue medicine. Both my son and daughter have exact yods involving the same planets.] Today, the apex of the Yod is the moon which is not only full but aligned with Pluto. Pluto is the planet of evolution. This is what Isle of Avalon has to say about the Yod: “This is an ‘appointment with power’ in which consciousness and its capacity for seeing are tested. It is a secret to be decoded, an intense dilemma, or a visitation from the Unknown. This is where intentions refuse to gel with realities: the solution is available as soon as clarity and insight dawn – there’s a hidden secret underneath which needs dredging up. Allowing things to happen rather than seeking to steer them is what is called for here: yet, underneath, there is a new kind of adepthood which brings in a new form of control without holding on, if we can see it.” ¹

Yes, there are challenges in this chart – the moon’s alignment with Pluto is likely to bring up long buried darkness, for one thing – but there is great help available to transform all of it. Letting go, surrendering seems to be part of it.





Want to get something done? In a rut?  Turn your boring list of goals (if you even have one) into a vibrant, encouraging collage of images.

Vision boards are total magic. About a month ago, a friend and I created vision boards to cure our flagging sense of direction. Since then, I’ve written 2200 words towards a book, found huge encouragement in a friend and been shown a path toward possible publication.

I think they entrain both sides of the brain while reminding us of our dreams whenever we look at them. Sinking images into the powerful subconscious increases focus and begins to form an attractor field that uncannily moves us toward our dreams. It’s fun too – cutting and pasting takes us back to play –  just like being in kindergarten.

Create the board and fasten your seatbelt!