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I have been told to listen closely to nature and this is what has been coming through.

Phoenix Rising: Glimmers of an Emerging World

image: Igor Zenin

Glimmers of an emerging world are showing up in small ways. A client I hadn’t seen in over ten years dropped by this evening. Very sensitive to the currents of change, he is drawn to the  woods and trees. He finds calm working  within them, clearing brush, opening things out by listening to what the trees want.  A lovely soul.

In the emotional realm, the other day I was upset by accusations about my dog that felt like an attack. When I found myself going to an old sad and defeated place,  I heard the inner voice say: “you don’t need to do this anymore; you don’t need to take this in. This is a new frequency. Just observe what happened without engaging.”  Right! All I needed was that awareness to stay out of the sticky realm of emotion where action/re-action keep the whole wheel of karma turning. A beach walk brought calm and when I returned, my friend and I sorted out the difficulty with no residues.

Concrete experiences like these confirm the big Shift everyone is speaking of.  Remember that staying grounded in nature is the best way to stay stabilized. Energy work, too, will greatly ease your passage.



Feeling Wonky or Chaotic? One Easy Helpful Step.

As I sat on the earth today, wondering about the strange sleeps I had had, I felt such speed !  How odd! I had never experienced the earth before as anything but still. I had been told to connect deeply with the earth and all would be well and felt grateful to have had such direction.

The Grandfather Tree was still quiet. Hanging on to the edge of the land for over 100 years, it has experienced many fierce storms from an open ocean. The speed wasn’t fazing it one bit. It felt like a secure boat on a tossing sea. 

What came to me was that as long as I keep my awareness linked to that tree and the earth, all would be well.

In lifting into the emotional or mental realm, however, the chaos,  generally present these days, can wreak havoc.

I highly recommend sitting on the earth or against (or in) great wisdom trees. Seek relief and quietness.  Slow your breathing. Take in what is offered. Your next step may slowly emerge in your consciousness. At very least, you will find rest and calm.