Woo-woo? C’mon! It’s 2015!!

MRIs are “Magnetic Resonance Imaging”.  Do you know what that is?  You’ve subjected yourselves to X–Rays. Do you know that CT scans have 700 x the amount of radiation of an X-Ray?  And you are avoiding something perfectly safe like energy work??!

Let’s see,  Hertz discovered radio waves in the late 1880s. Maxwell discovered microwaves in 1864. “By the mid-1960’s, physicists realized that their previous understanding, where all matter is composed of the fundamental protons, neutrons, and electron, was insufficient to explain the myriad new particles being discovered.” (http://www.particleadventure.org/other/history/smt.html) 

D’you think it might be time to re-think your views?

Here’s why energy work is NOT woo-woo.  

•  Energy work is based on science – a micro level of science that you cannot see (like the particles and waves above).

• It is safe, when practised by a certified practitioner, because the levels of energy are human scale, being monitored and felt before passing into you. An experienced practitioner knows how to give you just enough to be effective and no more. As practitioners, we take serious vows to “do no harm”.

• Energy work has palpable “real” results on a physical level. Pain dissipates and disappears more often than not; bones align; bones heal in half the time; inflamed tissue calms; headaches go away.  And those examples just give you a tiny taste.  Energy work has palpable results on an emotional and spiritual leKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAvel too. People generally feel balanced, happier, calm and energized after a session.

• Energy work is more effective in many cases than physical probing, pushing, cracking and other more aggressive techniques. Certainly sensitive individuals should always seek energy treatment before trying other forms.

• Energy work, the way I practice it at least,  is long lasting. When done on the body, taking into account the emotional spectrum of experience, it can have life changing results. I’ve had people often say “my such and such disappeared after you worked on me.”  

• It is more comprehensive that one type of modality alone. In one session, you experience a gentle, practical psychotherapy without having to dig through your inner compost heap; you relax with energy work; you get tissues unbound and meridians cleared. 

• It is as deeply relaxing as massage, some say more so, without having to remove your clothes.

Jane in treatment Jul08.lrg.cmyk.300.sm._2I can only speak for the work I’ve been trained to do, (which is not Reiki, Osteopathy or Network Chiropractic).  My work is deep hands-on-healing, taught in several certified schools and honed over 20 years in practice.

Hardly an exhaustive list but long enough, perhaps, for you to consider changing your views.  I hope so because you are missing out on feeling so much better!


Find much more information here  and please do share this, as you never know who might need it.  Thanks  so much!

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