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"One of the greatest discoveries of our century...may be the nonlocal connectedness that exists between ...entities that make up our universe. If our consciousness is nonlocal and unbounded, it cannot be put in a box and isolated from other minds but extends infinitely throughout time and space to link with all other minds"

Larry Dossey, MD: Healing Beyond the Body

Distance healing is on the leading edge of consciousness research. It is very real and my clients can attest to its effectiveness:

used with permission :

"Subject: Wowzers
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2007

Hi Jane,

I could feel a lot going on this morning - that is for sure, I appreciate how you explained everything, I could feel the balancing from my lower spine to my heart."

"Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007

One word! Awesome!  I feel very open and receptive to people's moods today."

Rhea Eady, Banff, Alberta

I have done all my personal work in this manner with healers in New York. How this works is described below:

Distances in the physical realm do not apply on the high frequencies where healing takes place. When I have worked on people across the continent and across the Atlantic, greater integration and peace have been the general outcome, but physical shifts also occur. In one instance with a woman in LA, pregnancy resulted, after years of trying many other modalities. I never met this woman in person, although I knew her mother and had seen pictures of her.

I'd been trying to get pregnant for three and a half years when I first had a session with Jane Moody. I tried the conventional medical approach as well as some alternative treatment. Nothing worked. After four treatments with Jane, I was pregnant. Her approach is so gentle and effective, I can't say enough good things about it.

Tamar Bihari, writer, in Los Angeles

How Distance Healing Works.

To help you understand this, I want to show you something:

Masaru Emoto of Japan has shown through his magnificent experiments and photographs, (click to see photos) that focused thought alters and creates shape in ice crystals: in other words, prayer (and even just words) move molecules into distinct configurations. (Words such as peace and love create crystalline, balanced, complex and magnificent shapes; bad vibes or names create malformed and dark blobs, similar to that from toxic water.*) Since human beings are 60% water, these same words and prayers affect the body’s fluids within the cells and the surrounding matrix.

Distance healing can be likened to praying over water. It is focused intent: thought with high purpose, applied to specific areas of the body. Physical and emotional shifts are felt by the client, whether in the next town or across the world. If you have seen the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know?" you have learned that, at any moment, we can be two places at once. In healing over distance, my body is in Nova Scotia, while much of my consciousness is with my client, wherever that may be.

How Do I Know Where on the Body to Work?

Meditation and spiritual practice are necessary to open high sense perception sufficiently to be able to see, hear or feel beyond the normal ranges. Every healer has different perceptual gifts. Being able to see/feel into the body allows me to induce conditions that promote healing where intervention is required or desirable. Because of the power of this work, every certified healer takes vows of truth and impeccable integrity.

Healing that transcends limits of space and time was a mental concept, until I experienced its reality while receiving a long-distance healing session from Jane.
The healing energy is amplified as it flows beyond the physical hands-on context, and the trust involved induces maximum receptivity.
Jane's integrity and healing capacity inspires the trust that transforms the recipient into a participant, like a rose opening up its petals to breathe in the streaming rays of the sun.

Nada Zerikly, in Bahrain

What Is A Session Like?

It's a pretty simple format in the physical realm. We have a conversation when you call me at an appointed time. After I am clear about what the difficulties are, we hang up and I do the healing as if you were in the room in front of me. Many people feel the shifts in their body as I work. When it is over, I write you an email, summarizing what I found and what I recommend you do.

People almost always need a series of appointments. Feeling the shifts encourages clients that progress is being made.

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If you have been treated or hospitalized for mental illness,  I can treat you only if you are under the care of a psychiatrist, with his or her full knowledge.


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