East Chester and Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Integrated Energy Therapy can bring deeply relaxing relief of emotional and physical difficulty...

Integrated Energy Therapy is effective and powerful because it offers a multi-faceted approach to physical and emotional problems:

  • soothing touch, in a safe and supportive atmosphere, invites you to let go into deep levels of relaxation, so essential to healing;
  • bodywork loosens physical constriction around trauma;
  • psychotherapeutic techniques dislodge unconscious attitudes or beliefs locking the trauma in place and distorting the viewpoint;
  • energy therapy helps heal body, mind and energy field from the original wound.


Jane Moody

Jane Moody

Together, these approaches allow you to release and repattern unconscious negative dynamics and in that process, you become healthier, stronger and more authentic.

Because this work addresses many levels, in addition to easing physical or emotional difficulties, it is also effective in furthering the spiritual journey. Click for more info.

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