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What is Integrated Kabbalistic Healing? It is a profoundly effective and gentle modality that brings mending to the entire being at the deepest possible levels. It takes place within an environment of safe, compassionate relationship. It is the most powerful, effective, yet respectful form of healing I have found in 25 years of experience.

What is it based on? Its principles lie deep within the esoteric wisdom of the Kabbalah, the ancient and secret mystical path of Judaism, only revealed to a select few for eight centuries until recent years.

How does it work? Integrated Kabbalistic Healing allows wounding to re-pattern at a cellular level. Distortion to the body/mind/spirit re-calibrates, bringing a person's whole being closer to the pure and balanced state, which existed prior to the trauma. While the healing takes place, a person's energy field, mental, emotional and physical bodies, shift accordingly. Real change begins to unfold in the client's life in the following weeks.

What can it do for me? Each healing's effects are long lasting, building on the previous treatment. A strong, resilient emotional foundation, that does not collapse under adversity is gradually re-constructed. People find themselves capable of handling life's ups and downs with greater integration, calm, awareness and even humour. Entrenched difficulties, resistant to other forms of therapy, can also be shifted through this work because the depth of healing is far deeper and more essential than the emotional level. Through this work I have come to know that wounding can be a stage in the unfolding of a rich life, rather than a destination of quicksand.

What is a treatment like? A session consists of two parts. The first involves talking with the healer to find out what issues have spurred the client to seek treatment. In the second part of the session, the client stays seated in the chair or lies fully clothed on a massage table. The healer, always asking permission before placing her hands gently on the person, gives the most appropriate healing for the client's circumstances. Unlike, energy therapy, the healer remains still for most healings.

How can this work for me if I live far away? Distance is not a barrier. This work does not require you to be physically in the same room. I can work with anyone anywhere in the world with access to a phone. I, myself, have always worked with healers in the New York area and now have clients on the west coast, as well as in Nova Scotia. [How this works at a distance is beyond the scope of this introduction. Recent experiments with the effects of prayer, music and words on ice crystals show the effects of sound and prayer on our bodies (which are mostly water). A web site by Masaru Emoto may help you begin to understand how this works. I also recommend Reinventing Medicine by Larry Dossey, MD, in which he discusses non-local healing. This is not exactly the same thing but close.]

Reputation and others' experience... One renowned New York healer has referred to Integrated Kabbalistic Healing as the deepest, most effective work she knew of on the planet at this time. I don't know about that but I do know about its profound effects. If you have been searching for an embodied, truly effective way to address unsatisfactory aspects of your life, I encourage you to try this very powerful, effective yet gentle treatment. It has significantly changed my life, those of my teachers, fellow graduates, and clients.

How long is a treatment? Sessions last an hour to an hour and a half, and are totally confidential.

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