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"My entire spirit has been lifted and re-energized. The passion for my own life, as well as all that I believe in, has returned. The strength that you have helped me pull from all that is around me is astonishing. There are not enough words, or actions. to describe my appreciation and admiration for all that you have helped me to learn and achieve. I have never been more "me" and my soul has found freedom."

Tabitha Taron, Calgary

"I always look forward to my sessions.  They have given me a great amount of release from past abuse and have replaced it with inner peace. 

I feel safe and without judgement when I am with Jane.  Her therapies have helped me heal, physically, and emotionally.  I believe in earth Angels and she is one."

Natasha A. Reid, Alberta

"Over the past year both my parents died, my marriage imploded and my health suffered. I had been unknowingly suffering from depression for years. When introduced to Jane via distance healing I was skeptical. However, the first healing was so therapeutic any skepticism quickly dissipated.

As a result of Jane's work I feel calm and comfortable physically and mentally. I feel confident in the course of actions that I am taking. My humour is good and I feel lighter and much more able to feel joy. Jane's work, combined with her referrals to others, have proved invaluable to my ability to cope with extreme stress and still smile. My world is no easier than it was but my vision of it is much more optimistic and clear. Thank you Jane for some much needed help."

C. M., 55 year old male, Halifax

"Jane helped me through the most challenging time in my life. At the time, I was facing a relapse of Non Hogdkins lymphoma after a very short remission. I was scared and I wanted to do everything I could to be well again.

From the first time I met Jane, I felt her compassion: I felt safe; she listened well and really seemed to care.

She worked with me through-out my difficult medical treatments of intense chemotherapy, stem cell transplant and very high dose radiation.

She helped me deal with my fears and played a significant part in my healing.

Our sessions together always left me feeling stronger, relaxed and with a sense of peace..all facilitating my belief that i would be well again.

I am now in remission and truly believe that i am cured of my lymphoma. I feel great and I look at life through new eyes. Thank-you Jane, for your part in my healing journey!!!"

A. Banks, Nova Scotia

"Jane, thank you. After just a couple of sessions with you I felt significantly more relaxed and balanced both in mind and body. The treatments were most enjoyable (I even looked forward to them) and you put me at ease straight away. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who is looking to gain a greater sense of calm and of well being through balancing both mind and body. Thank you once again."

Mike,Canmore, AB (not of the Air Farce!)


Jane's work has supported deep spiritual transformation in my life, which, to me, means more freedom and joy being my essential self.

Therapeautic treatments that enable such change are beyond naming techniques. It requires maturity and scope of practice on the part of the healer - with a lot of compassion, enthusiasm and love. Jane has lots of all these attributes.

David Parsons, Health Professional, Nova Scotia


"My blood pressure was down to 100 over 68 from upwards of 140 over 80 on medication. It hasn't been that low in 30 years. My doctor just beamed."

Mary Catherine LeVatte, Halifax

" The pain in my foot is gone. I still can't believe it!"

Pat Rahman, Bridgewater, NS

"You are better than psychiatrists I've known!"

client, South Shore, NS

"Jane, I have to tell you how much BETTER I feel this morning. I DO have space inside me and when I looked in the mirror this morning I can say I liked who I saw again. Your session worked wondersŠI can't say thank you enough!!!"

Vera Armstrong, Halifax

"What sets you apart from others is that you get results, and you have acute perception." (of blockages in the body, psyche, and energy field).

Robert Webber, the Yoga Loft, Halifax

"After finding myself emotionally shaken from a 20 year marriage breakup, I felt I needed more than counseling and decided to work with Jane and the Kabbalistic Healing. The results have been great, Jane is a fabulous facilitator, one feels very comfortable opening up and talking to her. This work leaves one exhausted for a couple of days afterwards, then you feel as if a lead weight has been lifted off your shoulders. I feel much more grounded, confident and ready to face the World out there. This has been great for me and is something I would recommend to anyone looking for that extra something to make them feel whole."

Gilian Kilgour, Pilates Teacher

"I often refer patients to Jane who are especially sensitive and also where there is a possibility or presence of deep childhood wounding and/or abuse or assault issues.

Personally, Jane's work has allowed for an accelerated level of growth not helped or aggravated by other more structurally based methods while at the same time gently and precisely affecting structure in a profound way."

Brian Sutherland, Physiotherapist, Halifax.

"Jane Moody's practice of Integrated Kabbalistic Healing is beyond intellectual understanding. Her ability to discern patterns of behaviours and beliefs is remarkable.

One feels that trust is the only possible path with this practice and that profound healing is the immediate effect."

Merlin Birdsall

"The Kabbalistic healing interested me because of it's ability to energetically move one through one's personal history and re-establish the balance that was present after birth, before any life experiences could imbalance the system. The sensations and feelings are extremely subtle, but for me there seems to be a definite sense of pieces falling into place where previously they couldn't. ...

... I notice after each session that my responses to old patterns and difficulties have altered for the better, and that I am more able to discern what my core actions and reactions are, rather than moving to the tune of patterned reactions and actions set up as a result of past unpleasant experiences. I feel more and more my true self, more relaxed, and more kind to myself. I also find Jane Moody to be a respectful, ethical and non-judgemental practitioner."

Patricia Creighton, Reiki Master, Reflexologist and Massage Therapist.

"I haven't experienced another kind of therapy that allowed me to go so deep within. It was working with you that has enabled me to become who I am today. Making those changes allowed everything to shift."

Karen Reed, former client.


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