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"Jane, you are head and shoulders above any other energy worker I've ever gone to — and I've seen a lot of people in Edmonton, Toronto and Halifax. You're in a different league altogether."   Sue W, Halifax.

New! Sanctuary Pet Healing

Animals are very responsive to energy treatment because they feel good when it is being done and are very receptive. Click here for more info.

This work helps people bloom - becoming more than they imagined they could be, healed emotionally or physically into greater resilience and confidence.  At the most fundamental level, the journey lies in being truly and deeply seen by a Presence of loving acceptance that makes it safe to reveal what is most vulnerable. Constantly opening that capacity for you remains my central life path.   Locations on the South Shore and in Halifax, NS.

Genetically poised for a breakthrough!


A whole new set of parameters has come in recently. How you will know if this affects you is the feeling that your old reality is very stale or almost defunct. You may have an urge toward something new but don't know what that looks like. You may simply feel lost, suffocated or despairing, not sure what to do about it.

The old set of identities are being removed in order that something totally new may arise. You may be in line for a re-fit. Set a strong intention to rise to a higher matrix because our permission and intent makes the process a whole lot easier.

This work will simplify and streamline the process for you.

  • Are you stressed and tense? Sessions will deeply relax you and bring blood pressure down. I will give you simple practises to keep it there.
  • Are you suffering from muscular or joint pain that eludes chiropractic or physiotherapy? This work will melt away many kinds of pain, sometimes in one appointment. Many clients have experienced this, not just one or two.
  • Are you depressed? One treatment can lift your spirits. After 3 or 4, your outlook can be radically improved. Self-help tools will help between sessions and tune-ups will keep your field clear. Clients often comment how much lighter they feel.
  • Does your life feel disorganized, or conversely, too tightly controlled? Kabbalistic healings address these issues, successfully creating greater balance in life.
  • Do you feel stuck and unable to realize your dreams? This work will bring movement to your process and the confidence to move out into the world.
  • Are you bulemic? We will heal the deep core issues to make this habit a thing of the past. My clients have been freed from it's grip.
  • Are you an abuse survivor? We will work to clear it's effects from your energy system, enabling you to move into life with greater freedom, confidence and joy.
  • Are you going through separation or thinking about it? I have brought people through difficult passages, clarifying whether to move on or to strengthen their commitment.
  • Do you have body mis-alignments that persist in spite of chiropractic or massage? This brings body, mind and emotion into much greater balance and relationship.
  • Do you have a serious illness, such as cancer? We will clear the psychological elements affecting the disease, freeing your body/mind to make different choices about it's healing.
  • Don't see yourself in this list?  Go to the therapy checklist for a longer list of conditions I have worked with.

Therapy Checklist

Jane Moody

Appointments and pricing for treatments with Jane Moody

For appointments call
or email appt@janemoody.ca


If you have been treated or hospitalized for mental illness,  I can treat you only if you are under the care of a psychiatrist, with his or her full knowledge.


2017 Fee Schedule and Treatment Packages

This work is best done in a series of appointments.
Committing to a process sends a strong caring message to your body -
a powerful basis from which to start your healing.

Treatments can be one hour or one and a half hours:
One Hour Session: $90.00
One and a Half Hour Single Session: $120.00
One and a Half Hour Series of Sessions: $110.00

Negotiable if you are experiencing temporary financial hardship or loss of work.

[Price may vary for distance work.]

Many insurance companies are now covering treatments.

Breast Cancer Scans: $20

A checklist will help you determine if this type of therapy will work for you. Click here.

For those far away, click here for information on distance healing.

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